What A Shock

I’ve always liked fiddling with electronics and one night was playin with an old transformer that I found. I started hooking up different types of batteries to the twelve volt side of the transformer and found that a six volt battery puts out a pretty good jolt when you hook it to the twelve volt side and try to hang on to the wires on the 110 side, it will make you jump. I started thinking of ways I could use it to shock my ass and came up with this. I had several large fishing hooks with steal leads attached and thought of how I could pierce my ass with them without to much pain, lucky for me it was winter and we had several inches of snow. I striped down to go outside in my back yard and laid in the deep snow for half hour or so until I couldn’t feel my ass or balls anymore. I then took the hooks and put them deep inside my ass cheeks, didn’t feel a thing. Then I started hooking up my transformer taking the 110 side and stripping the wires so I could place them on the leads on my hooks, by then my ass had thawed out and I could feel the hooks {ouch}. I then stripped the wires on the twelve volt side and tied them to the battery and wow my ass was shacking along with my legs, I couldn’t control my movement it hurt so much. Then I noticed it was starting to burn, I quickly took the mirror and looked to see that the hooks were getting hot and burning into my ass. I quickly removed the battery along with the wires on my ass but by then my butt was really sore, now I had to think of how I was going to get the hooks out {hmm} I didn’t think about that before hand. The hooks had large barbs on them so pulling them out wasn’t going to work I was going to have to cut the barbs off then remove the hooks. Again it was going to really hurt so I went back outside to freeze my butt again. After removing the hooks I was relieved that their wasn’t very much bl**d, it took days for my butt to heel and I didn’t do the hooks again. Butt wow what a feeling it was nothing I’ve done could compare.

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3 years ago
...why would you do this in the first place?