Long Hard Bike Ride

I have always loved being nude and exploring different ways of pleasing myself by putting objects up my ass. One night I was out on this old country road riding my bike nude and noticed the seat was loose, so I worked it off to see if I could fix it. I started looking at the post and it looked like it might be fun to ride with it shoved up my ass. Relising that it could hurt me I place a large shop towel that I folded several time over post and sat down on it. The towel was to thick to enter my ass but it felt good up against my ass hole so I began to ride, as I rode it worked its way inside just a little with the thicker part of towel pushing against my balls. It was very dark out and hard to see the road when I hit a pothole, the f***e of the backwheel jumping up shoved the seatpost inside very hard. I was in so much pain I couldnt ride and had to get off bike. When I got off I had noticed that the towel had been pushed inside me and that I was bleeding some. After a short rest I started heading back to the car trying to standup as I rode but had to stop to rest but couldnt stop long because it was starting to get daylight and it was at least five miles from my car. This time with the towel still shoved up my ass I very carefully placed the post up inside me resting on the towel, and began riding again. Suppisingly it felt very good so started riding fast and as I did the post went deeper and deeper until my balls were hitting the frame. I rode the rest of the way with a hardon and my dick throbing so hard it hurt. I was so glad to see my car as it was datlight by then, when I got off the bike I noticed that I had bl**d runnung down my leg. I had ripped open my asshole from forcing the towel inside me, which was still up my ass. I pushed my fingers inside to pull towel out but didn't feel it it was too far inside me to reach so I left it and headed home. After three days with towel up my ass I figured That I better find something to reach up my ass to pull it out, I bent coat hanger and went fishing hoping that it would come out and yes it did with great releave.
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