Orgy party with sis

I wake up groggy in the morning of saturday. My parents left early for a full day work. As, I wake up I notice my big s****r watching me as I stand up naked. I wear some clothes and walk out she asks me if i want to go to a private party with her. I agreed a party can't be harmless I thought. As, I waited for the party to begin I rubbed my rock hard dick to soother it. Soon, Katie,Josh, Jasmine, Krystal comes. I instantly blush when I see Krystal why because she is super hot. As, they greet us my s****r says let us begin. I was curious of what games we were going to play as she explains the concepts I start freaking out when I realize it is a sexual game. I whisper to my s*s asking if this was bad. She says play along I nod and concentrate on the game, It was like a play but as a sexual doctor. I was the victim while Krystal starts touching my cock. I blush and I try to stop my cock from springing up unfortunately it did. My dick is about 8 inches long (I eat dick pills) Krystal looks shocked to see my gigantic cock my s*s gapes as she looks at it in awe. I looked away in embarrassment. Suddenly, my s****r comes up and places her wet pussy on my mouth I protest not opening my mouth. My s****r slaps me telling me to lick it. I don't respond.

Krystal whispers in my ears "Let's fuck each other after you eat your s****r I know you want it"

I nod sweating and I start pushing my tongue back and forth and to be embarrassed it felt good. As, she moans she drops her load in my mouth. I don't miss a single drop. As, she gets off my mouth she looks satisfied.

Then, Krystal says "Good job now try me I want to see how good you are"

I nod without hesitation. She takes her mini skirts off revealing no panties and a clean shaved wet swollen pussy. As, I lick her really hard and with more movement. She moans. After 3 minutes she drops her load instantly I swallowed it all surprised. She looks like she is in heaven. When I realize my s*s looking at her in jealousy. After 30 minutes of eating she gets off of my mouth.

Then she whispers in my ears "Oooooh you're such a good licker. I want you badly babe"

I whisper to her "Umm, want to go out?"

She answers "Of course silly!" (giggling)

Then she grabs me to my room to fuck because everyone else left. As she drags me to my room she goes by the bed and kneels on her knees. She grasps my cock and deep throats it halfway. She swirls her tongue on the head of my cock. Suddenly, she gags and I quickly take my cock out. I face away from her because I thought I hurt her. She starts crying thinking I hated it. Surprised, I turn around and tell her what I thought it was.

She pouts and says "Oh, I'm sorry I thought you hated how I fucked your cock. I gagged because your majestic cock is too big for a slut's mouth like me"

I explain "Well, it is too big for every girl on the world" (laughing)

She suddenly turns around and playfully pushes me on the bed. I fall looking for something to grab instantly my hand shoots out and I accidentally grab her tits. She screams and falls right onto my dick. She suddenly moans and screams saying fuck. I quickly take it out apologizing. As she was rubbing her pussy soothing it.

she says "Wow, that is the thickest and biggest cock I've ever encountered"

I look at her in shock. She looks at me curiously why I have a shocked look. I was thinking that it was not her first time having sex so I was heartbroken. I grabbed my boxers and jeans and left the room.

She runs towards me asking me sobbing "Why are you leaving me?!? I was your dream! WHY!!"

I tell her "that what you said was that you've had sex with other boys"

She sobs "NOO, I just looked at them but they were too puny to have sex. So I left but your cock is perfect! don't leave!"

I hesitate and say "This is your last chance and no more"

She nods quietly and we walk back in the room. I drop down on bed tired closing my eyes for Krystal to do all the work. She takes her tops off revealing a C cupped tits. She suffocates me in her tits. I grab her rock hard nipples and start rubbing them and sucking them.

she moans quietly "Get on with your fucking cock"

As, I tease her she explodes in anger. Shocked I stagger backwards and she suddenly pounces on me riding my cock.


My cock felt soooo good in her tight pussy. As, she was riding me with her tits bouncing I was ready to cum. 5 rapid bursts of cum explodes in her hot wet pussy. I slowly dislodge my cock out of her pussy realizing it was bleeding I freaked out.

She whispers to me weakly "I'm ok it happens"

I sigh in relief. She says it's time to go and I say good bye to her. As I walk back to my room to dress up I notice my s****r fucking herself I stop at where I was walking. She looks at me sexily and motions me to come to her. As, I walk slowly to her my cock springs up. She looked happy when my cock shot up. She grabbed my cock and licks it I moan and I put my fingers in her pussy. She chums instantly. I quickly cover my hand in cum and I lick it clean.

She says "Now listen to me baby b*****r either fuck me or I'm telling mom or dad about you and Krystal"

I nod nervously. And her sparkle in her eyes come back. As, she gets ready to place my cock in her pussy. I grab her tits and rub it violently. She moans and pushes her ass into my cock and when she went halfway she said it felt good.

I tell her "Umm s*s your only half way there"

She squeals in delight and pushes all the way in. She screams and I moan. I cum like crazy in her pussy. She suddenly stands up and says she had enough. She walked away and I checked the clock it was 8 o clock! I slept instantly while my cock was burning

Read Orgy Party: Aftermath for more of the story!

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1 year ago
Nice story. Thanks.