the ski trip

Last winter i went on a ski trip with my friends f****y,we skied the first day and all was well. thta night when we were going to bed my friends mom had one to many she left her bed room door open and from the angle i was sl**ping at i could see straight in. i watched her undress and she was fine. she had on this skimpy pink and black thong with a bra to match and these boobs were like no others. so once she got every thing off she sat on her bed and read a book for a little while, she got bored very quick and trailed her hand downwards into her panties, thats when i sneezed and she looked out of her room an dsaw my peeping. but she didnt do anything besides slowly shut the door. the nextmorning she came down from her room while i was eating breakfast, she had her silk pajamas on with no bra underneith, her perky tits where practily visible when she smiled at me and asked me how my sl**p was. thats when i thought this women wanted me as bad as i did her. that day when we were skiing i fell and hurt myself . i ahd to go to the hospital because it hurt for me to walk, i had to take the ambulance and because my parents werent there my friends mom sat in it with me, they had my spine immobilized so i couldnt move at all, my friends mom suggested i text or call my mom to tell her what happened but she didnt have her phone on her so she asked if she could use mine. i happily complied and said it was in my pants pocket, she reached over me putting her tits right on my face and took the phone from my pocket, she also graabbed my dick while she was in there and smiled at me while doing so. when we got to the hospital they decided i would need an x ray of my spine to make sure it was ok, but the hospital had had a pipe burst in the MRI room so they brought a mobile x rya machine to my bed. they had to take my pants off to get an accurate scanning, she took my pants off and patted me on the penis, after they took the x ray they conculded nothing was wrong, i asked to see the picture they gladly gave it to me, my friends mom took it and when everyone left the room she returned with it and showed it to me she said wow that picture is very impressive, in the middle of the x ray was the outline of my dick, i wasnt sure if she meant my size or the abilities of an x ray machine, when i was free to leave the hospital bed i needed help putting my pants on because my back was sore, i asked her for help being the only one in the room, she crouched down to her knees and pulled my pants up very sexily, when she zippered the fly she looked up at me and said why... this is just like what you saw me doing last night, up until than i thought she was too d***k to remember what had happened. she said she would give me any kind of "help" i needed being in pain from the accident. i said well there is one thing you could help me with, i am really stiff could you work it out she happily grabbed my dick and gave me a bj in the room, she called her husband to pick us up from the hospital the whole ride home she kept stareing at me in the rear view mirror and winking. the next day i could go skiing so she said she would stay home to help me if i "needed" anything, after the pancakes she made me we went down to the basement to watch TV, she asked for a massage and i said why not, she took her sweatshirt off and i started but she said it wasnt good enough because she couldnt feel it, she took her shirt off and than i started agian, i was a little hesitant but she said it was fine, she started to moan and than i popped her bra off, than she said she needed a massage in the front, i worked my way around and than she grabbed my hand and put it in her pants, she was so wet and warm, it was the best feeling i had ever felt on a cold winters day. we fucked on the couch for 45 mins and than we made our way up stairs to the kitchen table for some foreplay, she gave me head and i ate her out, than we went up to the bedroom where she put on her lingerie, she said she had brought it for me and hoped she would be able to use it, she also told me that she had wanted to fuck me for the past year, in total that day we fucked 5 times, she said she was amazed at my size and my energy, she said she was glad that we found each other and we are still hooking up to this day. but by the end of the day everyone needed to be picked up from the mountain so the two of us drove her car over, but we stopped at the grocery store for some food for them. as we were walking through the aisle she wispered to me that she didnt have any panties on and was ready for round 2, she drove her car out behind the store and we fucked in the backseat, her tits were covered in cum when i finished and she said she came twice during our fun. we drove to the mountian and on the way she gave me a hand job, she wanted every bit of me and she was tiring me out.we picked everyone up and her husband asked her how uneventful her day was, she siad to him, we found our way to have fun. the next day when everyone else went skiing agian, i stayed hhome with her and her husband too this time. he slept in and she made me pancakes agian, we wwent down to the basement for a massage agian, thats when she gave me head. during this time her husband woke up and came down and saw her, he was mad at first but she convinced him to have sex with her and me togehter. we gang banged her tight milf pussy until she cried and than we went to her tits each of us sucking on at a time, than he put his cock in her ass and mine in the pussy, we creampied her and she said it was the best sex she had ever had, we hooked up once more later with the same routine. that ski trip couldnt have worked out any better for the both of us
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Sweet story
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Nice story. Thanks for posting.
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Hot story..thanks
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very good story. Thanks for sharing.
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