An hour of heaven with the pretty barefoot employe

Disclaimer me and the woman described in the following story were both 18 years of age when the following events occurred. I saw her there standing in the hallway of my hotel, barefoot. A couple of minutes earlier she was in her white cotton socks but now they were gone, she must have just slipped them off, exposing her pretty feet. She was just a teenager, the same age as me at the time, I was an employee of the hotel and she was spending time with her mom during the summer hanging out at the hotel. I was surprised to see her barefoot cleaning hotel rooms, it was quite distracting to say the least. She walked out of room 141 and grabbed some towels lifting her left foot off the ground to brush a pebble of her heel before darting back into the room. She was tall, close to 5‘10“, wore cute black framed glasses, was a natural blonde wearing a pink tank top and athletic shorts that nearly touched her knees concealing her juicy thighs from me. Her breast were perky maybe close to a 34-B if I had to guess. I was standing in the hall when she began to approach me, which shocked me as we never spoke to each other, hell I had only seen three times in my life. She stopped and asked me if she could use my utility cart, a cart that was simply resembled a large crate with wheels bolted on to the bottom. I told her yes stammering to keep my cool, she being a woman convinced me to help her empty the cart later in the utility room, to which I said “sure I can do that”. She left and I watched the bottom of her feet as she walked away. A short time later she returned with a full basket of dirty sheets and towels almost as tall as her. I stopped what I was doing, which if anyone is interested was installing a new toilet in room 136, and walked to the utility room. She was standing in the middle of the utility room, bare foot on the cold, white tile floor surrounded by mounds of laundry. We began to unload the pile of laundry, my eyes glued to her pretty bare feet as they moved back and forth across the floor. Now I having the foot fetish that I obviously have got the idea to try to maybe get a feel of her feet, which is crossing a line but hey I’m not trying to grab her ass or breast just her feet. I dropped a pillow case on her right foot as she walked by, and immediately grabbed the towel and inadvertently grabbing her entire foot. I looked at her and she looked at me. I knew I had been caught and for something so embarrassing as grabbing her foot, I thought my job was over I kissed goodbye to my college ambition. She stared at me and exclaimed “I can think of a few other places I’d rather have your hand than my foot babe”. I was confused, did she really just say that, what other places was she talking about, could she mean her breast, was she still mad? I stood up looking her square in the eye with a heart rate of 200 beats per minute and asked weekly “like what?”. She responded “I see the way you look at me, all morning you spent more time staring at me than doing your job”. I was embarrassed that I was so transparent, I always thought I was a little better at hiding my glances. She continued “ it’s nearly 10 o’clock, the staff will go to breakfast, think of a way to get away from your job and come find me in one of the vacant rooms.”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, did she just invite me to have sex with her? I clocked out and left a note with the desk clerk that I was going to run to the store to buy a bottle of Drano. I checked the vacant list and found room 226 was listed vacant out of service meaning that the room needed maintenance before it could be rented out again and since I was the maintenance guy I knew no one would bother us. I walked over to her cart and told room 226 then left. We both had universal keys which means we could get into the room without anyone seeing us. She opened the door holding her socks and shoes in one hand and locking the deadbolt on the door with the other. I knew I had about an hour or so before my boss would wonder where I am. She tossed her shoes aside and sat down on the king sized bed next to me. She placed her feet in my lap and said “would you give me a foot massage”. I looked at her pretty feet up close, I could tell she walked around barefoot often do to the width of her feet, her big toe and her next three toes were the exact same length which I always found interesting, her soles were a little dirty considering she spent the last two hours barefoot they weren’t to bad. I started to rub them moving my thumbs up and down the pad behind her toes. She pulled off her tank top and began to unhook her braw, she didn’t remove it completely though instead she asked me to take off my shirt. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed the undershirt. She dropped the braw from her young, shapely breast. I couldn’t believe how perfect they were, even the tiny beauty mark on her left breast about an inch from her nipples was perfect. Her nipples were about an half an inch long and pink, like actual pink to the point that it was the exact same color of a pink crayola crayon. She pushed my head toward her right breast, I guess I was just staring at her chest and didn’t even realize it. I began to suck on her nipple licking and flicking my tongue against her areola. She pulled down her shorts, exposing her black, Victoria’s secret thong under where. I pulled the thong to the side and gazed upon her undercarriage, she had nice lips, everything was tucked up inside, they were thick and she defiantly waxed down there. I started to lick her clit is circles as she gently cooed occasionally sliding her vagina along my face while she gently massaged her breast. She I could feel the warmth of her vagina and taste her juices as they began to ooze out of her vagina and onto my tongue. I knew she was ready to receive me, I pulled of my pants and grabbed the condom out of my wallet. She stopped me saying she wanted to feel me inside her au natural. I slid my throbbing penis into her soaking wet vagina as she lay her head on a pile of soft pillows. I began to slide in and out of her and felt her place her legs on my shoulders. I kissed the bottom of her big toe, she giggled and continued to moan softly. I touched her breast gently moving my hand in circles as she did the same. We decided to try doggie style, it was are first time trying the position. She got down on her hands and knees as I penetrated her trying to get all 7 inches of my penis inside of her. Right as I began to thrust in and out of her I heard her phone begin to vibrate across the night stand. She extended her arm as far as she could reach grabbing the phone and looking at the message, it was a text from her mom, wondering where she was. I wasn’t sure what to do so I kept thrusting slowly while she texted back some excuse. She tossed the phone away from her and began to moan a little louder than before. I held my hand flat under her breast just low enough that her nipple rubbed back and forth across it while I thrust into her. I then started to touch her clit hoping to make her cum soon. Before that could happen her mother called this time and out of instinct she answered, trying to contain her panting while she told lie after lie to her mother as to her whereabouts. I had seen porno when I was 16 of a chick talking to her boyfriend while she cheated on him. In the video the guy kept pounding away while she was talking in the phone. I thought of this video and decided she probably wants to keep going. She hit the mute button on her phone and let out a huge gasp then unmated the phone and hung up. She was cumming, the sound of a woman achieving orgasm is the most pleasant sound in the world, I was so caught up in the moment I nearly forgot I wasn’t wearing a condom. I asked her where she wanted me to cum, she replied “I want to taste you”. I pulled my penis out of her, she quickly grabbed the shaft and started sucking. A couple of seconds later I came in a way I had never cum before. I came so much I swear she swallowed all the cum I had in me. The impressive thing about it all was she never let a drop of cum leak out of her mouth. I fell back on the bed and looked at the clock that now read 10:45, I was proud that I lasted 45 minutes considering I was still a teenager with little sexual experience. She rolled over on top of me and gave me a hug as Iran my hand over her bare back and butt. I could have died right there completely happy, with that beautiful, soft and warm woman lying on top of me. Then in an instant she jumped up, walking across the room to grab a towel which she ran all over body to dry the sweat. She began to get dressed, I wanted to pull that pink tank top off her again and have sweaty, marathon sex for the rest of the day but I knew we couldn’t. she grabbed her socks and shoes and left the room saying “text me later, I want to get together again.” . We both went back to work, and we did continue to have sex quite a few times before fall came and she started college in Arizona while I went to college in Michigan. It’s been a couple of years now since that summer back in 2008. I have a girlfriend now and she is engaged. Perhaps are paths will cross again someday, maybe in another life.
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3 years ago
wonderfully hot & sexy
3 years ago
I think there is nothing sexier than a women in shorts walking barefoot
3 years ago
I have a picture of her feet somewhere on one of my computers, I would upload it if I can find it.