Hamster Fantasy

I was standing at the designated spot, waiting. The night air blew threw the alley and felt cool on my fishnet clad legs and snuck under my black leather mini skirt causing my naked pussy to tingle. Each time a car would pass I wondered if that was the one I was meeting. Since I was in a decent part of town I wasn’t too worried about standing in a dark alley in my mini skirt, mesh tube top and six inch fuck me pumps, but a few people walking past did glare with distain at the hooker invading their fair neighborhood. While being accosted wasn’t a big concern, being arrested was a being to look like a possibility with each stare. Then I saw it, the car I had been waiting for, and the front plate clearly stating “Naughty” was the signal that this was indeed my “customers”.
Missy looked beautiful in her light blue sundress as she got out of the passenger seat. She just stood and looked at me for a moment until her husband appeared from the driver’s side. Missy called me over with a hand wave and I sauntered as best I could to the car. I went to say something but was cut off before I could get one word out, “shut up and get on your knees”, she instructed. I obeyed and knelt down in the alley. The couple looked at each other and the husband walked to me, without a saying a word he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I looked at him first, then his wife, “suck him whore”, the wife said. Once again I obeyed and used my hand to guide his soft cock into my mouth. I could feel his cock getting hard in my mouth and my pussy getting wet. He placed his hand on the back of my head and control the pace of my sucking while his lovely wife watched.
“Don’t come in her mouth”, Missy told her husband, and he pulled my mouth from his cock.
Missy walked to the front of the car, pulled her dress up and sat on the hood.
“Okay you little whore, you are going to lick my pussy while he fucks your ass”.
I stood up and walked to her and as I was bending over to lick her she roughly pulled my head between her legs, forcing my face into her wet shaved pussy. I stumbled a little but steadied by her husband’s hands as the grabbed my waist with one hand and lifted my skirt with the other. My naked pussy and ass were on full display for him. As my tongue probed her wet slit I felt his cock press against my asshole. With on hard push he was buried in my ass. His trust into me f***ed my face harder into her pussy. I was overwhelmed by the situation. I wanted to enjoy licking Missy, but at the same time wanted to concentrate the feeling of her husband’s long strokes into my ass. Soon I was enjoying both as I matched his rhythm. I licked up her slit to her clit as he pushed into me and down as he pulled back. Missy had her hands on my head and I noticed each twitch and was able to tell she was on the verge of coming. Her pushed my head down as her kegs tightened up and I tasted the rush of her juices as she come. This must have been just what he needed to see because soon he was filling my anus with come. He pulled me tight against him until he finished coming.
“Get on your knees and clean his cock so he can fuck me”, Missy told me as she pushed my head away from he pussy. I turned and got on my knees and husband fed his now softening cock to me. I greedily sucked his cock and was rewarded with a few drops of come. The taste of my own ass and his come made my head swim with lust. When I had his dick nice and clean he tucked it back in his pants and walked to the driver’s side of the car and got in.
Missy walked up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips, I knew she could taste the combined flavors as her tongue danced with mine.
“Thank you for a great time. Now he is going to drive us home and fuck me. Next time you can pick how we meet”.
I walked he to the car and once again kissed her before they left. I could feel his coming dripping down my leg as I watched them drive away.

I pulled my skirt down and quickly walked around the corner to my ride. I looked in the car and saw Eve lying back with 3 fingers working her pussy. I opened the door and startled her.
She asked how things went without stopping her masturbation. I told everything went as planned and leaned across the seat licked her clit while her fingers worked in and out of her slit. Before long her fingers were replaced with my mouth. I sucked on her clit and pushed 2 fingers into her. Since she had been masturbating before I arrived she came within minutes. As she began to orgasm I moved my mouth from her clit to her hole and she flooded my face.
After calming down Eve drove me to my hotel. She parked in an empty corner and we sat in the dark and began to kiss. Her hands roamed around and found my small tits. She pinched my nipples and I kissed my way from he lips to her breasts. I opened her blouse and was surprised to see she was braless. I took my time as I sucked on each of her wonderfully full tits. My right hand wandered down to her crouch. After some fumbling with her pants my hand was rubbing her pussy. One, two, three, then four fingers slipped into soaking pussy. I finger fucked her to her second orgasm as we kissed in the car. The smell of sex was thick in the air. After making plans for another get together I got out and Eve drove off to her date. The lucky guy she was meeting had no idea how ready for a hard dick she was. But I’m sure he would find out soon enough.
I walked to my room, come still leaking from my well fucked ass. I received a lot of stares since I’m sure I looked like a overused hooker. I opened the door to my room ready for a shower and a nap, but the phone rang.
“We’re in room 314. Get up here now, we’re ready for some fun”, said the woman’s voice.
After explaining that I was in need of a shower and why, the woman insisted that I didn’t need a shower at all, yet, and needed to get to room 314 NOW. I got a quick drink of water and took off my hooker outfit, wrapped myself in a towel and headed out the door to room 314.
I knocked on the door and was greeted by Foxy. She was dressed in satin panties, high heels and nothing else. Before I was in the room she was removing my towel and sucking on my tits. The door closed and we walked to bed.
“My ass is filled with come”, I explained.
“That is okay, BF can add some more for you”.
With that she laid me on my stomach and spread my legs. For the first time during the day my pussy was touched (by someone other than me) as she slid a finger into me. I adjust my position and soon Foxy was licking my wet cunt. As she licked me her nose brushed against my asshole. As I got closer to my first orgasm she stopped and called for BF to join us. BF walked in from the bathroom, his dick already hard.
“Her ass was full of come but some seems to have leaked out, can you give her some more”, Foxy asked BF.
He just smiled and I got on my hands and knees so he could fuck my ass. As he stepped behind me Foxy crawled under me. As BF slide his cock into my asshole she began to lick my pussy. Once BF was fully in my ass I leaned down and 69’d with Foxy has he fucked me. Because my ass had already been fucked earlier it was easy for him to fuck me hard. I feasted on Foxy’s smooth cunt while she did the same to me. I came within minutes and but BF was still going strong. I slipped a finger in Foxy’s ass while I continued to lick her and she wiggled and asked for another. A second finger went in her asshole and I sucked harder on her clit. Foxy watched as BF fucked me, he twice pulled out of my ass stuck it in her mouth. I looked and saw her sucking his balls as he slammed into me. This drove him over the edge and I felt his huge load empty into me. For the second time in mere hours my rectum was filled with hot come. I felt like a complete slut.
Foxy then surprised me by telling me to squat over her face so she could suck BF’s load of come from my asshole. She laid on her back and I sat up and let my asshole relax and felt the come gush from me. Once I thought all the come was out I moved to see her face cover in come. She also had a lot in her mouth, which she sat up and shared with me by kissing me. She spat the come into my mouth and I swished it around before swallowing the gooey mess. I then licked the rest of the come from her face and kissed it into her mouth and she swallowed it.
As sat and enjoyed the moment I noticed the time and realized I was running late for dinner. After promising to return to the room the next I wrapped up in my towel and returned to my room. I took a quick shower and dressed in a tight knee length skirt and low cut blouse.

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