I left work early for the express purpose of having a threesome. I normally frown upon my co workers for leaving early on Fridays for “personal” reasons but if they can do it why shouldn’t I? Dave and Tim were at Dave’s waiting when I arrived and walked in without knocking.
As soon as the door closed I began to undress leaving a trail of clothes from the door to the couch. Tim and Dave were undressing while watching be strip. By the time I was at the couch both were naked and hard. I kneeled in front of them as they sat down and began by sucking Dave’s cock into my mouth and stroking Tim’s cock. After a few minutes I removed my mouth from Dave and moved to suck Tim. While I sucked Tim, Dave moved forward to play with my tits.
I positioned myself so I could suck Tim’s cock and allow Dave access to my pussy. Dave entered me slowly and quickly increased his pace until he was slamming into my wet pussy. I told Dave to slow down so he wouldn’t come too soon. I was enjoying the feel of Dave in my pussy when all of the sudden it stopped. I stopped blowing Tim to look back then I realized that Dave was moving his cock to fuck my ass. I spread my legs a little further to give him easier access.
He pushed the tip of his cock into my ass as I moaned and waited for him to fill me. The paused a moment to allow me to adjust to his cock and began to stroke my ass. With each push into my ass I went down on Tim’s dick. I felt Tim put his hands on the back of my head and this encouraged me to go down further on him.
Dave said he was ready to come so I told him to come on my face, Dave pulled out of my ass and jerked his cock in front of me while Tim moved behind me to fill the void Dave left. Before Tim could shove his dick in my butt Dave was shooting his load onto my face and hair. I engulfed Dave’s cock to get the last few drops of come then I felt Tim enter my asshole. Dave sat down and watched Tim fuck me. And he fucked me hard. I was begging him to fuck me harder. After a few short minutes Tim repeated the same come shot Dave had just done.
Dave pulled me on to the couch and spread my legs and started licking me. His tongue felt so good my clit. I was extremely turned on and came very fast. As I laid on the couch come dripping from my face and hair Dave put his dick at my face so I could suck him again. In record time he was hard again and ready for more fucking. This time he fuck my pussy missionary while Tim just watched. I closed my eyes and let Dave pound his cock into me. After what seemed like hours he pulled his cock from me and came on my face again. Of course the second load was much less than the first but I was still happy to fell fresh come on my check.
Tim and Dave were both dressed before I even found all my clothes. I didn’t even bother to clean myself up as I dressed. I left with the come drying on my face and in my hair. I could smell the come on the drive home.
Once I was home I jumped in the shower, cleaned up and just relaxed. Squeaky clean out the shower I started to comb my hair and think about dinner when I noticed some dried come in the hair behind my ear. After another quick shower and I was ready to eat.

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3 years ago
Terrific story, I agree with kinky john, was jacking off reading it.Sounds like a good time was had by all.
3 years ago
Mmmmmm I love it! Definitely worth leaving work early!
3 years ago
Ooooo , You Naughty Girl Bren! That is a HOT Story!You painted such an Awesome Pcture with Your words that my Thick Cock became Longer, Stiffer and Harder as I read. Almost 1/4 of the way to te End, I was Furiously Jacking Off as I envisioned myself right the Middle of Your threesome and Spurted a Stream of Sticky CUM on my wood floor (missing my keyboad THIS time)!
Naughty, Kinky Johnny in Los Angeles...
("Playing" with my STILL Hard Dick!)