In the Darkness (take2)

The platform that he shows me is not made of a pillowed mattress and nice springs. It is a metal topped with a thin mattress barely an inch thick. It is special made. There are straps hanging from the wall above where my head is to be placed and shackles laying on the floor at the foot of the bed where they are anchored to the floor. He comes from behind me and spreads his hands across my bare round ass as he whispered into my ear. "Come, pet, I believe you will love what I have in store for you."

He feathered his hands over my plush stomach making me quiver. His hands kept coming up and up until he finds my nipples with his fingers. He circles them lightly making me feel the tingle all the way down to my core. My pussy clenches and moistens. "Come on. Lay down, pet, we have yet to begin."

I lay down and position myself as directed thinking that the shackles would be what would be coming next, but that was not the case. The dim lights in the room play shadow puppets on the wall as I see him bend down to his case and brings out the rope. Not the white nylon smooth rope, no, this rope is the natural hewn hemp variety, thick, and unforgiving. My pussy floods itself and I go hot thinking of what is going to happen. He starts with my arms. He brings them above my head and wraps them beginning at the elbows to the wrists and finally attaches the knot to the D-ring that is in the wall above my head. Then he runs his hands over my body. He does not smile at me. His eyes are dark and passion filled. I am at his mercy and there is no other place I would like to be. He begins at my left thigh above my knee and wraps the rope in never-ending circles as he reaches my hip he pulls my thigh up as far as possible and rolls me so that he can bring the rope under my back and continues with my right thigh. I am pulled open, naked to his sight. My pussy glistens with the juices of my desire and even in the dim light you can see the heart of me sparkle.

"Oh, but pet, we are but barely there." This time he smiles, but it is wicked. I am not afraid. I wouldn't be. This man loves me. He drags his finger up my slit gathering moisture as he proceeds and then just as quickly sucks his finger tasting me. I am quivering in anticipation. I don't know where this is going. He picks up a hand full of clips. He puts one on my clit and I shudder. Then he proceeds to bring the lips of my pussy together and clips them shut around my clit. He slaps my ass making the clip on my clit shimmy and I scream in passion. He brings the rope to my breasts and binds them each at the base making them turn slightly red and making my nipples pop. The clips appear in his hand and I begin to wonder if this is a good thing. He places a clip on each nipple and I can barely contain the moan as the pressure makes my nipples start to tingle and burn. He stands back to check his handy work and, again, he smiles.

He tweaks the clamps on my nipples and I moan at the pleasure/pain it causes as it travels down my body making my clit throb harder and harder until I cum in a bursting orgasm. He slaps his hand against his thigh and bends down once more into his bag of goodies. He brings up the one thing that I can barely tolerate...the ball gag. He slips it on. "Now, pet, we will begin now."

He sheds his clothes revealing his hard cock to me, 7 1/2 inches of pure velvet wrapped steel. He strokes it from the base to the tip and my body undulates on the bed. There is no guessing of what is going to happen. I am his to do with as he wishes. He slides himself between my thighs and strokes himself with lube as he tweaks the clamps on my pussy. Slowly, he slides his hand to my asshole and begins to finger it with the lube that he put on himself. One finger and then two...three are being pushed into my ass in an even rhythm as I squirm under the attention. I want to shake my head "no", but I can't. I'm caught and he pushes the head of his cock into my ass. He is gentle, but not. He slaps my hips and then pulls the clamps off my nipples as he pushes all of himself into me. The pain and pleasure tear through my body making me cum so hard the juices pour between the clamps and onto his hard throbbing cock as he pushes into me over and over again.
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2 years ago
we are a;ile read my story and lets cum and cam!
2 years ago
there's one story for a sleepless night...

very good, i like it a lot!
2 years ago
Very vivid. I liked it.