Summer fun

the story starts with a hot night in a greek island with my ex-gf.

We were with some friends drinking some cocktails and lot of shots. 3 guys, 3 ladies. only couple was me and her, the rest were friends. there was one guy i didn't knew him not either my girl. He was a friend of another girl. My gf liked him, he was muscled guy and beautiful at the age she liked 30+.

After all that drinks and around 4am she was almost d***k also the rest of us and then she started dancing with him as she did with all of us.At some point she came to me and told me : ''look how i tease him'' and she was moving her ass on his cock. for 1 sec i freaked but that made me hard also. Then she came back to me and told me again: ''he got big cock look how hard i made him'' that made me more hard than any time in my life, she understood that and told me again that she will go with him on toilet. i told her noway, you are a ''chicken'' to do that! Till i turn my back to grab my drink and return to my position she was gone with him on toilet! that made me even more hard and i couldnt hold myself so i went to the toilet and masturbated alone while i knew she was on the next one with him. i cum in 30 secs. the fastest i ever did.

After i came out none of the company understand what happened here with me her and him. 10 mins after they came out. My cock came hard again when i saw her! I asked her
''what you did?'' and then she laugh. i freaked! and i was hard again as hell.
she kissed me on my lips told me that she didnt do anything with her mouth! That day she was wearing a dress and a black thong, she asked me to touch her ass! i realised that she was not wearing undies!
Me ''where is your thong?''
She ''i remove it at the toilet and is still there''
M : what you done with him
S : he just sucked my pussy
M : are you sure?
S : i think so! i dont remember. i have drink a lot!
M : tell me now or else we broke up now! i want the truth!
S : ok! He removed my undies and start sucking my pussy and my asshole, then i couldnt resist to his cock and he putted inside my pussy! He was fucking me hard so he cum in 3 mins! He cummed on my mouth, i want to taste his cum. It was so nice.

Then i ordered 3 shots 1 for me one for her and 1 for him, i told him keep it secret please, she is d***k and i dont want anyone to know that. he told me ok.
After we went home and i done her the best sex she ever had as she told me. at the end she said :i think i will cheat you again, this was so fkin nice! And she cheat again.

Cheat no2 another time.
PS sorry for my english are ot the best!

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