the women from the bus.

She's sexy, tall, curvy, and elegant.
her legs go on for miles they look soft and tone.
i take public transportation to get to my college and she always rides the bus. she has long dirty blonde hair. she was so sexy. she would always wear dress. ALWAYS. to be honest i'm not sure if she even owns a pair of jeans. i would always watch her walk on and off the bus. i eventually got a lil risky and taking pics and videos trying to get an upskirt pic. oh boy did i ever get one she was wearing a green dress it was up to her thighs i could practiclly see the bottom of her hot ass the whole bus ride. with my i phone i recorded her as she stood up and walked past me she was wearing a peach/pink colored thong. her ass looked nice and firm i still have the pics and jack off to them regularly. another time i tried she was wearing an even shorter blue dress when she walked pass me on the bus she bent over to pick something up i was imeditly hard. afraid that she might see me trying to get a pic i decided not slip my phone under her dress but to enjoy the view from a distance. =)
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2 years ago
You should post the pics!
2 years ago
cool man risky but cool ;-)