it was bound to happen.

it was bound to happen i believe. i had became good friends with some one in high school she introduced me to her f****y and they all seemed to like me. her mom more than the others. me and the mother became very close she would tell me things and i would tell her as well. she would speak about her sex life and i would listen most the time with an erection in my pants. she always looked at me odd but since i was young she never touched me. after i became an adult she had called me over one day to help her move furniture around her house. i was always glad to help her she had became a good friend of mine. when i arrived one thing led to another and i ended up in her bedroom. by this time we both were feeling some tension. she had put some candles and some music on but i didnt think anything of it since it wasnt anything out of the ordaniary. she layed down in bed and suggested that i joined her. (i didn't turn her down) She laid her head on my chest and with her right arm proceed to rub my chest and waist line. she told me she wanted me and she knew i wanted her. she stuck her hand down my pants and felt my cock. our clothes came off and i was amazed by her 40 year old body it was small and sexy she was slim and tight. we fucked in her bed until we heard a noise thinking it was her husband i ran to the bathroom. it was just a false alarm we met in the bed room and she wanted more she unbuckled my pants and started to play with my cock. she went into the bath room and came out with a wet wash rag she started cleaning my cock and said it has to be cleaned after every use. she then performed some bdsm with me for my first time she gave me a wipe with heart cut out and wouldnt let me stop spanking until there were three hearts on her ass. I couldnt explain how i felt but since then i have developed a fetish for older women.
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2 years ago
Well no shit, anybody would! Nice work.
2 years ago
Nice one brother I have the same desire I love bbw mature wome there great Fuck! keep it UP.
2 years ago
hope your still knocking that