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I woke up Monday morning with a terrible cold. Just my luck,I was playing semi pro soccer and the most important game of the year was in 2 days
I was working as a physical trainer and I had 4 clients booked for the day, I got my phone and canceled my appointments and went back to bed. Not being able to get any rest due to nasal congestion, fever plus my body was just hurting . The state final was Wednesday so I only had 2 days to fight of my cold. Laying restless in bed thinking how I could fight this cold off besides taking medicine and resting.
I remembered that there was a bathhouse 2 blocks from my house maybe I should go
there and try to sweat the cold out in a sauna. I had never been to a bathhouse so I did some research online. The place got mixed reviews, but it had a sauna and a steam room, perfect.

I arrived at the bathhouse around noon feeling like crap. It was an older Latin man working in the front. I guessed he realized that I was a newcomer, he was very friendly and informative. I got my towel and headed to the dressing room. It was empty in the dressing room and I quickly started to undress, when a man in his early 50s came in. I really didnt pay him any mind since Im into young bottom twinks. While undressing my phone rang: it was my cousin calling from our home country Brazil. I told here that I had caught the flue and was feeling really weak. I barely had enough power to undress and speak. She hang up the phone and I noticed that the old man was looking at me smiling. He was a big bearded guy, body hard from working physical labor and he was extremely hairy. Red golden hair covering his whole body.Not at all my type. Im 29 with a great athletic body 511, 175, tan olive skin and 9 inches uncut. I never had trouble finding a sexual partners,young twinks or women.
I knew I was bi friendly, but unless you get fucked and suck dick your not really gay. I was just going through a phase. Anyways, sex was not on my mind at all.

Perfect the place was pretty empty, I really did not want bump into any one I know in this dirty place. I took a quick tour around the place it was a couple of old guys jacking off to porn in some of the rooms. I saw a young asian twink in the showers, my big brown dick jumped, but I was feeling way to weak to pursue.
I went to the sauna, it was a young guy sitting there but I really didnt pay him any mind. I started to focus on sweating out my sickness. I sat in there for about 30 min I started to feel light headed so I got up and went to shower. Feeling the cold water running on my skin felt really refreshing. Thats when I saw him again, he was in the shower across from me, still looking and smiling at me. I started to feel a little uneasy. I left the showers and jumped in the pool. After awhile I started to feel a little better and decided to go the steam room. It was empty and really hot, the steam made it really hard to see.
I was sitting in the steam room for quite some time when I heard wet footsteps coming my way. It was him again, he came up and stood over me with his huge frame making my feel really small " what is your name boy" he said
"Leo" I lied to him. "What is your name" I asked trying to be polite
He tells me " Daddy Red for you brown boy". At this point I thought Im better of leaving before I get into a physical fight witch Im way to weak to win against this big man. I tried to get up but he grabbed my shoulder with his huge pale hand and pushed me back down. He f***ed my face down to his semi erect, uncut 8 inches thick cock. "Here is your medicine fag" He held my neck and f***ed his dick in my mouth, it all happens so quickly. I felt so weak from the flue and the heat got to me. He started to **** my face. I felt so helpless, I just wanted this to be over so I open my mouth and let him all the way in my mouth.

He kept going for what felt an eternity, when all of a sudden he swung me around and started to choke me out. I collapsed on the floor, on my stomach with him on top of me. I felt on of his big fingers finding my asshole. He slowly started to finger fuck me, before I knew it he had 2 fingers pushing up my virgin ass. It hurt like hell,I started to scream for help, but he held his big hand over my mouth." Shut up! nobody is going to help you here" Daddy red says.
Thats when I felt the sharp pain. Oh no Im getting ****d "please put on a condom" I cried. He pulled out a condom ripped it up and f***ed me to eat it while driving his raw cock in my virgin ass. " Thats your condom bitch now relax or Im going to split you wide open"

He is almost all the way and my ass feel like its on fire. Thats when he started to kiss me all over.I can feel his balls now, he has me pinned to the floor Im about to pass out. "Yeah boy I knew you would like it" he says grabbing my rock hard brown dick. I cant believe it. Im hard! Im getting ****d by an old white red neck and my cock is telling me that I love it. He flips me around and puts my legs on his strong shoulders, he drives his hard dick in to my hole again and my whole body starts to responds to his pushes,he bends down to my face and starts to kiss me I feel his tounge moving in my mouth I feel so violated and used. "Daddy gonna cum inside now boy" as i feel is cock hittting places I never even dreamed about. " No please No, not in my azz" I started to panic and struggle. Daddy Red stopped and pulled out and before I knew it he punched me in my stomach. I fell over and started to cry. He got on top off me again and started r****g my ass again. By now Im so wet and open his white uncut dick went in and out my Brazilian brown hairy ass.My ass and my dick started to give in to my Daddy Red, before you I knew it he had total control of my body, fucking me as I heard and saw shadows of men looking at us. He pulled me on all four and started to really pound my ass. Im moaning really loud now and my cock its rock hard to my surprise since I havent even thought about my penis.Daddy is picking up the pace and Im screaming in heat, I feel his white cock getting extra hard. I knew what was coming and I wanted it.
"Im coming Brown bitch" He yelled and I felt a warm sensation in my ass. He pulled out quickly and left me on the steam room floor. I looked up and I saw 4-5 older guys smiling looking at me on all four with my ass leaking fresh man cum. I managed to get back to the dressing room where I found a note from Daddy red and his number Still traumatised, I just put the note in my bag.I just wanted to gather my thoughts and go home. I decided to walk home and take a bath when I got home. On the way home I started to feel my ass throbbing for Daddy Red. I felt Daddys sperm running out of my ass.Right then I knew that I will call Daddy Red for more.

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Super hot story!
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very hot storie