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For many years I had seen and heard of girls who squirt but had never had one myself. Well this is my true story of how that happened to me.
We met through an online sex site and after a few email exchanges worked out a plan to meet. Normally I will meet someone at a public place first, but this time she wanted me to see her at home. We would only have about 5 hours before her daughter got off from school so there was not much time for chit chat.
When I found her place she greeted me in a pair of daisy dukes shorts and a T-shirt. We sat and talked for about 10 or 15 minutes, and then I suggested we try a kiss and see how things would go. She leaned over with a big smile and our lips met, so soft and tender and within a split second her tongue was running along my lips. I’ve found very few girls who can truly kiss well, but she had this technique I call Japanese girl kissing, not sure what else to call it. We flicked our tongues on each other’s just like those xhamster Japanese girls do on the vids. She fell deeper in my arms and I press deeper into her mouth the French way, at which point she arched her back and moaned. After a few minutes or so of mouth sex she slide on top of my lap where I proceeded to remove her t-shirt and suck her nipples, again she moaned, and wisped “Harder”. Then she leaped up and said she was getting wet and let’s go to the bedroom.
Now this is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen, she bent over to place something on the night stand and as she turned around her shorts dropped to the floor. I don’t know why but it was so incredibly hot when she made that move. My cock was full and ready before her lips got near it!
After we got on the bed I started to eat her pussy and lick her ass, suddenly a gush of fluid shot out of her and covered my face. Not having this done before I was not about to let this fantasy go! Surprisingly she tasted sweet, I had always thought it would have the taste of pee, but it wasn’t at all like that. Oh man I was ready to pump like I had never pumped a girl before.
We made love for almost two hours nonstop with her gushing on my balls and running down my ass cheeks when she was on top, the bed and both of us were soaking wet and loving it!
She started to push my cock into her ass while on top of me, saying she had never had it there before, I had no reason to not believe it cause she was so tight nothing was going in there. So I told her to get some lube out and I worked my fingers in slow and easy before taking the plunge. After she was lose and ready I eased the head in slow and she guided my shaft on in. After a few strokes I started pumping a bit harder, as I did she gushed on my balls again and again moaning louder each time. At last I couldn’t hold back anymore and gave her an anal cream pie.
We lay talking and holding each other for a while, then I went back down and ate her pussy some more till she couldn’t squirt anymore.
I called her after I got home to say thank you for the best sex of my life, she said the same and a few days later we talked again. She said she was so sore she could hardly walk the next day. I had to admit I was a bit sore myself. She said it was the best fuck of her life, and I have to admit she was the best in mine too. We still send little emails every now and again; I always sign them as SL for secret lover, kind of our special code for prying eyes. Well that’s my story and whether you like it or not doesn’t matter because the memory of her is good enough for me!

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