My girl friend Simone

The club was dark, the music hot and the girls were everywhere. This was my first time at this place, I had heard that it was the best place to be on Friday night, so my buddy and I decided to check out the scene.

I had been transferred to the mid-west area after a hurricane had devastated the office back home. Living out of a hotel room for a year was hard but the city was very progressive and eclectic with lots of hot looking MILF’s and girls around.

As John and I sat having a drink and scoping out the floor, I noticed most of the girls were dancing with each other and the guys were on the sidelines drinking and talking. I leaned over and ask John what was wrong with these guys? He shrugged his shoulders and at that point I got up and moved in on three MILF’s dancing in the middle of the floor. I asked if I could join in and all three approved. As we moved to the music we did some dirty dancing moves with all four of us sliding across each other. The song changed and I paired off with one for a slower dance. She said her name was Simone, she had a grey wool hat and sleek body fitting black outfit. She had long legs with super nice set of tits and cute bubble butt. We continued to talk and feel each other as we danced. I asked if she was alone and got a favorable reply. I also asked why all the guys were not jumping in and she said most of them never did dance that much, just wanted to drink. Simone introduced me to the other girls, turned out they were all from the same office I worked at. They were in the HR department and knew all about me and the temporary transfer. I made a point the next Monday to visit HR and get to know them more.

The next week I hooked up with Simone for dinner before the next Friday night girl’s night out at the club. She was slender with super nice curves in the right places. She was a mix of American Indian and black. Our relationship took off almost immediately, it was a clear case of chemistry.

The first time we fucked was back in my hotel room, she always got horny as hell after a few drinks and this time on our way up to the room she threw her dress up to flash me as we walked down the hall. A bit of an exhibitionist and in need of cock, I was in heaven! As we closed the door she tossed off the dress and we started kissing deep and hard, our tongues were probing with salvia flowing down our chins as I felt her ass and tits, all the while she was pulling off my clothes and reaching down rubbing and stroking my hard cock. I moved her to the bed and she lay back moving her long dark arms above her head as I undid her bra. The most magnificent set of 36DD tits now fell free, with dark areolas about three inches across and hard erect nipples that were thick and standing proud. I gave both of them full attention and noticed she had very sensitive nipples, her breathing got deep and she moaned as I sucked and pulled on them while sucking. I slide down kissing and running my tongue down her tight belly, she arched her back so I could slide her thong off, then she grab my head and pulled it down between her legs. Her pussy was small, with puffy lips and slightly covered with nicely trimmed pubic hair. Her clit protruded a bit between the lips and I made sure it got full attention. She rocked and pushed her hips at every thrust I gave with my finger deep inside while sucking and licking her hot wet pink cunt. She flipped over and went down on my cock like a porn star, taking me all the way in her mouth and holding my balls while she licked and sucked. She knew exactly what she was doing and just how to do it. While we were fucking she moved on top and starting pounding down hard and fast. She said pinch my nipples as her head was arched back and between gasp of air. Suddenly her moan turn into one long ever increasing louder howl until she exploded. Her wetness flowed and her body convulsed in hard fast shaking motions that shook the bed. She lay on top of me for a few moments and we continued to kiss and hold each other while her organism subsided. She then moved down and started to suck my cock again, this time she moved my legs up so she could lick my ass. Damn did that feel good and then proceeded to stick a finger in while sucking me off. I pushed into her hand and she moved her finger all the way in. I came so hard it gushed out of her mouth, but she quickly gobbled every drop. She also liked to shove her finger in my butt when I was on top. I would toss one leg over her so I was at more of an angle and she had better access. She would move her finger inside to exactly the right spot to make me cum so long and hard that I felt totally drained and spent. When I pulled out cum would flood out of her pussy like an ocean wave splashing across the beach.

Over the course of my stay we were almost living together, I spent fewer nights in the hotel and more at her house. That’s where she could really let loose and feel free to moan and yell as much as she liked. I found out she liked to watch gay male porn when she fucked. When we would fuck in the living room I told her to go ahead and put it on, she got even louder and fucked harder as she watch guys sucking each other off. There was nothing and I mean nothing she would not do when it came to sex. She loved sex outside, in the woods, in the car it was all her playground no matter where we were. Her favorite thing was blowjobs and playing with my ass. I in turn made sure her ass was well taken care of too. Once while we were bathing together she wanted to try water sports play, which we both shared the experience together. Another favorite thing was she liked girls with big breast. She was found of sucking them as long as they were larger than hers.

For my birthday she gave me a new surprise back at my hotel room. She had gathered a number of mutual friends and as I came in they were all drinking and wishing me a happy birthday. Not long after there was a knock at the door, I thought maybe it was someone complaining about the noise but when I opened the door there was a blond cop standing there. She came in and said we were way too loud and had orders to arrest me. Not having a clue I was stunned, as she spun me around and place the handcuffs on all I could think about was getting a lawyer. She had me sit down and started taking information, then she said you’re “under arrest for given great sex” and proceeded to remove her uniform. She gave me a full lap dance and rubbed her large breast all over my body while everyone watched. It was AWESOME, no one especially a girl had never done this for me before. After the party started to break up the stripper, Simone and I went to have a few drinks and talk. Simone wanted to know all about stripping and dancing so the girls were pretty much talking with me as a spectator. Simone got up to pee and while she was gone I asked the stripper if she would like to give my GF a treat at the house. She agreed and we went back to Simone’s place to continue the “birthday party”. Once home the plan went into action and the stripper gave Simone a private dance. As she was doing so I removed Simone’s clothes and things really heated up. We ended up in bed with the two girls sucking and kissing each other’s tits. I made sure all the attention went to Simone while fucking her and letting the two girls play as they wished with each other. Simone climbed on top of me and started riding my hard cock while I did all I could to hold back from blowing my load too soon. The stripper got behind her and started grinding her pussy on Simone’s sweet ass while rubbing her tits across her back. All the while my cock was thrusting up ward and the blond was kissing my GF on the neck and under her ear. Her orgasm was so intense that even the stripper came while holding her from behind pinching and twisting Simone’s hard nipples as she screamed for her to do it harder. They both sucked my cock together and let me blow cum over there tits and face.

That year we spent together was the most amazing erotic experience of my life. I still think of her often and wished for another storm to blow me back north again.

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