5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 21)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Twenty-One

The birds chirped outside, slowly waking me with their cacophony of sound. The warm sunshine shone through my bedroom window and fell on my face, heating my skin gently. I heard the clang of the chain from the side of my bed as I slowly came, rubbing the sl**p from my eyes. I slid my legs over the side of the bed and sat on the edge of the mattress, Emily stared up at me from the floor, she was curled in a ball on the fuzzy dog cushion that was her bed. A heavy chain ran from a bolt in the wall to the thick leather collar around her neck, and was locked in place with a brass padlock. Her hands and feet were encased in smooth padded leather muffs, making her look like a little puppy.

“How did you sl**p slut?” Emily mewed softly through the ring gag stuffed behind her teeth. Drool dribbled down her chin and over her breasts as she got on her hands and knees letting the small blanket slip off her naked body, she brought her hands up under her chin like an obedient little puppy. Her pretty hair was stringy and fell in strands over her face.

“You are a pretty little slut, aren’t you.” I saw the glimmer in her eyes as I complimented her. I loved the way my little pet was becoming so needy for my attention.

I spread my thighs and snapped my fingers, instantly Emily was on all fours crawling towards me. She put her tongue out through the ring gag and started lapping my cock, first licking my balls, then my shaft, she kept her eyes up, staring at me as she rubbed my prick against her cheek and forehead, almost cooing as my dick touched her skin.

“You need your tail in, don’t you cunt?” Emily knelt at attention, her paws up under her chin waiting like an well-trained little pup.

“Over my knees slut.” Emily scurried to my lap, I could see the slight hesitation in her eyes as she mounted my thighs, with her pretty ass jutting in the air she wiggled into position with her belly over my legs. Her toes were just barely touching the floor and her long beautiful hair dangled from her head. Drool hung in strings from her spread lips and she moaned as I ran my hand over the back of her legs, she let out a groan of pleasure as I slipped a finger into her wet, throbbing, pussy.

“That’s it slut, you want my cock in your dirty cunt, don’t you?” Emily whimpered in desperation as I slowly finger fucked her, I could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing down on me as I rammed my finger into her snatch over and over again.

“You know that’s all you’re good for, don’t you slut, just a receptacle for my cum.” Emily let out a squeal as I pulled my finger from her slit and brought my hand down on her ass with vicious blow. I grabbed for the back of her head and took hold of her locks in my hand, twisting her head up so she was looking me in the face with wide, confused, eyes.

“You need a good paddling cunt!” Emily’s head jerked back as I spit in her face, I thick wad of saliva was plastered to her skin as I let go of her hair and started bringing my hand down violently on her ass. I could feel my palm sink into her flesh as I brought it down again and again on her ass. Emily wiggled on my thigh’s, her toes were pointed and barely kept touch with the floor as I beat her ass with my hand. The skin of her rump started growing redder and redder with each successive blow. She whimpered and writhed as I continued to spank her. I could hear my little pet start to cry as I wailed on her ass with my palm.

She was sobbing hard when I finally stopped with the blows. I grabbed for her hair and arched her head back again so she was staring me in the eyes.

“Never forget you’re my slave, to do with as I please. I own you!” I glared down at Emily, I loved the fear in her eyes. My palm burned from spanking my girl, but I loved it, I loved the way her belly convulsed on my thighs and the tears ran down her cheeks while she wept.

“Time to put in your tail bitch!” I brought my hand down hard on her ass one last time, her whole body jerked in response to the blow, then I rammed three fingers into her spasming cunt and f***ed them in as far as I could.

“I should try and get my whole fist in there someday slut!” Emily blubbered as I twisted my fingers in her snatch harshly.

“Time for your tail.” Emily sobbed as I pulled my hand from between her thighs. I’d selected the largest butt plug I had for my little pet. It was thick and wide at the base, then tapered to a narrow point at the tip. Attached to the end of the plug was a fuzzy tail which I loved to see buried in my little slave girl.

Emily whimpered softly, she hated having the plug stuffed in her ass.

“Do you want some lube cunt?” Small tears bubbled out of Emily’s eyes as she looked up at me.

I moved my fingers between the cheeks of her ass, she squealed as I worked one finger deep in her rectum. I could feel her body wiggling uncomfortably on my thighs as I buried my finger to the knuckle in her ass.

“You’re still tight, that’s good, I wouldn’t have any use for you if you weren’t.” I pulled my finger out with an audible pop and started pouring lube over the thick butt plug tail.

“I love seeing you with your tail in cunt.” I pressed the tip of the plug against her anal ring and started slowly forcing it in. Emily squealed as the tip of the thick shaft spread her opening and wedged its way deeper in her ass.

I loved the way she groaned and grunted as I f***ed the plug in deeper in deeper, she yelped in pain as the rubber grew wider and wider and her sphincter had to stretch to accommodate it.

“Almost there slut.” I pushed the plug hard and it popped into Emily’s ass. She let out a shriek as the tail rammed home in her rectum. Her whole body jerked in pain as the rubber shaft filled her nether hole.

“That’s it cunt!” I smacked my palm down on her butt.

“Get up.” I lifted her off my knees. Emily’s legs were wobbly as she stood in front of me, she was sobbing softly as the fuzzy tail dangled between her thighs. The thick, padded, muffs on her hands and feet looked like oversized paws. I knew she couldn’t really play with herself very well with the large mitts on her hands. Drool hung in lines from her chin as stood at attention before me.

“Dance for me baby, let me see that tail.” I could see the embarrassment in her face as she turned and moved her hips side to side sending the long tail swaying.

“God you’re such a pretty little pet, such a cute puppygirl.” I could see the moistness of her pussy as Emily kept her legs spread wide and danced for me.

“Such a pretty little bitch, aren’t you?” Her nipples were hard and erect and I reached out to grab them with my fingers.

“Get on your knees.” Emily fell to her knees with a thud, she brought her encased hands up under her chin immediately as she knelt with her legs spread wide.

“One more thing.” I pulled a pair of weighted clamps from the nightstand and snapped them on my little pet’s hard nipples. She let out a yelp as the rubber tipped clamps bit down onto her sensitive flesh.

“Time to do some work.” I snapped a long leather leash to the thick ring on her collar, her ass still glowed red from the harsh spanking. Her pussy glistened and I knew she desperately wanted to cum. I tugged hard on the lead and Emily started crawling behind me, the fuzzy tail stuffed in her ass swayed as she moved and the padded leather muffs on her hands sc****d against the carpet as she moved across the floor. The heavy weighted clamps bit down on my little girl’s breasts and swung in brutal arcs as she moved, stretching her sensitive nipple flesh, making her whimper as she shuffled along the floor.

When we got in the living room I sat on the edge of the couch, Emily got on her haunches in front of me. I brushed the stray hairs out of her face and looked over my pretty little girl, she purred softly as I rubbed my cock.

Emily groaned as I released the strap of the ring gag behind her head. I gently worked the gag from between her teeth and the girl slowly eased the life back into her jaws.

“May I suck your cock Master?” I flicked one of the weights dangling from her nipple making her shudder.

“Yes cunt.” Emily shuffled forward, placing her large padded muffs on my thighs and using her teeth to work open my fly. I loved the way she struggled with her nose to ease my prick from my pants. I grabbed the back of her head and wound my fingers through her soft hair as she took my cock between her lips.

“That’s it slut.” Emily tried to take the length of my dick in her mouth. I loved the way her wide eyes stared up at me as she moved her tongue on my shaft. I leaned back and flipped on the TV, I knew the game was on.

“I don’t want to cum yet bitch.” Emily knew exactly what I wanted, I could sit for hours having my slut’s suckle my cock, it had taken a while to train them properly, but I loved the feel of their hot breath on my prick and my dick down their throats.

I reached down and laid my hand on her head, I gently moved my fingers through her hair, petting her softly I felt her lips locked around the base of my shaft. Emily mewed quietly and I could feel her throat convulse ever so slightly around my prick as she held me in her mouth.

I propped a pillow behind my head and started watching the game, occasionally looking down and seeing my pretty little pet staring up at me as she held me between her lips, waiting for the command to make me cum.


I could hear the click of Cumsocket’s heels on the floor before I could see her being dragged into the office on the leash by Annie. I’d let Annie take the Asian girl home the night before, to do as she pleased with her, and I was curious to know what had happened.

I had my feet up on the desk slowly sipping my drink as Annie tugged Cumsocket in on her leash, the Asian slut was naked and I could see the way her face glistened in the light. I could see the contented look in Annie’s gaze and I knew she’d had the girl licking her cunt, probably the whole way into the office, or at least in the parking lot before she’d finally brought her in.

“So, did you have fun with her.” I snapped my fingers and Cumsocket fell to the floor instantly. Her hair was dishshelved and it didn’t look like she’d showered or bathed since she’d left the shop the night before.

“Yeah.” Annie smiled and pushed the handle of leash toward the Asian girl’s mouth, she opened her jaws instantly and took the leather handle between her teeth like an obedient dog. Annie’s face was filled with a glow of satisfaction.

“Good, I’m glad the stupid whore is good for something.” I took my feet down off the desk and sat up in my chair.

“How’s business looking today Annie?” The Asian girl never took her eyes off me, I loved the way the dark handle contrasted with her white teeth as she stared at me with mounting trepidation.

“Busy, looks like there will be lots of work.”

“Good, good, why don’t you leave us alone Annie.”

Cumsocket sat on her haunches, the leather handle of the leash was between her teeth as Annie gently shut the door behind her as she left. I could see her start to tremble ever so slightly as I got to my feet and moved toward her. Suddenly I grabbed her by the hair and tugged her head back, making her look up at me.

“Did you have a good time cunt?” I could see the moistness in the Asian girl’s eyes as I pulled on her scalp.

“The boys’ left you a treat last night, they missed you.” I chuckled as I let go of the girl’s hair and walked toward the little fridge in the corner. I could feel the Asian girl watching me as I grabbed the large glass from the rack and turned back toward her. I could see an involuntary shudder run down her spine as I held the glass out for her to see.

“I know you’ve been waiting for this slut. You need your nourishment.” I laughed. I don’t know what it was, but seeing a girl guzzle down cum, I found it so hot, especially watching a dark haired Asian cunt swallow down the thick white goo.

“Here you go honey, drink up.” I pulled the leash handle from between her teeth and let it fall to the floor, Cumsocket’s hands trembled softly as she took hold of the glass. It almost looked milky, there were spots of watery cum along with the thick wads of sperm.

“Drink up cunt!” I sat back in my chair, my dick was starting to get hard watching the Asian girl. She slowly brought the glass to her lips and started sipping the sperm brew. I saw her belly convulse as the first drops eased down her gullet. Her nipples were hard and her chest heaved as she started swallowing down the thick man juice.

Her body twitched as I reached out and trailed my fingers over her belly. Cumsocket gagged occasionally as she slowly drained the huge glass of sperm. I could see it bubbling around her lips, running in little streams over her skin as she struggled to down the cum.

“Doesn’t that taste good cunt?” The Asian girl fought to finish the last little bit of the glass. I could see the way she choked down the last few drops, trying to stifle her urge to retch.

“That’s it pretty.” Cumsocket took the glass away from her lips, the inside was still coated with slime and I could hear the girl burping as a grimace appeared on her face.

“Don’t worry slut, I’m sure the boys will gladly contribute more if you’d like.” I pinched her nipple between my fingernails and twisted brutally, making her screech in pain.

“I’ve got to do some work cunt, then I’ve got a treat for you.” Sperm was still dribbling down her chin as I pulled a small stool from under the table. It was mounted in the center with a massive dildo, it must have been a good 12” tall and disproportionately thick.

“Why don’t you take a seat honey.” I smiled, loving the discomfort I could see on the Asian girl’s face. I set the stool on the floor by my side and grinned.

“Come on, we don’t have all day.” I could hear the soft whine from the Asian girl as she stood on ginger legs and started squatting over the massive pole. The leash dangled from her collar as she lowered herself down toward the tip of the dildo. The girl reached between her thighs and spread her swollen labia. Slowly the long shaft started disappearing in Cumsocket’s snatch, inch after inch slipped between the folds of her sex and buried in her belly. I could hear the girl groaning as more and more of the long rod sunk into her pussy. I sat back in my chair and started gently stroking my cock through my pants.

“I want you to take it all in cunt.” There were still a few inches of the dildo visible and I could see the strain in the Asian girl’s thighs as she squatted indecently on the long pole.

“I want your useless ass touching the stool, understand!” Cumsocket moaned as she let her weight down and the full length of the shaft disappeared in her overstretched pussy. Her legs were quivering with the strain as she was fully impaled on the long dildo. I loved the way she gritted her teeth and stared up at me, that tiny bit of fear in her eyes showing through, desperately wanting to beg, but knowing she couldn’t, or shouldn’t.

“Ride it bitch, I know you love a big dick in that pussy, ride it like the whore you are.” I could hear her start to whimper as she slowly eased up off the giant shaft. She moaned as the long dildo slowly slid from her slit.

“That’s it cunt, fuck it.” Cumsocket started back down on the massive dildo, letting it fill her belly once again till her ass was resting on the surface of the stool.

“Don’t make a sound slut, I’ve got work to do.” Out of the corner of my eye I could see the Asian girl rising and falling on the huge shaft over and over again. Her thighs trembled with each movement, I know they must have been burning as she rode the stool.

It had been a good half hour by the time I let the Asian girl dismount the dildo. She could barely walk her legs were like jell-o. I could see her pussy was wet and her clit was hard.

“God you’re a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” I reached out and rammed a finger in her moist slit.

“I guess it’s not a surprise though, that’s the way you’re made, just another Asian fuck doll.” Cumsocket groaned as I pulled my finger from her snatch and rubbed the wetness against her face.

“Don’t worry slut, I’ve got some cocks ready to fuck that dirty little hole of yours.” I took hold of the leash dangling from her collar and tugged her to her feet.

“It’s almost lunch time and I’ve got to get the boys there treat.” I started dragging the Asian girl behind me toward the shop, I could hear the click of her heels on the floor as she shuffled behind me, whimpering softly.

Silence filled the shop as I dragged the Asian girl into the garage. The boys had gotten used to her visits, but they still enjoyed them immensely. Cumsocket was naked but for the leather collar around her neck, the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and the towering black heels that were strapped to her feet.

“You boys had another good week.” I tugged hard on the Asian girl’s leash and she stumbled forward.

“Have a good time with her, I’ll be back in a couple hours.” The guys in the shop closed in quickly and were on the girl in a second.

When I walked back into the garage Cumsocket’s legs were up in the air, jerking violently as she got pounded by two men. Her legs flailed as she lay atop one of the men, his dick buried in her ass, while one of the other boys was on top of her, pumping his cock deep in her tight Asian slit. She groaned in discomfort as both her holes were filled brutally with large, erect, cocks. Hoots and hollers of encouragement echoed through the shop as the two men kept up their brutal rhythm.

“So, did everybody have a good time?” One of the young guys stood by my side.

“Yeah.” I could see the lust and desire in his eyes, even though I knew he’d probably already fucked her a couple times. The Asian girl grunted in effort as the two men fucked her hard.

“Yeah, she’s a hot little bitch.” I heard one of the men using her roar as he pumped his seed deep in the Asian girl’s body. In a few seconds the other guy bellowed and I knew they were through.

“That’s it boys, I’ve got to take her back in the office.” Cumsocket was on her back on the work table, her legs were splayed wide and her thighs were quivering with exhaustion. I could see the cum drying around her lips and streaked through her hair as I went to grab for the leash. Her eyes were glazed over and her body was covered with a sheen of sweat. Her labia were swollen and red.

“Did you have a good time cunt?” The girl moaned as I pulled her to her feet. She staggered gingerly like a new born calf on the high heels as I started dragging her behind me toward the office.

“Thanks for helping me out boys. Keep up the good work and I’ll bring our little Asian slut back for a visit. She kept her head down and followed silently behind me. She looked totally used and worn out and I tugged harder on her leash.


I could feel Emily under me, I knew she must have been uncomfortable with my weight atop her small frame, but still she didn’t make a sound. Her thighs were wrapped around my hips and her hard nipples were crushed against my chest. I loved the feel of my slut underneath me. She gagged slightly as I leaned down and thrust my tongue in her mouth.

Monique was whimpering at the side of the bed as I kissed Emily, she was kneeling on the floor, her arms were encased in a single leather sleeve behind her back and her thighs and calves were strapped together with a leather band keeping her on her knees while she was impaled on a thick rubber shaft that jutted from a fuck board set on the floor. When I’d mounted her on the large dildo I’d coated it in icy hot making her scream and writhe with the pain for the first couple hours. Heavy weighted clamps hung from her aching nipples and swung in gentle arcs whenever she breathed heavily.

I pulled my lips away from Emily’s. Her eyes fluttered softly as I rubbed the stray hairs from in front of her face. I could see the nervousness in her eyes as she spoke.

“Will you fuck this useless whore Master, please, cum in my dirty cunt, I need your sperm Master, I need to be used!” Emily squeezed her thighs tighter on my hips grinding her wet pussy against my groin.

“Please Master!” I could hear the desperation in her voice as she stared up at me. Monique started to whine louder and louder at the side of the bed as I felt Emily lift her upper body and sc**** her hard nipples against my chest lovingly. I knew Monique’s muscles must be burning and cramping after the hours and hours of kneeling. She let out a yelp of despair as I turned and winked at her. Her mouth was filled with a large inflatable gag which supported a small little tray that jutted from between her gleaming teeth. A glass of water jiggled dangerously on the little tray as she started to cry, I’d kept her bound and tortured for much of the last week, not to mention keeping her from orgasm, and I knew she was desperate for release.

“You’d better not spill any cunt.” I ran my hand through Emily’s hair as I grinned maliciously at Monique, the water splashed over the smooth edges of the glass as her body convulsed in a new wave of cramps.

“Master, please!” Emily arched her head up and started lapping her tongue on my neck like a needy kitten. I loved the anxious look in her eyes.

“Please use me Master!” She moaned in my ear, she knew I loved the feel of her hot breath on my skin.

I easily slipped my cock in Emily’s pussy, I could hear her moan as my dick sank deeper and deeper into her belly, her thighs closed tighter around my back as she arched her body to take me completely inside her.

“Thank you Master.” I could feel Emily clinch her vaginal muscles on my cock, clamping me tight.

“Use this little whore, please!” I could feel Emily’s hot breath in my ear, I loved the feel of her panting against my skin, I loved the sound of her moaning, the needy, desperate moaning as her stomach muscles convulsed under me.

The bed creaked under us as I grabbed for her long, smooth, hair and tugged her head back, her eyes were wide with need as I pounded into her pussy with my cock, slamming deep into her belly over and over again.

“Is that what you needed bitch?” I started pumping my dick deep in Emily’s snatch, riding her hard and fast.

“You’re just a dirty little whore, aren’t you slut?” Emily moaned, her eyes were glazed over as she stared up at me, her tongue was out like a little puppy as she panted in lust

“Yes Master.” Her voice was soft and filled with desire as she groaned in desperation.

“Use me Master, cum in my pussy Sir, please, I need your sperm, PLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEEEE!!!” I locked my lips on hers and buried my tongue in her mouth as I felt my balls start to contract. I wrapped my tongue around hers as I spewed my load deep in her belly, grunting as I felt my prick spurting. I loved the way her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she squeaked in delight as I jerked my hips hard into hers, burying my cock in her tight little hole as far as possible. I could feel the way her thighs convulsed and locked around my ass as she orgasmed with me.

I collapsed in a heap on my pet, lapping my tongue on her face as we both came down from the peak of pleasure. I loved feeling her under me as my heart-beat gradually slowed and I felt her thighs quivering against my back.

I rolled onto my side, off Emily, and she quickly laid her chin against my chest and took my nipple between her lips and started sucking. I reached over and grabbed the glass of water from the little tray in Monique’s mouth.

“I bet you want to be fucked, don’t you slut?” Monique groaned as a new spasm of cramps exploded through her tortured body as I winked at her.

“Maybe another time slut.” I drank the glass of water in one quick swig, then set the empty vessel back on the little tray jutting from my slaves mouth. I grabbed Emily by the hair and lifted her head off my chest.

“Clean my cock cunt.” Emily scurried between my thighs and started lapping her tongue on my waning prick. I groaned as I felt her moist lips sucking my balls into her mouth while she rubbed her forehead against my dick.

“That’s it slut.” I ran my fingers softly through her hair as her moist tongue ran over my balls and dick, her wide, needy eyes stared up over my chest as she cleaned me like a dutiful pet.

To be continued…
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