5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 20)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Twenty

I heard Emily moan as I shifted my weight and my dick slipped from her pussy. I loved the feel of sl**ping on my slut with my prick buried in her sweet little snatch, that way I could start fucking her whenever I wanted to.

I stared down lustfully into Emily’s eyes as they slowly fluttered open.

“It’s time to get up cunt.” I lifted myself up off the girl and worked my way over her torso, straddling her till my dick was bobbing just in front of her eyes, my balls dangling just above her lips. She didn’t try and move from under me, she knew better and she didn’t wait for my command to start licking me gently. Her eyes stared at me intently as her tongue lapped the length of my shaft, first starting at my balls, sucking my testicles into her soft lips as she used her moist tongue on me, then slowly moving over the underside of my pulsing shaft.

Emily’s eyes jerked shut for an instant as I slapped my cock down on her forehead, I loved the feel of my dick smacking down on the girls face. Emily was always a little bit shocked when I did it, but Monique seemed to be in heaven, she would almost coo in delight when I whacked her face with my cock. I swear sometimes I thought she’d orgasm just from feeling my dick slapping down on her skin.

I ground my ass down onto Emily’s lips, forcing her tongue against my balls as I groaned in pleasure.

“That’s it slut.” I grabbed the back of her head, winding my fingers through her soft hair I pulled her head up as she pushed her tongue between the crack of my ass. My dick was starting to ache and I knew I needed to fuck my slave girl soon but I loved the feel of her warm breath on my skin.

“On your belly cunt, bitch in heat position.” Emily ran her tongue over the insides of my thighs as her eyes stared up at me, my dick bobbing inches from her face.

I let Emily roll over onto her belly as I moved to kneel behind her. I could hear Monique and Cumsocket shifting in their cages across the room. I knew Monique must be jealous that I wasn’t fucking her, she always was she was such a needy slave.

Emily spread her knees wide, pushing her ass in the air and putting her palms and cheek flat against the mattress. I slapped my dick down on her ass as I grabbed for her hips, I loved the way her pussy twitched and glistened with need.

“That’s it slave, you’re just a needy little slut too, aren’t you.” Emily groaned, in part from a need she couldn’t deny, and in part from shame, that she was wet and she knew I was right, she was my needy little cumslut.

I slammed my hips forward, burying my cock into Emily’s tight, throbbing pussy in one brutal motion. I loved the feel of my balls smacking against her ass as I started to rut her hard and fast. The sound of her grunting with the f***e of my fucking was music to my ears, there was part of me that wanted to hurt her with my cock, to use her hard, to make her know she was my slave, an object to please me.

“Milk me cunt!” I brought my hand down hard on her ass as my dick pumped into her pussy faster and faster. I loved the way she yelped each time I drove into her snatch. I reached under her jerking body and grabbed for her nipples, they were hard and erect and she squealed loud as I twisted them viciously. “That’s it slut, you know you like it!”

I could hear the bed creaking as I impaled my cock in her tight little sheath over and over again. I could feel my chest pounding as I tugged hard on her nipples, I knew I was about to cum as Emily’s pussy squeezed down on me like a vise.

“That’s it cunt, make me cum!” I heard Emily moan as I pulled hard on her tits, burying my fingers in her breasts and mauling her flesh with my nails.

I grabbed for Emily’s long hair and yanked on her scalp as I felt my dick start to pulse deep in her belly. I couldn’t help but bellow as I shot my load in her pussy.

“That’s it bitch! AHHHHHHH!!!!” I loved the way her vaginal muscles clamped down on my dick, gripping my cock as she shrieked with the strain in her neck. I felt lightheaded as I felt my prick jerk repeatedly in her belly.

I collapsed on top of the girl with my dick still buried in her pussy, Emily’s mouth was open and she was panting, her body was twitching beneath me, her moist skin was pressed against mine. I grabbed her hair again and twisted her head so she was looking at me.

“That’s it cunt!” I clamped my mouth down on hers and buried my tongue in her mouth and kissed her harshly.

Slowly I came down off my high. I loved the feel of the girl under me and the way she was still breathing hard. I wound my fingers through her hair and eased off the girl, pulling her mouth toward my groin as I lay back on the bed.

“Clean me slut.” I kept hold of Emily’s hair as she took my cock in her mouth, she started using her tongue on my shaft like a pro. I closed my eyes and moaned as she used her tongue expertly on me, lapping the sperm and her juices from my prick.

After the girl was through I worked my way off the bed leaving my slave kneeling on the mattress waiting for my next command. I went into the closet and grabbed a single arm leather sleeve and ball gag from my cabinet of toys. I could feel all the girls’ eyes on me; Emily, Monique and Cumsocket, though I didn’t pay any attention to them.

I picked up Emily’s leash from the nightstand and snapped it to the thick ring on her collar. I could hear her whine softly as I pushed the ball gag toward her lips, she didn’t hesitate as I f***ed it between her teeth, but I knew she didn’t like it either.

“On your feet slave.” Emily gracefully got off the bed and stood before me, head down with her hands up behind her neck like she’d been taught. I took hold of her wrists and brought them to the small of her back and started working the leather sleeve over her hands and arms. I loved using the leather sleeve on the girls, I thought it was so sexy.

Emily whimpered as the sleeve encased her arms and I sealed it place with a thick leather strap. I took a step back and looked at my girl. Her legs were spread wide and I could see my cum dripping from her snatch. Her breasts were marked with red spots from where my fingers had dug into her flesh. I loved the way she looked with the ball gag stuffed in her mouth, the way her jaw was extended and the way her gleaming white teeth contrasted with the deep red rubber ball jammed between them.

I smacked my palm against Emily’s tits over and over, loving the feel of her soft flesh under my blows, I could feel my dick getting harder and harder each time I slapped her breasts.

I took hold of the leather leash that dangled from her collar and pulled hard on her neck.

“Come on slut!” I dragged Emily forward, I grabbed a long suction cup dildo from the cabinet before I pulled her down the hall toward the kitchen.

I turned back and watched my little slut staggering behind me, I loved the look of a girl on a leash, even more when they were crawling on the floor, heeling like a dog, but I didn’t feel like making Emily get on all fours right now. I could hear her breathing hard through her nostrils as I pulled hard on the leather making her move quickly. I loved the way her breasts swayed gently as she walked, her nipples were hard and I was so tempted to tug on them, to see her face contort with pain as I twisted them brutally.

Emily shuffled behind me, as we got into the kitchen I turned and smiled at her as I slammed the suction cup dildo down on one of the chairs so it jutted obscenely from the seat.

“Mount it cunt, I want you to ride it like it were my cock, but you’re not allowed to cum, understand?” I smacked Emily across the cheek with my palm. I loved the way her eyes got moist as she stared at the large black dildo rising off the chair. I know she wanted to cum and I also knew it embarrassed her when I made her perform for me.

I pointed at the seat again as Emily hesitated. It took her a second, but then she waddled forward and swung her leg over the seat of the chair. She gingerly lowered her body till she felt the tip of the rubber shaft against her dripping pussy.

“Need some help slut?” I laughed as I reached between her legs, spreading her pussy lips wide as I fingered her cunt. I heard her moan and smiled to myself.

“Impale yourself bitch!” I held her pussy open as Emily eased her way down on the shaft. I loved watching as inch after inch of the thick, long dildo disappeared in her tight little hole.

I could feel Emily’s nipples rubbing against my shoulder as she worked her way down on the fake cock, she whimpered in shame as her ass cheeks touched the chair and the whole of the dildo was impaled in her cunt.

I let go of Emily’s pussy lips and stood back, her face was flush and I could see the complete and utter humiliation she felt.

“Well, ride it slut, you know what to do.” I wiped my fingers clean on Emily’s face, loving the feel of her hot skin under my touch.

Slowly Emily started riding the dildo stuffed in her pussy, easing her body up off the long thick shaft slowly. I could see the strain in her thighs as she rose up off the staff, stopping just before the mushroomed head slipped from her pussy.

I reached out and ran my hand through Emily’s hair, I could hear her sobbing softly as she lowered her body back down onto the dildo, till it was again completely impaled in her pussy.

“That’s it cunt, keep it up. I’m going to go make something to eat.” I winked down at the girl as she again started lifting up off the thick shaft.

By the time I came back and set the food down on the table Emily’s body was covered with a sheen of sweat, her belly shimmered as it rose and fell. I could see the wet pool under her hips on the chair as she bucked up and down on the shaft. The dildo glistened as it eased in and out of her pussy.

“Do you want to cum cunt?” Emily moaned as I took hold of her nipples and twisted them hard. I could see the desperate need in her eyes as she stared up at me, her body still moving up and down on the fake cock. There was a line of drool running over her chin and dripping on her breasts.

“I want you to cum slut, cum now!!!” That was all she needed, Emily’s eyes closed and she slammed her hips down on the thick prick jutting from the seat of the chair. Her screams of pleasure were muffled as she bit down into the ball gag stuffed between her teeth. Her body convulsed in orgasm and her face went bright red with shame as she bucked her body down on the dildo over and over again, her muscles were rippling with effort. I slapped Emily’s bobbing tits with my open hand, loving the feel of the soft flesh under my skin.

“That’s it cunt, cum, cum, that’s what you’re made for, cum for me slut!!!” I could hear Emily sobbing louder and louder as I mocked her but she couldn’t stop jerking her hips up off the shaft buried in her pussy. I could see the tears streaking down her cheeks as every muscle in her body seemed to tremble and quiver like she was being shocked with an electric cord.

I ran my hand over Emily’s forehead as she slowly came to rest with the thick shaft impaled in her belly. She kept her eyes lowered and tried not to look at me as I petted her scalp.

“It’s time to eat slut.” I undid the buckle from behind her head and pulled the ball gag from between her teeth, thick lines of saliva ran from her lips to the ball.

“Thank you Master for letting me cum.” Emily’s voice was quiet as she almost whispered out the words.

I grabbed one of the plates of food from the table and set it on the floor at the foot of my chair. I helped her off the large shaft, it slipped from her snatch with a slurping pop before she fell to her knees on the floor.

“Eat up slave.” I sat down in my chair and started digging into my food, I put my foot up on her back like it was a stool as she knelt on all fours under the table trying to eat her meal.


I tapped Cumsocket on the top of the head as I pulled the truck to a stop at the shop. She knelt on the floorboard of the truck, the black collar around her neck was cinched tight against her skin and the little brass lock clanged against the steel rings set in the leather as she swayed.

“It’s time you did some work slut, I want you to present yourself to Annie and see what she needs you to do.” I grabbed the D-ring on the front of the Asian girl’s collar and arched her head up so she was looking me in the eyes. “You’d better do everything she says, understand!”

There was nobody in the shop as I pulled Cumsocket behind me on the leash, it was still early and no customers would be around for a while. The Asian slut was dressed in a thin, almost sheer cotton sun dress. She wore no panties or bra, and if she bent over at the waist the hem of her skirt would ride up and show her naked ass. The girl stumbled on the massive high heels I’d strapped around ankles that morning, she looked like an awkward calf taking her first steps and it was made all the worse for her with the thick butt plug stuffed in her ass.

I could see the smile come to Annie’s face as I pulled Cumsocket into the office. I knew she enjoyed the way the Asian slut licked her pussy before, I think more than she might have wanted to admit.

“Present yourself cunt.” I smacked Cumsocket on the ass.

“I’m here to-“ I slapped the girl hard across the face.

“NO CUNT, you know what to say.” The Asian girl started crying, her dark eyes glistened and her voice cracked as she started to speak.

“This dirty slut is here to do whatever you need, please use me.” She started sobbing desperately as I grabbed her by the back of the hair and pushed her to her knees.

“Crawl to her slut.” I smacked her on the ass and pushed her behind the counter. The thick plug jutting from her ass swayed like a tail as she shuffled along the floor. I could hear her blubbering as she came to a stop before where Annie sat.

“Lick my boots slut.” I’d never heard Annie speak with more confidence or authority, there was a dominance in her voice that she’d never displayed before. I loved the way Cumsocket reacted in fear, but at the same time I liked my women submissive and I contemplated the idea of taking Annie over my knee later, just so she knew not to think she was too dominant and that she knew her proper position.

Tears dripped off the Asian girl’s chin as she leaned forward and reluctantly lapped her tongue on Annie’s boots.

“Think you can handle her?” I winked at Annie as Cumsocket continued to lick her boots.

“Yeah.” Annie replied distractedly, I could see the lust in her eyes as she petted the Asian girl’s long black hair. I grabbed the end of the butt plug stuffed in Cumsocket’s ass and twisted it, making her squeal.

“Have a good time slut, I’ll be back later.” I chuckled as I let go of the rubber shaft and headed to my office, hoping to get some work done.

After a few hours I came out into the lobby. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the Asian girl on her hands and knees at Annie’s feet, she was hidden behind the counter with spreadsheets and invoices spread out on the floor, the customers at the desk had no idea what was going on just a few feet away from them, they couldn’t see Cumsocket kneeling there. I loved the way she stared up at me in desperation as I waited for the customers to leave.

“Annie, do you mind if I take our girl for a while, she’s got some work to do with the boys in the shop.” I grinned down at Cumsocket and she started to tremble in fear. She was shaking like a leaf as I walked toward her and grabbed for her leash.

“Get on your feet slut, before any customers come in.” I ran my hand through her hair as she got up awkwardly, I was smiling at her the whole while.

I could hear the thud of her heels as the Asian girl sobbed behind me. I tugged hard on the leash not bothering to look at her, just pulling her along like a pet. I knew she was getting more and more desperate wondering what was going to happen as we got closer to the shop.

I could hear the banging of the wrenches and clatter of the air guns go silent when the boys saw the Asian girl in tow behind me as we walked through the open garage door.

“Gather round boys, I’ve got an announcement for you.” Cumsocket’s hands were shaking as she held them in front of her body, her knees were banging together as I pushed her in front of me.

“This is our new employee, her name is Cumsocket and she’s going to be doing some work in the office for Annie, and, well, she’s volunteered to help keep up morale back here in the shop too, didn’t you cunt?” I slapped the Asian girl on the ass urging her to answer.

“Didn’t you slut?” I loved the way her body shuddered in fear.

“Yes Master.” She bowed her head and I thought she might collapse the way her legs trembled.

I pulled a thick long dildo from my pocket and handed it to the Asian girl, it looked huge in her thin delicate fingers.

“Why don’t you put a show on for the boys cunt, strip for them and then show then how you like a big old prick in your pussy.” She didn’t move and started to sob uncontrollably.

I grabbed her by the hair and tugged on her scalp.

“Strip for them bitch, and get that cock in your fuckhole, now!” Cumsocket’s hands were shaking violently as she reached for the thin strap over her shoulder and eased it over her arm, the boys started hollering as soon as soon as her dark nipple slipped into view.

“That’s it whore, get it off!!!” The mechanics started to howl at her.

“Get it off!” A chorus rang up in the garage

“Strip! Strip! Strip!”

The Asian girl’s body was quaking out of control as the thin cotton dress fell to the floor around her ankles. A hushed awe came over the boys as Cumsocket’s shaved pussy came into view.

“Turn around for the boys cunt, show them that hot little body.” The Asian girl’s heels thudded off the dirty cement as she twisted slowly. I could hear the gasp of shock as the men saw the end of the plug jutting from her anal ring.

“She likes it up the ass too boys, she’s just a useless two bit whore that likes to fuck, aren’t you cunt?” I grabbed the end of the rubber plug in her ass and tugged on it hard, it popped from her ass suddenly, making her groan in discomfort.

“Somebody, get a chair, the bitch wants to put on a little show for you before she sucks your cocks dry.” There was a rush as the boys in the garage raced to push a chair in front of the Asian slut. I loved the way she sobbed and looked at me with desperate eyes, hoping beyond hope that I would free her from the torment.

“Sit down bitch, get that dildo in that snatch, I want you to give the boys a show of what you can take in that tight Asian cunt.” Cumsocket was sobbing, tears streaked down her cheeks as she stumbled back into the chair.

“Open those legs wide cunt, I want to see that dildo in your pussy, now!” The Asian slut spread her legs wide, her ankles were over the arms of the chair, splayed obscenely with the black heels strapped to her ankles as she looked up at me with complete and utter terror.

“I know that cunt of your’s is wet already slut, so get that dildo in that snatch, now!” Cumsocket held the long thick shaft in her thin, delicate hands. It looked huge in her grasp but I knew she could take it easily into her sopping pussy.

“Get it in your cunt bitch or I’ll let all the boys **** your ass today.” The tears streaked down the Asian girl’s cheeks as she worked the thick head of the rubber shaft against her pussy. The huge mushroomed head of the fake cock slipped easily into her fuck hole, holding it with two hands Cumsocket buried the long shaft deep in her belly as the boys in the shop hollered encouragement. Her thighs were wide open, hanging over the arms of the chair as she started to slam the monster dildo deep in her cunt. If it wasn’t for the desperate sobs I would have thought she enjoyed it as the cock disappeared deep in her pussy over and over again. The chair creaked as her body jerked and bucked each time she buried the dildo in her snatch.

“Cum for the boys cunt!” I grabbed for the Asian girls nipples and twisted them brutally. Lines of tears streaked down her cheeks in a torrent.

“Cum for them bitch!” I slapped Cumsocket hard across the breasts as she buried the dildo deep in her belly, I don’t know if she was faking, but the Asian slut started to moan as she pounded the thick fake cock deep in her belly. Her stomach muscles convulsed as over and over again as she impaled the dildo in her cunt. You could barely hear a pin drop as the boys in the shop stared intently at the confluence of Cumsocket’s thighs, watching as she slammed the long shaft in her pussy.

The Asian girl’s arms were trembling as she left the dildo impaled in her fuck hole. She was sobbing hysterically as I slapped her across her face while her thighs twitched.

“Get on your knees cunt, I know you want some cum, don’t you?” I laughed out loud as I pushed her to her knees in front of the chair.

“And leave the dildo in your pussy slut, I know you like a cock in your hole!” Cumsocket collapsed onto her knees on the cold, rough cement floor.

“Hands behind your head slut!” The Asian girl’s hands were shaking violently as she put them behind her head.

“Line up boys, everybody gets a shot at the bitch.” It didn’t take a second for the boys in the shop to get in a queue. I could hear Cumsocket gagging as the first mechanic f***ed his cock down her throat. It was brutal and there was nothing she could do but swallow his cock, the man had his dick down her throat before she could even scream. I don’t think I’d ever seen a more brutal face fuck, his hands were at the back of her head holding her lips down around the base of his prick as he ****d her mouth viciously. I loved the way she gagged and choked on the dick while the man used her like a rag doll. I stood back and admired the v******e of the oral ****.

I could see the way Cumsocket’s eyes bulged as the mechanic’s cum exploded in her throat suddenly, I could see the thick sperm bubble around her lips as he held her mouth down on his cock.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” For an instant the Asian girl tried to resist, her hands left the back of her neck and tried to push the mechanic away but she was no match for the man’s strength and he held her lips around the base of his cock.

After the first man pulled his dick from her mouth another buried his prick between the Asian girl’s soft, inviting lips instantly. The parade went on till every guy in the shop had face fucked the girl, one after another ****d her mouth, using her like she was nothing more than a fuck hole. Some of the boys didn’t even bother to cum in her mouth, instead pulling out and spewing their load on her pretty face and in her hair. I finally pulled her to her feet after the last of the boys had used her, thick white sperm was streaked through her hair and covered her skin like gel.

I tugged hard on the leash clipped to her collar and pulled Cumsocket to her feet.

“Don’t worry boys, I’ll bring the cunt back another time, I know she wants some good white cocks up that Asian snatch.” I grabbed Cumsocket by the hair and arched her head back.

“God you’re a mess you stupid whore, but I guess this is all your good for.” I reached between her legs and grasped the dildo still jutting from her snatch.

“I bet you don’t want me to take this out, do you slut?” I twisted the long rubber shaft deep in her belly till she groaned.

“Have a good day boys, I’ve got to take the slut home now.” I pulled hard on the leash and started dragging Cumsocket across the lot as the cum dried on her smooth yellow skin and in her long black hair.


I was amazed how fast Jim worked, the craftsmanship was incredible, the doggy door was exactly what I wanted.

I smiled down at the Asian girl as her lips were wrapped around my cock, her head was slowly bobbing up and down on my prick as I patted her on the head. I’d been bringing her into the office for a week now and Annie had been putting her to good use, she was actually making her do the books, and the former engineer seemed to be doing a decent job.

“Make me cum slut!” I felt Cumsocket’s lips tighten on my prick as she sucked hard on me, I loved the way she gagged on my cock as she tried to deep throat me. I grabbed the back of her head and started pushing her lips around the base of my dick.

“OOOHHHHHHH SHHHHIITTTTT.” The Asian girl choked on my prick as my balls started pumping hot cum down her throat.

“Holy fuck.” My hips bucked up off the chair and strangled the girl with my dick.

“That’s it slut, milk me.” I loved the way Cumsocket’s eyes bulged as I held her head down on my dick.

“That’s it cunt.” I loved the feel of my cock against the back of her throat. I leaned my head back and moaned as I slowly lifted the Asian girl’s mouth off my prick. She started to lick me clean without command, she started with the mushroomed head of my cock till she worked her way down to my balls.

“Good kitty.” I smiled down at the girl, stroking her smooth black hair like a pet, I knew it embarrassed the hell out of her so it made it all the more fun to taunt her.

“Time to put you in your pen slut.” I pushed Cumsocket out the doggy door into her new pen behind the office. The heavy rubber door smacked her in the ass as she scurried out into the enclosure, it was covered in grass with a dog house in the corner, I used to keep my dogs in the pen when I’d bring them to the shop in the days long before I’d bought my house and had a proper kennel for them. Half of the pen was under the edge of the roof so there was shade from the sun and a spigot for water. The fence was a good 8’ tall and covered on top with metal grating. It’s not like the Asian girl could get out if she wanted to, but I liked knowing she was locked in nonetheless.

The pen was in a spot where guys from the shop could see her, but it wasn’t visible to the public so I could keep her out there all day long if I wanted to.

I looked out the window and watched as Cumsocket crawled on the grass around the pen. I’d told her that she couldn’t get to her feet, that she was a doggy bitch and she should act like one. I’d loved the way the tears streaked down her cheeks in an instant of complete and utter shame when I’d told her.

I stood staring out the window at the slut, I loved the way the black leather collar contrasted with her smooth yellow skin, and then there was the fuzzy tail that swayed side to side as she moved. The tail was attached to a thick butt plug stuffed in her ass. I’d loved the way she’d cried as I made Annie f***e it into her body. I couldn’t wait for the boys in the shop to discover her in her new pen, I knew they’d love to tease her on their lunch break, and maybe even make her suck their cocks through the fence.


Cumsocket whimpered the whole way to the shop as she always did now. Most of the time I didn’t bother having her wear anything at all, but some days I made her dress in costumes for Annie and the boys, today she was naked.

Most of the time I kept her locked in the pen behind the office, at least when she wasn’t helping Annie out with the books. I loved watching as the boys stood just outside the cage at lunchtime, sometimes they’d toss their half eaten sandwiches through the fence for her to eat off the ground like a dog, that, or wait for her to need to piss. I absolutely loved how humiliated she got as they laughed and mocked her as she had to lift her leg and pee like an a****l, after all she wasn’t allowed to get off her hands and knees when she was in the pen, even to relieve herself.

It wasn’t a shock if she had to suck off all the guys in the shop over lunch time, they’d work their cocks through the hurricane fence like it was a gloryhole and make her swallow their cum, though sometimes they just spewed on her face and hair.

Usually I had Annie f***e a butt plug tail in her ass every morning, I loved watching the fuzzy tail sway as she crawled around the enclosure.

I lifted the rubber doggy door and snapped my fingers together. Cumsocket scurried quickly toward me, her long black hair hanging from her head as she crawled into the office.

“Get on your feet slut.” I snapped the leash to the Asian girl’s collar as she got to her feet and tugged on it, making sure it was locked in place.

“The boys have had a good week and need a little treat.” I ran my hand under Cumsocket’s chin and lifted her head so she was looking at me. “I think you know that you’re the treat, don’t you slut.” I moved my hand down over her belly till I found her opening and thrust my fingers inside her snatch. “Don’t worry cunt, I’m not going to let them **** your ass, at least not yet.” I grinned at the girl, staring into her dark eyes as I started to finger fuck her, slamming my knuckles against her snatch making her rise up on her tip toes with each brutal thrust of my hand.

I kept finger fucking Cumsocket till I could feel her getting wet and she started to moan. I could feel her thighs closing on my hand, her muscles starting to quiver as a buried my fingers into her cunt repeatedly.

“Do you want to cum slut?” I rammed my fingers to the hilt in her pussy and left them buried in her belly, forcing her up on her toes like a ballet dancer till she started to whimper.

“Yes Master, please let this useless cunt cum, please!” I twisted my finger deep inside her snatch, her vaginal muscles were clamping down on my hand like a vice.

“Save it slut, I want you to cum at least five times when the boys are fucking you.” Cumsocket blubbered desperately as I pulled my fingers from her snatch. I wiped my wet hand off on her face. “I want you to beg each guy to fuck that useless Asian cunt and cum in your pussy, understand?” The Asian girl’s body was trembling as I pinched her jaw between my fingers and arched her head up so she was looking me in the eyes. “Understand slut?” Tears of need dribbled down her cheek.

“Yes Master.” I ran my hand down over her quivering belly and took hold of her throbbing clit, pinching it violently until she yelped.

“You should be proud that the boys would use a dirty Asian slut like you any way.” I chuckled at the girl and let go of her pulsing clit. I heard her moan in relief, and desperation.

I tossed a pair of 5” heels on the floor in front of Cumsocket.

“Put them on slut.” Besides her leather collar and cuffs, the heels were the only clothes the girl was going to be wearing.

The Asian girl walked tentatively behind me on the monster heels as I pulled her along on the leash. I could hear her trying to choke back the tears as we walked through the office toward the shop. Her nipples were hard in the cool air and her pussy still glistened.

The hoots and hollers started the instant I dragged Cumsocket into the garage, the boys started to circle like sharks smelling bl**d in the water.

“Who had the best week boys?” One of the guys at the back of the shop put up his hand.

“There you go slut, you know what to do.” The Asian girl fell to her knees, the handle of the collar clanged on the floor and dangled from her neck as she started to crawl toward the grimy mechanic. The other guys in the shop parted and let her through, taking their opportunity to touch and m***** the girl as she shuffled past on her hands and knees.

I could hear her sobbing as she knelt before the worker, her hands were shaking as she grabbed his thighs.

“Will you fuck this useless Asian slut?” I could hear her weeping from across the room.

“I’ll fuck you bitch.” He grabbed the back of her smooth long hair and pulled her face against his groin rubbing her cheeks against the growing bulge in his pants harshly.
Cumsocket worked frantically to get his cock out of the overalls, she barely had it in her mouth before he yanked her to her feet and bent her over the edge of one of the work tables, the man at least had the decency to spread a ratty looking towel over the cold metal before he buried his dick in her wet and needy cunt. He started fucking her brutally, pumping his dick in her pussy from behind like a jackhammer. I could see the way Cumsocket’s body jerked forward with each thrust, her legs were spread wide and the muscles of her thighs were corded and tense.

I heard the girl starting to moan and I could only smile to myself as she started to cum. She wailed like a banshee as the mechanic kept pounding his cock into her pussy.

The next man threw her on her back over one of the padded stools spread around the shop. He had her legs spread wide and she wrapped her hips around his back as he fucked her.

On and on it went, from her back to her belly the Asian girl was rutted and bunny fucked, having to debase herself each time a new man started to use her, having to crawl to the man and beg them to fuck her. Having to suck and lick each new cock to erection, using her delicate hands to ease each prick from the greasy overalls of the mechanics. Some of the men used her multiple times, taking advantage of the girl like she was a rag doll, a receptacle for their cum.

I pulled the Asian girl into my office on her leash after her ordeal, she moved slowly, her legs were weary after the gangbang and sperm dribbled down her inner thighs obscenely as I tugged on her collar.

I went to cabinet behind my desk and grabbed a glass bowl, I set down in the corner of the room and pointed Cumsocket to it.

“Squat over it slut and squeeze that sperm out of your pussy, I want you to have a treat for later.” I laughed out loud as I smacked her small tits with my open hand.

Cumsocket waddled to the corner of the room, she spread her legs wide and straddled the glass bowl, instantly I could see her fatigued legs start to quake. Gelatinous dollops of cum started to drip from her pussy as her thighs shook.

“Open that cunt slut.” The Asian girl’s delicate fingers slipped over her belly and grabbed her raw and swollen pussy lips, I loved the way her crimson nails contrasted against the pinkness of her opening as she spread her labia wide. Thick lines of sperm started to drain from her pussy in a stream, plopping in the bowl below, remnants of the 17 boys in the shop who had fucked her and unloaded in her tight Asian snatch.

“Finger that hole whore, make sure you get it all.” I pulled a beer from the fridge and sat down behind my desk, I put my feet up and watched my yellow skinned slut drain her pussy of all the boys cum.

The Asian girl’s thighs quivered as the last thick lines of sperm plopped down into the glass bowl, pooling in the bottom after she’d crouched over the bowl for a good fifteen minutes.

“Did you get it all slut?” The Asian girl’s face was bright red with shame, she tried to keep her head down as she wept.

“Yes Master.” Cumsocket’s thighs shuddered as she squatted over the bowl.

“Good, put the bowl in the fridge, you’ll have a treat for later.” The girl moaned as she got to her feet, I knew she was exhausted. “Don’t forget to lick those fingers clean slut.”


Jim and I pulled up to Doc’s house. I could feel my heart beating a little faster as Jim turned off the engine. I always felt a little nervous, or more precisely, excited, when I was around Doc and his girls. He embodied a viciousness, or brutality, that I couldn’t quite find in myself. On the one hand it scared me, he scared me, he was too cruel and sadistic, but still, there was part of me that was jealous of his absolute control over the girls. To him, they were pure objects, devoid of any humanity whatsoever, he acted without any guilt the way he treated them, while I still felt a degree of remorse about what I’d done, sometimes at least.

Doc was waiting for us at the door as Jim and I dragged the girls up the path.

“So are these your new slaves?” I could see the way Doc was sizing them up, I wondered what thoughts were going through his mind, what he wanted to do to them.

“The one’s got nice tits, and then the Asian cunt, I bet she’s a good fuck, come on in.” Doc held open the door as Jim and I pulled the girls inside.

I heard Carrie squeal as Doc tugged on her nipple.

“Now that’s a sensitive tit, I bet you’ve teased the boys over the years, haven’t you whore?” Doc pulled hard on her nipple, stretching it into a point. “Now it’s time to make you pay for your indiscretions.” Carrie sobbed in fear as Doc exposed his teeth as he smiled, he looked like a cruel wild a****l, ready to attack his prey as he let go of her breast.

“Let’s go see your other slut, I’m sure you want to see how she’s doing.” Doc slapped Carrie across the face hard. “You’ll pay cunt, you’ll pay, I know you were a tease.” Doc smiled and started leading us into the house.

I dragged Carrie and Cumsocket down the stairs behind me as I followed Doc. I could hear what sounded like machines working in the basement dungeon. I heard Carrie gasp as we stepped out into the dungeon and saw Jayme bent over a metal frame, I could see the twin poled dildos pumping in and out of her pussy and ass in a brutal rhythm, making her jerk forward with each deep thrust, in and out the shafts pounded into her body.

Jayme was strapped down over the metal bar, it was digging into her belly harshly and her hands were pulled up behind her back and locked together, her legs were spread impossibly wide and chained in place to the vertical members of the frame. Clear plastic tubes hung from her massive tits and swayed side to side as they sucked on her breasts.

“I had to take the rings out of her tits to milk her.” Doc reached down and grabbed Jayme’s hair, he arched her head back brutally. Drool dribbled from her lips through the wide hole the ring gag formed between her teeth, the salvia dripped down over her chin and pooled on the floor.

“I’ve got the bitch lactating now.” The rhythmic sound of suction breast pump echoed through the room as Doc reached down and grabbed one of the long tubes dangling from her breast, he pulled hard on the tube, stretching Jayme’s nipple, making her squeal in pain.

“You’d be amazed how sensitive the bitch’s tits are now, you should hear how loud she screams when I whip her breasts.” Doc clamped his hand down on Jayme’s mammaries and dug his fingers in like he was mauling his prey.

“Maybe you’d like me to milk your bitch too?” Doc reached out and ran his hand over Carrie’s cheek. “I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you cunt?” Carrie’s body trembled as he touched her, she instinctively tried to pull away from Doc’s hand but I held tight to her collar keeping her in place.

“I guess your sluts need their shots, don’t they? Doc winked at me. “We wouldn’t want these cunts’ getting pregnant, now would we?” Doc pinched Carrie’s nipples between his fingers making her squeal in agony.

“I can see it, you like to swallow cum, don’t you slut.” Doc turned his attention to the Asian girl, he slammed two fingers deep in Cumsocket’s belly and started pounding his hand deep in her pussy.

“That’s all an Asian slut is good for anyway, isn’t it cunt?” Cumsocket lifted up on her toes trying to ease the discomfort of the deep thrusts in her pussy as Doc’s fingers buried in her snatch over and over again.

Doc pulled his fingers from the Asian girl’s belly and ran his wet hand over her cheek and through her long, smooth, black hair.

“Why don’t you two head upstairs and grab a drink while I check on the girls and give them their shots.” Doc grabbed Cumsocket by the scalp and f***ed her to her knees, he let go of her hair and violently grabbed her wrists, pulling them hard into the small of her back and snapping the leather cuffs on her wrists together.

“There’s some food in the fridge if you want anything.” Doc reached down and pinched Cumsocket’s nipples making her yelp.

“You’ve got some small little titties slut, maybe I can convince Pat to pump them up a bit.” The Asian girl’s nipples jiggled and got back into shape quickly after Doc let go. I could see the moistness in her eyes as Doc reached under her arms and lifted her off the ground, he easily carried her to a thick metal pole set in the floor against the wall.

“I like to give the girls’ a little encouragement to do as I say.” Doc picked a small object off the table, almost instantly Cumsocket started screaming as an electric current ripped through her belly.

“She’s a smart little slut, isn’t she?” Doc turned and grinned at me as the Asian girl was sobbing, she was panting and her body was trembling violently. “Didn’t you say she was an engineer or something like that, went to Berkeley? Maybe she’ll learn faster then.” Cumsocket started screaming and her thighs and belly convulsed when Doc sent another brutal current through the pole burning her pussy with the electricity.

“Go grab something to eat and drink guys, don’t mind the screams, I’ll make sure the girls’ enjoy themselves.” The Asian girl was bent at the waist, the muscles of her legs continued to twitch even after the shocks stopped. She was wheezing for air and I could see the sheen of sweat on her skin as her chest heaved, my dick started to throb as I thought about shock pole rammed up her cunt.

When Jim and I came back downstairs I could hear the moaning of the girls immediately. I looked to my right and saw Carrie and Jayme hanging from the ceiling by loops wrapped around their breasts. Their bodies were slowly swaying from the cords digging into their tits, with each breath their bodies swung a little more making them cry out louder and louder. Their hands were bound behind their backs with leather straps around their upper arms forcing their aching breasts out further.

Doc had Cumsocket bent over the examination table, she grunted in pain as his massive cock pounded into her ass over and over. Her arms were spread wide and strapped to the edge rail. Her hard nipples sc****d against the paper surface as her body jerked forward with each vicious thrust of Doc’s hips.

“Just a second boys, this Asian cunt has a nice tight ass!” Doc tugged hard on Cumsocket’s long black hair, bending her neck backwards violently as she screamed.

“Take that bitch, take that!” Doc yanked on the Asian girl’s neck cruelly as he rutted the girl, pounding his cock in his ass trying to rip her in two, emphasizing each thrust of his cock with a roar, bellowing in lust as his hips drove deep into Cumsocket’s rectum till he filled her with his thick cum in a brutal orgasm.

“Holy shit that cunt has a tight ass.” Doc pulled his long cudgel from the Asian girl’s ass and wiped his prick on the back of her thigh. Cumsocket was bent forward, her cheek pressed against the table as she wept uncontrollably.

Doc eased his huge prick back in his pants and walked toward where Jayme and Carrie hung from the ceiling.

“They’re all set with their shots now boys, you’ve got some healthy little sluts here.” Carrie started to cry desperately as Doc reached up and fingered her pussy, she wailed like a little c***d as he worked his hand over her snatch, driving his digit deep in her cunt sending her body into motion.

“I gave them a few extra d**gs so they’ll be really sensitive over the next few days, I suggest if you want to really whip them, do it now, they’ll really like it.” Doc chuckled over the sound of Carrie’s pathetic cries. He reached down to the table and grabbed a heavy metal clamp with vicious serrated teeth.

“Let’s see how she likes this?” Carrie’s tears streaked down her cheeks and plopped down on her bulbous red breasts. She let out a heartrending scream as Doc let go of the spring and the cruel teeth of the clamp snapped down on her oversensitive clit. The shriek was non-stop and only got more deafening as Doc hung a heavy weight from the twitching clamp dangling from her hypersensitive bud.

“She’s all set now.” Doc slapped Carrie on the belly sending her body swaying, he turned and looked at Jim and I.

“Want to hear Jayme scream?” Doc chuckled as he picked up the cane off the table before we could even react, not that I had any intention of protesting, my dick was hard and starting to ache as I anticipated the sound of Jayme’s shrieks.

The blow was sudden and Jayme response was immediate. Doc slapped the flexible wooden rod against the underside of the girl’s bulging tits. Jayme’s legs jerked to life as the cane dug deep in her sensitive flesh, sending her body into an evil arc.

Jayme’s body swung violently from the loops around her tits as Doc started to land blows indiscriminately on her body; on her belly, thighs, but mostly on her breasts. Over and over again Doc buried the vicious cane on Jayme’s skin, till nasty crimson stripes rose on her flesh, crisscrossing her luscious skin with horrific marks. I don’t know how long it went on, I could feel myself panting in excitement and need as I watched the sadistic display.

Doc tossed the cane down on the table and started running his hands over Jayme’s body, trailing his fingers slowly over the deep red welts cutting across her flesh, making her wail in exquisite agony.

“God I love the way this slut screams.” Jayme was sobbing, tears streaked down her cheeks as her body swayed to and fro.

I heard the hoist motor humming and the girls collapsed to the floor in a heap, both were sobbing desperately, rolling side to side on the ground with their hands pinned behind their back.

Doc knelt over the girls’ and quickly undid the loops around Jayme and Carrie’s breasts. He tugged hard on Jayme’s nipples making streams of milk squirt out of her hug tits.

“Want to grab a beer guys?” Doc got to his feet, leaving the girls’ writhing in pain on the cold floor.

“In just a sec buddy.” Cumsocket moaned as I grabbed for her hips and buried my cock in her pussy.

To be continued…
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