5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 18)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Eighteen

“So boys, do we have a deal?” Mack stared at Tara’s body intently, her breasts shuddered enticingly in front of him, mere inches from his face.

“I won’t ask you to sell me the bitch now, but take the other sluts for a test drive and we’ll talk after that, okay.” Mack ran his hand over Tara’s belly, her nipples were hard and her stomach trembled under his touch as she straddled his massive thighs with her legs spread impossibly wide.

Jim reached out and grabbed for Carrie’s nipples, the girl cried out as he tugged on them violently, making her hop up off her haunches to try and relieve the strain.

“I just don’t know Mack,” Carrie squealed as Jim pulled hard on her nipples, “there’s just something about Tara.”

Carrie’s hands instantly went to her breasts as Jim let go of her sensitive buds, he looked over at me, asking me what I thought without saying a word.

“It’s up to you buddy, she’s your slut.” He pushed two fingers in Carrie’s mouth and made her gag as he pressed them to the back of her throat.

“Okay, but only for a couple weeks Mack.” Jim looked down at Carrie.

“I do like this slut’s tits.” Jim pulled his fingers from Carrie’s mouth and reached into his pocket, he grabbed a small ring of keys and held them in his hand for a good twenty seconds, staring at them before tossing them to Mack.

“Don’t mess her up, okay.” Jim leaned forward and ran his hand over Tara’s back, her body quivered as his rough palm trailed over her smooth skin, I couldn’t tell for sure, but I thought I saw her lean back as he ran his fingers over her spine, I wondered if she knew it was him touching her.

Carrie was crying, tears streaked down her face as she stumbled behind me on the leash. Jim dragged the Asian girl on a short chain in front of me as we headed out of the back rooms.

“Holy Shit!” One of the d***k men at the bar screamed and staggered in front of Jim and the Asian girl, almost collapsing into a heap onto the floor as he stopped them.

“Holy shit, you’re the chick I picked up on the road.” Heads started turning, a naked girl being paraded on a leash through Mack’s bar wasn’t a big deal, but the loud, obnoxious man slurring, yelling, drew the patrons’ attention, it usually meant a fight was just about to break out, and that never failed to interest the crowd.

“Holy shit, you’re a mess.” The slovenly d***k smacked the back of the guy next to him as he eyed the Asian slut lustfully.

“This is the bitch I found on the side of the road man.” The men around him turned instantly and looked at the girl, obviously they were all well informed about the story of how he’d found the girl, it was probably already local legend; finding a helpless, hot, educated Asian girl out in the sticks.

“You’re a mess. You really are a slut, aren’t you?” Cumsocket’s face went beet red, her hair was still matted and streaked with drying cum, her lips were pasty white from all the sperm she’d swallowed and her ass and pussy oozed semen from all the guys she’d been fucked by in the previous days.

“Bet you wish you’d let me take you to the motel now, don’t you bitch.” The Asian girl recoiled as the d***k man reached out and twisted her nipple making her shriek.

“What was it, Joyce.” The slobbering lush reached in his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, he waived it in front of the Asian girl’s face as Jim tugged hard on her leash. “Look what I got for you cunt.” Tears started streaking down her cheeks as she gasped with the strain.

“My, my name—is,” the sobbing Asian girl turned to look at Jim, begging with her eyes to make it stop, but she only received a cold stare in return, forcing her look down at the floor in humiliation, “my name is cumsocket now.”

The Asian girl’s head jerked violently as Jim snapped the leash again. She groaned in complete and utter embarrassment as she spoke.

“I’m cumsocket now,” she hesitated, then whispered, “Sir.”

The d***k ran his hands over cumsocket’s breasts and down over her belly, she yelped as he slid a finger inside her aching pussy. Jim kept the leash pulled taut, smiling as he watched the man m*****ing the girl on the chain.

“Why don’t you ask him if he wants to fuck your useless pussy one last time cunt.” The Asian girl turned instantly toward Jim, her eyes were wide in complete and abject shame, her whole frame spasmed like it was on fire, tears cascaded down her cheeks as she howled in desperation. Her eyes were locked on Jim’s, trying to beg him to stop her torment.

Cumsocket’s neck jerked as Jim pulled on the leash, her voice started to crack as she spoke.

“Do you want to—“ The Asian girl screeched as Jim yanked hard on the chain attached to her collar one more time.

“No cunt, don’t ask him if he wants to fuck that useless pussy of yours, beg him to fuck you like the little whore you are.” Cumsocket’s legs shook so violently I thought she’d collapse.

“Will you please fuck—“ her voice cracked and threatened to give, “—will you please fuck this useless slut’s pussy,” it was almost imperceptible, the pause, but the Asian girl hesitated for an instant before continuing, “Sir.” She broke down and started to howl as soon as she got the words out of her mouth.

“I’ll fuck you bitch, that’s all you’re good for anyway.” Cumsocket squealed as the d***k rammed his finger deep in her aching snatch, forcing her up on her tip toes to relieve the strain.

The d***k looked over at Jim, his eyes were red, and glazed over from the alcohol.

“She thought she could offer me a blow job or show me her tits when I picked her up, thinking that that would be enough, didn’t you hun.” The d***k ran his wet fingers over cumsocket’s face, almost falling to the floor as he swayed.

“You should have heard the way she screamed the first time I fucked her though, but I see that was all an act, the bitch is a whore and likes a big dick in her pussy.” Jim laughed and the d***k almost fell as he stumbled over his own feet, barely able to slur out the words.

“Why don’t you get to business buddy, see if that pussy is still tight.” I could see the horror in Carrie’s eyes as she watched Jim move the Asian girl toward the bar and point. I pushed Carrie to her knees by my side, she pressed her body close to me, rubbing her head against my bulging cock and squeezing her breasts against my thighs for security. Guys around me leered at her tits but nobody tried to touch her. I ran my fingers through her hair and heard the chants start up from around the room, urging the d***k on.

Cumsocket was crying, sobbing out of control as the men moved away from the bar instantly and circled her. Her hands were shaking violently as she grabbed for the rail on the bar and clamped hold, her knuckles went white as she bent at the waist and gripped the rail. Her legs were spread wide and her body shook intensely as rough, calloused, fingers prodded and poked her, squeezing her breasts, tugging on her nipples and smacking her back.

“I should have kept you for myself you cunt.” The d***k man unzipped his fly and let his pants clumsily fall around his ankles. His claw like fingers dug into cumsocket’s hips.

“FUCK HER, FUCK HER, FUCK HER…” The chant roared through the bar, even the band stopped playing as the staggering d***k bellied up behind the petite Asian girl.

Cumsocket’s body jerked forward as the d***k man rammed his cock into her battered pussy, she let out a loud bleat of pain and humiliation as his dick went deep in her belly.

A hushed awe came over the room as the slobbering man pounded into the Asian girl, the sound of flesh on flesh echoed through the large bar as her drove her forward with each brutal thrust of his hips. He must have topped out at over 250, outweighing cumsocket by at least 150 lbs, she could barely stay upright with the violent fucking, her knees buckled and threatened to collapse each time his hips slapped into her body, cumsocket grunted in pain with each brutal thrust.

“This is all you’re good for cunt!” The Asian girl screamed as he pounded her pussy and grabbed her long black hair, tugging her head hard, arching her head back so you could see the curve of her neck, and the way her muscles corded as he pulled hard on her scalp.

“FUCK HER, FUCK HER…” The chant started roaring through the room again, echoing off the walls, urging the d***k on as he brutally fucked cumsocket. I could barely hear her pitiful sobbing over the din of the crowd. I felt Carrie’s body against my leg, her breasts squeezing against my thighs as she pressed her cheek against my aching, bulging cock, I was tempted to start face fucking her right then and there, but I figured I’d wait till I got home to use her again.

The d***k started to bellow like a wild a****l and the Asian girl started to scream as he pulled violently on her hair.

The crowd started to clap and roar as the d***ken man’s hips started to jerk and convulse spasmodically. Tears streamed down cumsocket’s face as the slobbering man’s cum exploded in her belly. He bucked his hips forward, slamming into the sobbing Asian girl, almost lifting her off her feet as he drove his raging cock into her pussy, shooting every last drop of sperm into her tight, aching, cunt.

Cumsocket’s legs were shaking violently when the d***ken man pulled his hard, slimy dick from her pussy. Her snatch was twitching as semen dribbled out of her gapping hole. The crowd howled in appreciation and cumsocket’s whole body seemed to go flush with complete humiliation as she stayed bent over, holding tightly to the rail.

The d***ken man staggered back, staring at the Asian cunt he’d just fucked, raising his hands in a sign of victory for the crowd before grabbing for cumsocket’s long mane of hair and twisting her to her knees. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the man pushed his slimy cock into her face. She was sobbing, her whole body shaking like a c***d as his cum streaked prick rubbed against her face, but she tried kept her lips clamped shut keeping his dick out of her mouth.

The Asian girl’s head jerked as Jim snapped at the leash.

“Lick his cock clean slut, then kiss it and thank him for using your useless cunt.” Cumsocket whined pitifully and tentatively stuck out her tongue. She slowly started lapping at the d***k man’s flaccid, slimy, dick but he wasn’t having any of it, he brutally grabbed the back of the Asian girl’s head and f***ed his cock in her throat, making her gag and choke. Her whole body convulsed and she tried to push him away with her tiny hands but he easily overpowered her and left his dick buried in her mouth. Carrie pressed closed to me, wrapping her arms around my thighs and forcing her head against my groin trying not to see what was going on.

Cumsocket gasped and took in a huge lungful of breath as the d***ken man let go over her head. Saliva bubbled out of her lips and down over her chin as she sucked in much needed air. Jim tugged harshly on the leash making her squeal, her eyes darted to Jim’s instantly.

“Go on cunt, you know what to do.” The Asian girl whimpered like a c***d as she leaned forward and gently kissed the tip of the d***ken man’s cock. Tears dripped off her cheeks and landed on his prick as she sobbed.

“Thank you for using this slut’s pussy with your beautiful cock Sir, and thank you for depositing your cum in my useless cunt.” Cumsocket’s head turned to the floor, the muscles of her back contracted and convulsed as she whimpered desperately. The d***ken man’s sperm seeped out of her raw, aching pussy and dripped down her inner thighs as she knelt in the middle of the crowd.

“Any time you useless Asian whore, any time.” The d***k pulled up his pants and zipped up, tapping his hand on her head as his body swayed side to side, almost making him fall.

I grabbed by the back of Carrie’s head and pushed her on all fours.

“Go lick that all that tasty cum out of her pussy slut.” Carrie looked at me with utter shock, her breasts started to quiver as her body shook uncontrollably.

She dropped to her knees immediately as I lifted my hand, threatening to backhand her across the face. The crowd started to rumble in excitement as she scurried toward the Asian girl. Carrie’s ass was up in the air as she delved between cumsocket’s legs with her tongue out. The crowd started hooting and hollering as Carrie lapped the dripping sperm off cumsocket’s trembling thighs while her nipples sc****d the floor as she crouched low.

Carrie’s head popped up and looked at me, the Asian girl’s head was thrown back as she was crying.

“Suck the cum out of her pussy slut.” I tugged on her leash to emphasize what I’d said. Carrie whimpered as she pushed cumsocket’s legs wider, then f***ed her head back between her thighs and started sucking.

Jim pulled the Asian girl’s chain taut as Carrie worked away at her pussy.

When I finally tugged Carrie up I could see the thick sperm covering her lips and chin. I dragged her to her feet and grabbed for her hair, arching her head back so everybody could see the slime covering her face. Instantly a roar went up from the lustful, d***ken patrons and I knew Mack’s girls’ would be busy tonight.

“Lick your lips slut, show everybody how you like that tasty sperm.” Carrie’s tits bounced enticingly as she sobbed, she was crying hard as she moved her tongue over her lips, swabbing her skin to get every last drop of cum that had come from cumsocket’s pussy. Her face was red with complete and utter humiliation as men from the crowd started to slap her tits with their open hands.

I let go of Carrie’s hair and Jim yanked cumsocket to her feet. There was a unified groan of disappointment from the crowd, but they parted before us as Jim and I dragged our new slave girls out of the bar. The Asian girl was passive and almost dazed as the men touched and felt her up as we walked between the throbbing crowd while Carrie screeched in misery with each hand that touched her. She was almost hysterical by the time we finally got into the dark, cool night air.

I couldn’t help but moan as Emily’s warm breath buffeted my cock. I moved my fingers gently through her hair and pressed her lips down around the base of my prick as I stared blindly at the TV. I could hear the rain pounding down on the roof as Emily gagged ever so slightly on my dick. Still she had a lot to learn, but she was improving, and I loved using my slave.

I could smell the turkey roasting in the kitchen and knew Monique was watching the oven timer intently. There wasn’t much else she could do, she wasn’t allowed to dismount the little attachment I’d made for the counter until it was time to baste the bird again.

I’d spent the previous couple days in my wood shop creating the perfect accessory for any slave owner’s counter. It was just below waist level for the girls and it was rounded, made of polished cherry to match my cabinets, and jutted from the edge of the marble counter. I suppose I’d have to do a little bit of explaining about what it was when people came for a visit, but it would be a fun explanation at least, replete with a demonstration I’m sure.

There was a hole through the arched top which I could mount a dildo or vibrator in. I knew right now the long shaft I’d attached earlier was impaled in Monique’s pussy. I hadn’t given her permission to cum so I’m sure she was starting to get desperate as she rode the thick pole waiting for the turkey to be done.

I squeezed my hand on the back of Emily’s scalp as I watched the Asian slut crouched on the deck. Water cascaded off the roof over her naked body as she knelt under the overhang. She was huddled into a little ball trying to stay out of the rain, but too little effect. The heavy stainless steel collar around her neck was chained to the edge of the wooden patio and locked in place, her ankles were tethered together with a short shackle to make sure any movement was difficult. I loved the way she stared inside the sliding glass door, pleading with her eyes to have me let her in, staring jealously at Emily kneeling before me. I’d left her outside for much of the previous day in spite of the rain and cool temperatures. I planned on taking her into the shop to get some work out of her soon, but I still wasn’t sure what I was ultimately going to do with the girl. When Jim and I had brought her back to the bar we hadn’t even bothered to bring her inside, we just took her out in the yard and sprayed her down with the hose. I’d never seen such as mess like that when the dried cum ran off her body in streams into the grass.

Emily stared up over my belly with wide eyes. I loved the feel of her tongue against my cock, I could keep the girl for hours kneeling between my legs, suckling my prick, she had such a glorious mouth which I loved to use. I wondered what she felt, if she could have ever imagined being a slave a few months before, a slave with her only purpose to fulfill my whims.

I squeezed my thighs on Emily’s head and f***ed her mouth down on my dick making her gag as my cock touched the back of her throat again. Her eyes went wider and I could see the small tear slowly dripping down her cheek as she choked on me.

“You know this is what you were made for, don’t you cunt.” I ran my fingers through Emily’s soft hair as I felt her mouth convulse involuntarily on my prick.

Saliva trailed off Emily’s lips in a glistening string as I tugged her head off my cock. Her cheek quivered ever so slightly as I clutched her hair in my fingers.

“Get in your cage slut.” I let go of Emily’s beautiful locks and she hesitated.

“Go, get in your cage bitch.” I could see that instant of fear in her eyes as she scurried quickly across the room on her hands and knees.

When I’d had the carpenters in working on the basement they’d also built a special cabinet for me. It looked like a large, beautiful entertainment center, and to the unsuspecting eye, it was. It must have been at least 7’ tall and made of the most exquisite wood, the quality was incredible. The top doors opened and I had stereo components inside, but below, inside the bottom doors was a little enclosure, a little cage for my girls.

I could hear Emily whimpering as she opened the heavy wooden doors of the cabinet, just inside were heavy steel bars with a thick padlock. Emily hopped inside and pulled the metal bars shut behind her, she glanced over her shoulder at me as she squeezed inside. I stood and pulled up my pants as I heard the lock snap shut. I loved the look of my little girl as she peered through the vertical metal slats of the cage at me.

I could hear Monique moaning before I got to the kitchen, as soon as I saw her I could see the sheen of perspiration on her naked belly. Her legs bowed wide as she impaled herself on the large dildo mounted on the jutting wooden horse at the edge of the counter.

“When’s dinner going to be ready slut?” I loved the glazed look in her eyes as she breathed heavily with her mouth open wide, tongue out.

“Twen—twenty minutes till its cooked Master, then it has to sit for a little while.” Monique’s nipples were hard and I could see the shimmering layer of juices that dripped down her inner thighs.

“May—may—may I cum Master, please.” I could hear the way her pussy slurped as she pumped her hips down on the long, thick dildo she rode. Her thighs went rigid as again and again she fucked the huge pole buried in her cunt.

“Is the table set slut?” Monique was panting as over and over she mounted the fat rubber cock buried in her pussy.

“Yes Master, plea—“ Monique went silent the instant my finger went to my lip. She started to whimper as I moved in behind her and wrapped my hands around her belly. She let out a cry of desperation as I found her swollen clit and started pinching it between my fingers.

“And the bowls slut? Are they set up too?” Monique leaned back, pressing her moist skin against my chest as she impaled herself on the fake cock stuffed in her pussy.

“Please Master.” Monique arched her head back, looking up at me as she rode the dildo.

“Are the bowls ready slut?” I could see the utter humiliation in her eyes as she tried to plead with me.

“Yes Master.” Monique gasped as I pulled my finger away from her clit and clamped my hands down on her shoulders, forcing her to take the whole length of the shaft in her pussy.

“You like having your cunt filled, don’t you slut.” Monique’s whole body shuddered as I held her down on the dildo.

“Yes Master.” I loved the way her face went flush as she spoke.

“This slut loves having her pussy filled Master.” Monique groaned as I let go of her shoulders and ran my hand over her breasts, squeezing her nipples between my thumb and index finger.

Monique whined as I let go of her breasts and ran my hand over her back. I set a pair of keys on the counter in front of her and grabbed the back of her head, winding my fingers through her hair I arched her face back so she was looking me in the eyes.

“I want you to go get the Asian slut and bring her inside. Dry her and chain her in the laundry room, you two can eat in there after you serve my dinner.” Monique’s mouth was open, her tongue was out as she was panting in need.

“Go get Emily out of her cage and chain her under the table.” Monique moaned as I let go of her hair.

“Get going slut, you’ve got,” I looked at the timer on the oven, “you’ve got 15 minutes so don’t be lazy. If you’re a good little cunt, maybe I’ll let you cum later.” I smacked my palm on her ass

I could hear Carrie whimpering as I moved down into the basement. My dick was already hard thinking about how I’d left her earlier. My footsteps echoed in the large space as I moved toward her.

I’d managed to get some work done on my dungeon, but still there was a long way to go. I’d had a thick rubber floor installed, it was interspersed with heavy steel rings to tether my sluts however I might desire. I’d kept the large dog kennels in place, along with adding some smaller, more permanent steel enclosures against the wall. The new ceiling was up, it was insulated so not a sound could be heard from above, and innumerable rings pierced the dark surface, in perfect position to hang my slaves by their wrists, or in any other way I wished. I planned on having a pulley, or winch system, installed so I could lift my girls and hang them from the ceiling, but I was still waiting on Jim to do the work for me.

My boots thudded off the rubber as I approached Carrie and stood over her, she was bent over, kneeling in an awkward position on her knees. A thick leather collar was locked tight around her neck, tugging her head down hard to the floor so she couldn’t even lift up an inch. I’d left her alone in the dark for hours. I could hear her groaning as her mouth was wrapped around a dildo jutting up from the rubber, her lips were almost touching the floor as the head of shaft was buried to back of her throat. I loved the way she gagged intermittently as the saliva bubbled around the thick cock and pooled on the floor.

I rubbed my dick as I stood over the whimpering girl, her arms were spread wide and her cuffs were clipped to the rings in the floor. Heavy clamps were pinching down on her nipples with taut elastic cords pulling hard on her sensitive flesh, making sure she couldn’t lift up at all. Her ankles were spread wide and clipped off to rings in the floor, forcing her ass high in the air.

I could hear Carrie start to whine louder as I put my boot down inches from her eyes. I knelt down and flipped away the mass of stray hairs dangling in front of her eyes so I could see into her tear streaked face. I loved the way her lips were spread so wide, swallowing down the huge dildo as she choked on the large shaft.

Carrie’s ass started swaying side to side as I moved behind her, she let out a desperate cry of pain as she felt the bite of my open hand smacking down on her ass. Over and over again I smacked my palm down on her body till her skin started glowing red.

Her legs started to tremble as I ran my hand over the back of her thighs. I could hear her breathing hard as I grabbed the vibrator I’d brought downstairs with me and pressed it against her clit. Carrie started to scream into the dildo filling her mouth as I flipped the motor on and the high speed buzzing started immediately. I pushed the vibrator against her body, sliding it between her cunt lips, slipping it into her hole, barely penetrating her as a tease, then moving it quickly over her clit again. I loved the way her hips started to buck and her pussy started getting slimy with her juices. Carrie started to moan in spite of her shame and humiliation.

“That’s it slut, you’re just a useless cumslut for my pleasures and whims.” I knelt between Carrie’s spread legs and plunged my finger into her cunt, pounding my knuckles against her clit, twisting it inside her hole, my fingernail scr****g against the inner walls of her pussy making her cry even louder.

“That’s it whore.” I loved the way she groaned as I f***ed another finger into her tight hole, banging her cunt hard. Carrie started driving her body back, bucking her hips on my fingers like a needy whore. She let out a squeal as I rammed another finger inside her, I know she could feel the strain as my three fingers slammed inside of her, spreading her pussy lips wide.

Carrie’s hips gyrated as she felt the void when I pulled my fingers from her cunt and slapped my open hand on her mound. My palm was instantly soaking from her wet pussy as again and again I brought my hand up hard, smacking it violently against her swollen labia. I could hear her screaming into the dildo stuffing her mouth.

I could feel the heat off Carrie’s pussy as I knelt between her legs and drove two fingers from each hand into her sopping hole and spread her cuntlips wide. I spit into her gaping pussy as her hips bucked and swayed while I kept her open wide

“Bitch, are you ready for my cock!” I pulled my fingers from her pussy brutally and slapped my open hands down on her ass.

“Are you ready to be mounted cunt?” I grabbed hold of her hips and slapped my dick down on her flesh, watching as her pussy pulsated and twitched, her hips moving side to side as I heard her moaning with the still dildo filling her mouth.

Carrie wailed as I grabbed her hair and tugged hard on her head but she couldn’t arch her neck to relieve the strain, not with the collar around her neck pinning her to the surface of the floor.

“Squeeze my dick slut, honor your Master’s cock.” Carrie screamed as my prick plunged into her fuckhole. I buried my fingers into her breasts, adding to the strain on her nipples as I drove my nails into her tit meat, starting to fuck her brutally.

“That’s it bitch, this is what you’re made for, just a receptacle for my cum.” I pounded my cock deep into Carrie’s body, driving her forward with each thrust of my hips, my hands wound through her hair and pulled hard on her scalp, slamming the shaft in her mouth deeper, the mushroomed head of the dildo continually slamming into the back of her throat as I pumped my cock into her cunt.

I let out a roar as my balls started flooding cum into her fuckhole.

“Milk my cock cunt.” I loved the feel of Carrie’s tight pussy clamping down on me as I used her hair as a lever, pulling hard to drive my dick deeper and deeper into her tight hole as my cum flooded her pussy.

“Now that’s what your made for bitch.” I slapped my hand down on Carrie’s ass, popping my slimy, erect dick from her cunt.

“You’re going to learn to crave my cock slut.” I picked up the crop that was lying next to me on the floor.

“Now it’s time to hear you scream bitch.” I whipped the leather down on the soles of her feet till Carrie started to scream. I could see the thick white cum seeping and bubbling from her cunt as her body jerked from the heavy blows.

I beat the soles of her feet till my arm was sore, loving the sound of her sobbing as I tossed the crop down on the floor took my dick into my hand.

Carrie started to sob in utter humiliation as the hot stream of my piss splattered on her back, then soaked her long hair as I unloaded on her quivering, shuddering body, relieving myself on my new slave.

“You’re going to learn to be an obedient bitch.” The last few drops of urine dribbled out of the head of my prick over Carrie’s body.

I could still hear Carrie crying hard as I started upstairs for dinner. Monique was bent over the turkey, carving it carefully as I walked through the kitchen. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat as she sliced the meat off the bird. She started to tremble as I moved in behind her.

“It looks good slut. Is the Asian slut in the laundry room?”

“Yes Master.” Monique’s hands trembled as she stared nervously at me.

“And Emily, is she under the table?”

“Yes Master.” I ran my hand over Monique’s back.

“Get cumsocket to lick your pussy after dinner slut, you’ve been a good girl and I give you permission to cum.” A shiver went through Monique’s body as I spoke into her ear.

I took my hand from Monique’s back and started toward the laundry room. The Asian slut whimpered as I walked in the room, she was kneeling on all fours as I loomed over her. There were four bowls set on the floor, two in front of cumsocket and two to her left for Monique.

I could hear the girl sob as I stood over her, her hair was still wet and dripped on the floor. I grabbed her by her long black mane and lifted her face to look at me, the heavy steel chain clanged as I arched her head back, it ran from the thick stainless steel collar around her neck to the ring in the floor.

“After dinner I want you to lick Monique’s pussy and make her cum, do you understand you dirty little whore?” Cumsocket yelped in pain as I tugged hard on her scalp.

“I’m going to put you to work tomorrow, I think the boys at the shop will like fucking that tight Asian pussy of yours, if I decide to let them use you.” I let go of cumsocket’s hair and left her there kneeling, whimpering, alone in the laundry room. I loved planting the idea of having the boys at the shop using her in her head, I’m sure it would make her think about being fucked over and over during the night.

Monique was waiting at the side of my chair in the dining room as I sat down. Emily was kneeling at my feet under the table, there was a large bowl of sliced turkey, dressing and vegetables in front of her. Monique had pulled her hair back in a pony tail so she wouldn’t get food in her pretty locks.

“Do you need anything else Master?” I looked at the table, everything was set out just as I liked, it all looked so good, and smelled wonderful.

“It looks good slut.” Monique seemed to glow as I tapped her on the head appreciatively.

“Go eat slut, after you’re done you’re allowed to cum.” I petted Monique on the head again, then held up the little black remote control for her to see. “But make sure to put on your shock collar slave, if I need anything I’ll call you.” I grinned sadistically at her as I fingered the little black device in my hand.

To be continued...
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1 year ago
Another great story. I don't know if anybody thought of it but what happens when these girls going that cycle? I by having 2 & 3 girls on hand when one is down you have a backup. As someone just said I was just wondering. Also will the dr. be working on these two ladies you know so you can't get knocked up. And I know I'm not the only one but I would like to branch out with the stories about Women of Salem. Thanks again for posting the stories I'm enjoying them. And you've a good day and better tomorrow and though it's snowing outside.:-)
1 year ago
Love the details in the story. Keep up the good work. Hope you keep Tara in the rest of the story.
1 year ago
Easy there turbo. There's 11 more chapters so hang in there.
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wow you have lost precious lil'tara & sweet lil'lisa has been turned mindless . thrn rnded up with 2 that are useless & jim has no one