5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 17)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter s*******n

Mack pulled Tara’s nipple taut with his teeth making her squeal as she straddled his thighs. He stopped biting suddenly and pushed her chest away from him and then reached down toward Carrie in one motion.

“Get out of here slut, I don’t need you anymore.” Mack smacked Carrie’s breast with his hand, shoving her away from his side. She had a confused look on her face as she shuffled away. There was almost a look of disappointment, or jealousy, in her eyes as Mack f***ed Tara to the floor where Carrie had just knelt.

“God this bitch is incredible, I’ve got to have her.” Mack placed his hand on Tara’s head, I could hear her moaning under the hood as she sat up straight, chest out.

“Okay boys, lets talk some business. What did you show up for?” Mack could barely keep eye contact with Jim and I, his head turned to the side as he kept looking down at Tara.

“Mack, we came to see how Lisa was doing, you know, the girl we sold you before?” Mack looked up long enough to show confusion.

“Lisa, Lisa? Mmm, don’t remember a Lisa. What’d she look like?”

“Blonde, decent tits. I think you said you were going to have a contest with her the night we sold her to you, you wanted to see how much cum she could swallow, though, I’m sure that’s nothing unique here.” I winked and Mack started laughing, his belly jiggled as he roared like a jolly santa.

“Oh yeah, I remember, Lisa,” Mack twisted his head side to side as he laughed, as if disaffirming the memory, “though, her name isn’t Lisa anymore, I didn’t like that name…too, well, too human for a cunt like that. I’ve just been calling her ‘slimy’, since her holes are usually dripping with cum and she’s such a mess most the time.” Mack tapped his hand on Tara’s head before he begrudgingly looked away from her gorgeous body and back up at Jim and I.

“Damn funny thing, I was sure I paid you boys too much for the cunt, but you know, she’s been one of my big earners. Can’t say I use her much myself, she’s too, well, used, for my tastes at this point, but she brings in the cash, so I can’t say I mind much. That’s all she’s good for anyway, just a fuck hole.” Mack grabbed the ring on the front of Tara’s collar and pulled her between his spread thighs. He f***ed her hooded head against his groin and moaned as the leather rubbed against his bulging prick. Mack closed his eyes and rolled his head back, savoring the feel of Tara against his cock. His speech was slow and deliberate when he opened his eyes again.

“There is just something about her that makes the boys want to gangbang her. She’s not much of a one-on-one girl, usually she’s just a chain fuck, you know, one boy after another, ramming in, cumming, and then the guy next in line is up.” Mack reached down and took Tara’s nipple between his fingers, twisting it hard, making her hop up off her haunches and squeal.

“In fact, she’s just a bunny fuck girl now. Set her up, charge the boys $20 for five minutes, let’em cum, and then on to the next. You’d be amazed the lines to use her sloppy holes. Usually I let them use her ass or cunt, damn she’s a mess after, and I bet that pussy is sore, but as long as I make my money I couldn’t give a damn what she feels.” Mack grabbed Tara’s collar and pulled her up into his lap, she had to stagger up onto his thighs with her arms still pinned behind her back. Her legs were spread wide and straddled him, almost as if she was about to start riding him.

“Do you boys want to see her, she’s working now I think,” Mack slid his hand over Tara’s belly and f***ed his finger back in her sex, “well, if you think getting a bunch of cocks rammed in your fuck holes over and over is work. Hell, she probably likes it, as any good slut should.” Mack bellowed in laughter as he started burying his finger deep in Tara’s pussy.

“God I love this cunt, she’s like a vise.” Tara ground her hips into Mack’s thighs, sliding over his legs, riding him like a horse as he slapped his fingers inside her, slamming his knuckles hard against her pussy.

“I need to own this bitch, just name your price!” Mack was panting, almost wheezing, as he kept driving his finger faster and faster into Tara’s cunt. Her body started to shudder, and then suddenly I could hear the guttural roar from her belly as she exploded in orgasm. Her thighs squeezed tight on Mack’s legs and her stomach convulsed, Tara threw her hooded head back and screamed. It seemed like every muscle in her body twitched and spasmed, almost as if a massive electric current was being pumped through her frame. Tara bucked off Mack’s thighs like a bronco.

“Holy shit, this slut is running like a river. Her cunt is so wet it’s not even funny.” Tara splayed her legs wide, slowly grinding her sex into Mack’s lap savoring every second of orgasm. Her nipples were rock hard and her breasts quivered enticingly, her skin was covered with a layer of perspiration that shone in the bright lights, a bead of sweat ran down her chest and hung on her nipple, dangling on her sensitive nub before it fell into Mack’s lap.

“Sorry about that buddy, I’m sorry that I let her cum, I know you were punishing her.” Mack pulled his finger from Tara’s pussy with a loud slurping sound.

“Get over here you Asian whore.” Mack held out his hand, it was coated in Tara’s juices; from the finger he used to penetrate her, to the back of his hand and palm, it was completely soaked.

The Asian girl didn’t move and one of the guards kicked the sobbing girl in the side making her shriek. She stumbled forward, toward Mack’s extended hand, the chains on her wrists and ankles clanged as she shuffled reluctantly along the floor.

“Lick it up slut.” Mack pushed his hand into the Asian girl’s face.

“What is your name again cunt?” Tears streaked down the Asian girl’s cheeks, mixing with the drying cum as they ran off her chin.

“C---CC----Cccuuuummmmsooocket.” The Asian girl could barely get out the word she was crying so hard, she was almost blubbering as she stuttered out her new name.

Mack pushed his fingers into cumsocket’s mouth, making her gag as he pressed his fingers against her tongue, spreading her jaws achingly wide making her gag.

“Clean’um cunt.” Mack made her suck his fingers for a few minutes in her mouth before pulling them from between the Asian girl’s lips. Her body shook violently as she started lapping her tongue over Mack’s fingers and hand as he held it in front of her face. Tara moaned softly as she tried to rub her hips against Mack’s thighs, savoring the bliss of her orgasm.

“I bet you like the taste of her pussy, don’t you cumsocket.” The Asian girl ran her tongue over Mack’s hand, lapping away like a little kitty drinking milk but she didn’t answer, only sobbed louder as she licked his fingers.

Mack backhanded the Asian girl across the side of the face making her cry out in pain.

“I asked if you liked the taste of her pussy cunt.” Cumsocket’s body started quaking in fear, her mouth opened to respond but she couldn’t seem to get out any words.

“I guess you’re not that smart a bitch after all, are you? Maybe we’ve found you your true calling, just a fuck toy, a bunch of holes for cocks.”

Mack rubbed his hand through the Asian girl’s long hair drying his fingers.

“I should turn you into a bunny fuck girl, isn’t that right cunt? I think you’d like it though.” Mack brought his hand down hard against her face again, making her head jerk to the side with the slap.

“Y—yyee---yessss Master, this, this, this cunt, is just a useless socket for cum.” The Asian girl broke down after she got out the words, wailing, sobbing, as she collapsed on the floor and curled into a little ball, the metal chains on her wrists and ankles clanged as she wept in complete and utter humiliation.

Tara yelped as Mack grabbed for her nipples and twisted them violently.

“That cunt needs a lot of training, but I understand she does have a tight pussy, and you might be able to put her to some use in your office or something, she has to be worth something.” Tara was howling under the hood as Mack brutalized her nipples. The Asian girl was crying on the floor, rolling from side to side in utter shame and degradation.

“So whatta think boys, want to take these sluts on exchange.” Tara groaned with relief as Mack let go of her nipples.

“I’ve never been willing to do it before, but I’ll even give you some money along with the girls I want this cunt so bad.” Mack ran his huge hand over Tara’s quivering belly.

“Name your price.” Mack never looked up as he spoke, he just continued to run his hand over Tara’s smooth stomach and stared at her body.

“I don’t know Mack, the Asian bitch and Carrie, they’re nice pieces of ass, but Tara, there is something about her.” Jim looked wistfully at Tara’s body as she ground her hips into Mack’s thighs.

“Well, at least take the two for a test drive, do what you want with them I don’t care, then, then after that, lets talk, just leave me this slut.” Mack took hold of Tara’s hips and slid her over his lap, using her inner thighs to rub his cock.

Mack grunted as he lifted up off the chair forcing Tara to stumble blindly to her feet as he tried to stand.

“Let’s go take a look at your other girl, damn…I forgot, what was her name again?” Mack was huffing, almost out of breath from the effort of standing.

“Slimy, um, Lisa, Lisa, that was the cunt’s name, right.” Mack asked rhetorically and grabbed the cold metal leash still clipped to Tara’s collar, pulling it taut as he started to move. He started waddling towards the door, Tara let out a whine of discomfort as he started dragging her along behind him like a rag doll. He staggered to a lumbering stop and turned back toward Jim and I.

“Do you mind grabbing those other two whores, maybe they’d like to see your bitch getting used, might be good for 'em.” Jim reached down and took the Asian girl up under the arms, lifting her to her feet in one easy motion. Tears dripped off her chin as she continued to sob. He took hold of her leash and snapped it hard, tugging on her neck, pulling her forward brutally.

The Asian girl stumbled and almost fell, she could only take the smallest little strides with the hobble chain clipped to her ankle cuffs. I reached down and grabbed for Carrie’s nipples, grasping them between my fingers and pinching down.

“Get up slut.” Carrie whimpered softly, her eyes were moist as she stared up at me. I pulled her breasts taut and hauled her to her feet, making her whimper pitifully. One of the guards handed me a leash and I quickly snapped it to her collar and then slapped her breast with my open hand.

“I bet you like having a nice big cock between those breasts, don’t you cunt?” Carrie dropped her eyes and looked at my feet.

“Yes Master, this slut’s udders are good for fucking.” I jerked the handle of Carrie’s leash and pulled her face inches from mine.

“I’ll be the judge of that. I’m going to cum on that pretty face later, maybe after I wrap those tits and beat them with a crop, then have you beg me to titty fuck you.” I clamped my mouth down on Carrie’s, burying my tongue between her lips.

Carrie gasped and shuddered with fear as I pulled my mouth off hers and tugged the leash taut, staring down into her tear filled eyes.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you slut, to feel my hot sperm on your face?” I thought Carrie was going to burst into tears as I held the leash tight and arched her head back.

“Let’s go see how Lisa is doing cunt, maybe you need to become a bunny fuck girl bitch.” I saw the little tear run down Carrie’s face just as I turned toward the door, dragging the big titted slut behind me. I couldn’t stop thinking how Carrie would make a good replacement for Jayme, I’d loved abusing her breasts, even if I’d only had her for a short while.

We headed through the back halls of the club, the din of the music echoed, and throbbed, in the narrow passages. I could hear the sound of fucking as we passed the small rooms to either side of the hall. Small little windows opened up on the rooms and I took a quick glance inside one, to the people in the room it seemed merely to be a mirror, so they couldn’t tell I was watching, at least the ‘client’ couldn’t, I’m sure the girl getting fucked knew Mack, or any of the staff, could watch at any time.

A long limbed brunette was on her knees, bent over the edge of the bed while one of the d***k, tattooed bikers rutted her like an a****l. Her breasts were crushed against the ratty mattress and her knees jerked up off the rough floor as the man brutally fucked her from behind. I pushed Carrie’s nose against the small window, grabbing her hair and making her look inside.

“Guess you’re lucky to not be a common whore like her.” Carrie wept as I let go of her head.

I tugged hard on the leash and pulled Carrie forward.

“Let’s go see Lisa slut.”

Carrie shuffled down the hall behind me, I heard the commotion as I turned the corner. Mack, Tara, and Jim were at the end of the hall standing in front of a large window. Cumsocket was on her knees with her face buried in Jim’s groin, he had his hands on the back of her head with his cock deep in her mouth. I could hear her gagging as Jim held her lips at the base of his dick, she was choking as his prick snaked in her mouth.

Jim’s eyes were fixed on the scene in front of him through the window, it opened up to a small room, there was a brightly lit digital clock against the wall counting down. I could see the bare ass of the huge biker violently fucking Lisa, or at least what I figured was Lisa. His jeans were bunched around his ankles as he rutted Lisa’s pussy. Her ass seemed to project from the wall, her ankles were chained wide to rings in the floor and she wore brutally high heels which rocked with each vicious thrust of the biker’s hips. Lisa’s body seemed to disappear at the belly, just her ass and pussy were available.

A loud screeching bell rang in the room as the clock on the wall went below the one minute mark. The biker started grunting louder and louder as his fingers dug into Lisa’s hips, her legs looked like they’d collapse as the huge thug slammed into her cunt like a jackhammer.

Mack turned back toward me and grinned, Tara was standing to his side, her head twisted blindly under the leather hood.

“This is the best part, but I don’t think bunny fuck is really the right word, it doesn’t do the act justice.” Mack chuckled and turned back to look at the scene. I could hear the Asian girl gagging as Jim moved her mouth over the shaft of his cock.

The loud screeching bell went off again as the clock hit zero. I heard the biker bellow simultaneously as he slammed forward, impaling his cock deep in Lisa’s hole, his hips jerked and his legs shuddered as he shot his cum into her belly.

The door in the little room opened and a guard entered, it happened so fast as the biker slammed his body forward, pumping the last drops of cum in her pussy while the guard approached, he didn’t even let the man pull up his pants before dragging him out of the room, his cock was still hard and erect, slimy from Lisa’s cunt.

An instant after the biker was out of the room the guard let another man in. The new man had his dick out as he walked through the door. He smacked his open hand down hard on Lisa’s ass before dipping his fingers into the big jar of lube set next to her shaking hips. The clock had already started to wind down as the long, lean, man rubbed the oily gel into Lisa’s loose anus.

The man was dirty, it looked like he’d just come in from the fields. His boots were muddy as he bellied up behind Lisa and buried his cock in her ass. I could almost imagine how she must have been screaming with the penetration, but without being able to see her head, I didn’t know how she was reacting.

I wondered why only half her body was exposed, perhaps her mouth was being used on the other side of the wall by other paying customers.

Jim grunted as he rammed his cock into the Asian girl’s mouth, I could hear her choking with each brutal thrust of his hips. Mack had Tara in front of him, grinding his hard cock against her ass. He didn’t try to fuck her, not yet, but he dry humped her as the tall farmer brutally ass fucked Lisa in the small room, making Lisa’s heels click off the floor as he rode her hard.

Jim bellowed and slammed the Asian girl against the window just as the one minute bell went off in the room. I could hear cumsocket’s wrist chains clanging as she tried to push Jim’s hips away, she was gagging desperately as he pumped his cock into her throat and finally spewed in her mouth. Jim’s hands were flat against the window as he bucked his hips, draining every drop of cum in to the girl.

Inside the small room the final bell went off, the lanky farmer was still jerking his hips, pounding into Lisa’s ass when the guard came in. He was still rutting Lisa when the hulking guard grabbed him by the collar and tugged, pulling his raging cock out of Lisa’s ass and he started to spurt as the guard heaved him away, cum shot over Lisa’s back and against the wall.

Jim finally let the Asian girl up for air, pulling his dick out of her mouth as the farmer was dragged from the room. Mack patted Jim on the back.

“I guess the dumb cunt is good for something after all.” He turned to look at me, winking as he wrapped his hand around Tara’s body and squeezed her nipple.

“I’ve got one more thing to show you boys.” Mack’s smile was so wide it was hard to describe. He tugged hard on Tara’s leash and pulled her in line behind him as he started toward a door to our left. Cumsocket was coughing as Jim dragged her to her feet, sperm and saliva bubbled from her lips and ran down her chin, dangling over her hard nipples as she gasped for breath, trying to recover from the violent face fucking.

I tugged on Carrie’s leash, she was whimpering and her eyes were fixed on the small room behind the window, the clock was already running again and another of the bikers was using Lisa. Her legs were bent trying to absorb the brutal fucking. Mack was right, bunny fucking didn’t do it justice.

The sound of the bar was loud as we walked past the long line of guys waiting on Lisa. There must have been at least 10 guys snaked in a small line, almost like they were queued at an amusement park. None of them seemed to have any embarrassment about having their dicks out, stroking themselves, getting ready for their short, five minute window, to fuck Lisa.

Carrie pressed close against my back as we moved past the waiting men, she whimpered in utter shame as a few tried to touch her, grabbing for her huge breasts. I could feel her hard nipples against my back as the cat calls came.

Jim stopped and started to chuckle as he made the Asian girl open her legs, she was sobbing like a c***d as the men in line fingered her raw and cum filled cunt.

Mack waddled in front of the procession, Tara’s heels clapped off the floor as she was led blindly along. I wondered if she had any idea of what was going on. I knew she must have figured out Jim or I didn’t have control of her right now, but what else she was thinking, I couldn’t even imagine. Perhaps she was only happy that she’d been able to cum.

Mack pushed open the door to the men’s restroom. I could feel Carrie’s large tits crushed against my back as we entered. Instantly I saw where the rest of Lisa’s body was, her torso projected from the wall just below the shoulder. Her breasts weren’t visible, but her head was in a trough, a urinal trough. Her lips were spread wide by a large ring gag and she was grunting. The trough was set at the end of the room, at the end of all the other urinals.

Mack came to a halt in front of Lisa, her head was jerking as she groaned from being bunny fucked. I heard the loud screech of the bell, and knew it must be either the one minute mark, or the finale. Her hair was soaked and the ends dripped with piss. There were long nostril hooks buried in her nose, and the cord attached to the end ran to a pulley in the wall, then up to the ceiling, a handle dangled from the wire at eye level.

“Need to piss boys?” Mack grabbed the handle and tugged, Lisa squealed as her head jerked upwards. She moaned piteously as Mack pulled out his dick. It took a few seconds for the flow to start, but he didn’t seem to care. Lisa squeezed her eyes closed as the golden stream splashed off her forehead. She couldn’t do anything to stop the flow from filling her gaping mouth. I heard the loud clang of the bell from the other room and wondered whether cum was being shot into her pussy.

It didn’t seem like Mack would ever stop pissing. On and on it went till he was finally done and let go of the handle letting Lisa’s head drop, her chin plopped into the urine at the base of the trough and I could hear her sob between grunts. The drain didn’t even seem like it worked. I could imagine on a busy night with all the guys coming in, pissing in their d***ken stupor, that Lisa’s lips would be under the level of the pooled urine.

Mack eased his prick between the folds of his robe and smiled at Jim and I.

“Bet you wouldn’t even want this slut back anymore, would you.” Mack’s yellowed teeth looked vicious as he winked gleefully, he was breathing heavily, almost gasping for air his hand played over Tara’s skin.

The restroom door swung open and three d***ken bikers entered, they were loud, and staggered across the room toward us. There eyes were glazed with alcohol as they pushed toward Lisa’s head.

“I love this urinal.” The fattest, most disgusting biker slurred his words as he tugged hard on the handle, lifting Lisa’s head up and started to piss as I heard the bell go off in the other room.

To be continued…
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4 months ago
Very depraved. Nice work.
4 months ago
I like this one a lot. Very depraved. Nice work.
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very good