5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 16)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Sixteen

Monique and Emily quickly popped to their knees on the bed as I walked into the room. Without a word of direction they and put their hands up behind their necks’ and waited for my commands.

“Hello my slut’s.” I could see Monique’s ringed nipples rising and falling quickly as she was breathing heavily. I wondered whether she’d been playing with herself and I’d caught her in the act? Or maybe my two little sluts were playing with each other? Perhaps I would have to punish them later for there indiscretions?

I sat down on the edge of the bed and laid the big bag on the mattress.

“I bought you girls a treat, I’m sure you’re going to like it.” I pulled the massaging shower head out of the bag. It was the best you could buy, there must have been 10 different settings on the thing, from a throbbing pulsing current, to a delicate rain. Though, I knew the girls would mostly be using the powerful water jet settings.

I reached out and ran my hand through Emily’s hair, I could feel her start to tremble as I caressed her head.

“I bet you’re going to like using this on your clit—when I give you permission to cum of course—won’t you slut?” Emily kept her eyes downcast, but I could see the way her nipples went hard.

“God you’re beautiful slut.” My hand slid down over Emily’s back and I cupped her ass with my palm.

The bed shook as I got up.

“I’ll just be in a few minutes, it should be easy to install, and then I’ll let you girls play a little.” I picked up the bag and started toward the bathroom. I hesitated at the door and turned back toward my slaves’.

“Don’t move sluts, I know you sluts are needy, but I’ll let you cum all you want in a few minutes.” I chuckled softly and disappeared into the bathroom.

When I was finished installing the new fixture I slowly sauntered out to see my sluts, Monique and Emily’s bodies were trembling as they tried to hold the awkward position. I sat on the edge of the bed and trailed the back of my hand over Emily’s breast.

“It’s all ready baby.” I closed my finger tips on Emily’s erect nipple and pinched it tight, pulling the flesh taut.

“I want you two to go in there and test it out. I want you each to cum at least twice, so you’d better try hard, anything more than that—” Emily moaned as I slipped my finger into her sex, she was sopping wet and my knuckle disappeared inside her body with ease. Emily closed her eyes and arched her head back as I twisted my finger inside of her pussy. Her mouth was open slightly, and she panted softly. “Anything more than that is gravy, you have my permission to cum as much as you want.” I grinned as I slid my finger from Emily’s pulsing slit, she dropped her head and looked humiliated as I f***ed my wet finger into Monique’s mouth. Monique started sucking on my finger like it was a lollipop.

I pulled my finger from between her lips with a moist slurping.

“I’ll let you two decide who gets to cum first.” I pulled out my ring of keys out and undid the locks on Emily and Monique’s cuffs and collar’s.

Emily’s inner thighs spasmed with strain as she knelt with knees spread wide on the bed.

“Get in the shower, test out your new toy.” I smacked Emily on the ass and the two scurried off the bed quickly, across the floor and into the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard the shower turn on.

I stood outside the glassed in cage and watched as my young sluts used the pulsing showerhead to get each other off. I don’t know how many times I heard them screaming in orgasm. I particularly loved the way Emily clamped her thighs together on Monique’s head as she licked her pussy.

The girl’s jumped in shock when I finally clapped my hands together and turned off the water. I could still see the raging lust in their eyes as I tossed them a towel.

“Fun time is over sluts.” Emily’s thighs were still shaking as the waves of orgasm flooded her body.

“You’ve got five minutes, get your collars and cuffs on and get into the bedroom. Make sure to gag yourselves too.” Emily’s face went flush when she realized what had just happened, how I’d caught her in the act, displaying her uncontrollable desire. I left them there, water dripping off their body, shuddering with lust.

Monique and Emily crawled side by side out of the bathroom, they each had their leashes clamped between their teeth as they moved to my feet.

“I hope that you had a good time sluts.” Monique squeaked like a mouse as I stood, and loomed over her threateningly.

“It’s time for my fun.” I grabbed Monique under the chin and lifted her head, smiling cruelly.

“I’m going to play with you tonight baby.” I let go of Monique’s chin and reached out to touch Emily, I pushed her into her cage, her hair was still moist from the shower and the delicate fragrance of the perfumed water still hung on her body. I slammed the metal frame door shut behind her as she struggled to find some degree of comfort in the small space. I clicked the lock in place, sealing my little girl in her enclosure as she squirmed against the metal frame.

I grabbed the leash from Monique’s teeth and tugged hard on her neck, making her muscles strain as I pulled her across the floor toward the other bedroom. I could almost sense Monique’s mounting fear as I dragged her across the hall. I’m sure she would have begged me if she could, but a red ball gag filled her mouth and she could only make incoherent moaning sounds.

I loved the way the gag looked between her teeth, spreading her jaws, elongating her face as stray hairs hung in front of her eyes, making her look so cute as she crawled behind me.

“On the bed cunt.” I tugged on Monique’s leash, making her yelp in discomfort as she scrambled up onto the bed. Her body trembled as she knelt on all fours, she glanced at me for an instant, trying to judge my mood, then dropped her eyes quickly.

“On your back, spread those legs slut.” The metal leash clanged as she rolled over onto her back and opened her legs wide so her knees were against the mattress. Monique brought her hands up behind her neck and wound her fingers together behind her head.

“That’s it bitch, at least you’ve learned something.” Her muscles twitched as I ran my hand over her inner thigh. I heard her moan as I trailed my nails over her clit. Her pussy was moist and her belly convulsed as I slipped my finger between her throbbing lips.

I took hold of Monique’s nipple ring with my free hand and pulled her little bud hard.

“I’m going to have to punish you for playing with yourself earlier slut.” I saw Monique’s eyes widen and I could tell she wanted to protest but all she could do was groan with the ball stuffed between her teeth.

“Do you want to tell me you weren’t playing with yourself without my permission earlier?” I chuckled softly and I twisted her nipple ring making her squeal.

“It doesn’t matter cunt, I want to hear you scream anyway.” I let go of her breast and smiled, moving my hand over her belly I loved the way her body trembled in fear.

“I’m going to beat those tits and your pussy till you’re begging me to stop.” I slapped my hand down hard on her mound making her cry out.

“Maybe you’ll even beg me to fuck your hole and use you as my cum receptacle after.” I slid my finger in her wet pussy again and grinned at the quivering girl.

“Then again, I know you’d beg me for my cock anyway,” I pulled my finger from her snatch and rubbed it over her lips. “but really, I just want to hear you scream.” I could see the tears start to well in her eyes as I smirked at her.

Monique started to whimper as I climbed on the bed and grabbed her by the front of the collar.

“Time to get you in position cunt.” I pulled on the ring and lifted her upper torso up off the bed. I could feel her body shaking as I stuffed pillows up behind her back, raising her off the mattress. She kept her hands locked behind her neck as I propped her up.

“Good girl.” I let go of the metal ring on Monique’s collar and let her lean back against the pillows. I wiped a stray hair from her cheek as I straddled her belly. I took hold of her wrists and brought her hands up over her head, hooking her cuffs to a ring on the wall, stretching her upper body taut.

“God you are a beautiful little whore.” I lifted her chin, making Monique look me in the eyes. Her body was trembling as I cupped her breast in my hand.

“Maybe I’ll let Emily nurse you back to health later and suck my cum out of your cunt, because you know I’m going to fuck you hard, and use you as a receptacle for my sperm.” I let go of Monique’s breast and stepped off the bed. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her leg even wider than she had it, I could see the strain in her inner thighs as I slowly moved to the other side of the bed and spread her other leg.

I stood at the foot of the bed and stared at my bound slut, I started stroking my cock as Monique sobbed louder and louder.

“I want you to keep those legs open cunt. Don’t even think about trying to close them.” My dick bobbed as I moved toward the cabinet against the wall. I loved the sound of Monique weeping as I looked for the long leather flogger I wanted to use on my slave.

Monique’s breasts were heaving and she started to hyperventilate when I took position to the side of the bed. Tears streaked down her cheeks as I waved the long tails through the air.

“I’m going to make you scream cunt, and you’d better keep those legs open, because I’m going to beat that pussy till it’s raw.” I trailed the leather over her erect nipples and convulsing belly. The ends of the tails were wrapped into hard little balls and I knew they’d burn as they struck her soft flesh.

I swung the flogger in the air suddenly, bringing it down hard on Monique’s swollen sex. Her legs jerked together violently as the hard tails slammed against her mound. She started wailing into the gag as the pain fired through her pussy.

“Open those legs cunt!” Monique’s legs were shaking as she tried to open them up again. Her eyes followed me and shot open as I brought the flogger down hard on her pussy once again. Involuntarily her thighs jerked closed as she screamed into the gag stuffed between her teeth.

“Open them cunt!” I brought the beaded flogger tails down violently on her breasts before she could even spread her legs again. I could already feel the perspiration building on my forehead as again and again I brought the leather down hard on her chest. Her hips twisted side to side as she screamed in pain.

“Open your legs slut!” Tears ran down over Monique’s pretty face as she tried to spread her thighs while her muscles burned and quivered uncontrollably. As soon as Monique had her legs splayed wide I brought the flogger down on her aching, pulsing cunt, making her wail in complete and abject misery. Her knees closed like butterfly wings in flight as I dragged the beaded tails over her skin.

“I said keep them open bitch!” Monique howled as I trailed the leather over her belly and tits.

“Maybe I should take that gag out so I can really hear you scream.” I ran the tails over Monique’s face, letting her feel the heavy leather straps on her lips.

“I know where I can put this while I take off your gag.” I smiled cruelly as I held the thick wooden handled flogger up for Monique to see, I then brought the wide shaft to the opening of her pussy, her engorged labia were striped with vicious red marks as I pushed the end of the handle against her slit.

“I guess we don’t need any lube, you’re already nice and wet for it cunt.” I spread her vaginal lips with my finger and rammed the long piece of wood deep in her belly, making her grunt and arch her hips up off the bed as it sunk deep inside her.

“Make sure you squeeze it tight whore, I don’t want it falling out.” I climbed on the bed and straddled Monique’s chest, my dick bobbed between her heaving, marked breasts. I leaned down and put my moist lips against her ear.

“This way Emily will be able to hear you scream and then you can tell her all about, so she’ll know what to expect when I decide to beat her pretty little cunt.” I loved the way Monique sobbed as I licked her cheek and nibbled on her ear.

I undid the harness from behind Monique’s head, the ball slid easily from between her teeth and lines of glistening saliva hung between her lips and the gag.

I tossed the ball gag to the floor and unhooked the cuffs from the ring in the wall. She whined softly as I climbed off the bed and moved to the end of the bed.

“Squeeze that cunt slut. Make the flogger move for me.” Monique’s sobbing took on a sharper sound with the muffle of the gag gone. I ran my hand over her striped inner thigh as she made the wooden handle jerk up and down with her pussy muscles.

“Just like a whore, anything in your snatch feels good, doesn’t it?” I slapped my hand down on Monique’s mound and made her yelp.

“I bet you wish that was my cock in you, and I was about to cum deep in your belly.” I sc****d my fingernails over her inner thighs, I could feel her muscles twitching under my touch.

Monique sobbed louder as she, almost imperceptibly, nodded her head, responding to my query.

“Well, you’ll get that chance shortly cunt, you’ll get to feel my sperm in your hole soon.” I smiled viciously as I grabbed the leather tails and tugged the wooden handle from Monique’s snatch, making her squeal and jerk her legs together as the flogger popped from her pussy.

I sat down on the mattress. I glared down at Monique and she spread her thighs instantly, even though I could see the discomfort in her eyes when she moved.

“Look slut, it’s all wet, you’re just a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” Monique lowered her eyes as I held the flogger up for her to see, her breasts shuddered as she started to speak.

“Yes Master, I’m just a dirty whore.” The words were barely audible, but my dick started to throb as I heard her stutter out the response.

I grinned and I ran my hand over her breast. Monique whined softly as I dried the handle with her smooth, beautiful hair.

“I’m done beating those tits slut, but I think you need some clamps on them for proper decoration.” I dragged the heavy, sweat soaked, leather over Monique’s aching nipples. I could hear her whimpering as I got off the bed and went to the cabinet against the wall. I dug through the various toys till I finally found 4 wooden clothespins I could use.

Monique’s eyes followed me as I sat back down on the edge of the mattress.

“Pinch those nipples slut, make sure they’re nice and hard for the clips.” I winked at the girl.

Her hands were visibly shaking as she cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples between her fingers. She groaned in pain as she squeezed her raw, aching, buds hard, they were already erect, but I loved watching her roll her little nipples between the nails of her fingers. She grimaced as the fire shot through her nerve endings when she touched the vicious marks left by the leather flogger.

“Hands behind your neck slut.” Monique’s fingers were shaking as she wound them together behind her head. Her lips were moist and her tongue was barely visible as she panted gently.

I hopped on the bed, straddling Monique’s waist as I reached out to pinch her left nipple between my fingers, she yelped softly as I rolled her erect little bud. I could hear her breathing harder as I opened the mouth of one of the clothespins and pushed it to the base of her aureole. I pulled her breast taut and worked the wooden clip down.

Monique let out a wail of pain as I let the strong spring close on her nipple. Her torso twisted from side to side as she groaned under me. My dick bobbed against her skin as I took hold of her right breast and tugged on her soft flesh.

I didn’t bother waiting for her to stop moving before I closed another clothespin on her free tit. Her elbows were out, and swung, looking almost as if she was doing exercises at the gym.

“They look beautiful cunt.” I ran my hand up under her chin and arched her head up to look at me, her eyes were moist as tears dripped down her cheek.

I cupped Monique’s breast, teasing the mass, feeling the weight of her tit as the pin danced in a little circle from the top of her nipple. I thought I heard her about to say something as I picked up another clothespin from the bed and brought it to the one already clamped on her nipple, but she never said a word. She started to squeal as I brought the wooden head perpendicular to the first pin and opened the jaws wide. She shrieked as I closed the clothespin down, pinching the first one even tighter on her breast.

I slid my palm over Monique’s chest, feeling the thin layer of perspiration on her skin as she bucked and writhed under me.

“God you’re beautiful slut.” I picked the last clothespin up off the mattress and quickly snapped it on the quivering wooden clip already on her nipple, making her yelp like a hurt puppy.

I slid my hand between Monique’s jiggling tits. I loved the way the wooden clothespins jerked as she moaned and wiggled in discomfort.

I stroked my cock and stared down at the squirming girl.

“I want to beat that pussy more cunt, I love the way you scream for me.” I smacked my dick down between her breasts leaving a trail of pre-cum on her skin as I climbed off the bed. I picked the flogger up from the mattress and dragged the leather tails over her belly, rubbing it against her labia, they were still flush, swollen, and marked from the vicious little balls smacking against her flesh. I felt a shiver down my spine when I heard Monique whimper, and I couldn’t stop thinking about whipping her more.

I crouched at the foot of the bed and brought the flogger gently down on Monique’s pussy. Her inner thighs twitched, and threatened to close as the leather slapped against her skin. Monique’s mouth was opened and she was breathing heavily, her eyes were fixed on the flogger in my hand as again I brought the tails down again lightly on her pulsing mound.

“Are you ready to scream for me slave?” I taunted her with the flogger, gently grazing her pussy with the beaded ends of the leather.

With brutal suddenness I snatched the flogger up, then whipped it hard down on Monique’s mound. Instantly her piercing cries echoed in the bedroom. Again and again I brought the leather down hard on her body, smacking her pussy and inner thighs viciously with sadistic pleasure. Monique’s legs scissored madly, clamping shut, and swinging wide as I beat the tails down on her cunt. Her upper body bucked up off the bed as she screamed. Spittle shot from her open mouth as she wailed in complete and utter misery as I kept bringing the flogger down on her swollen and aching labia.

“MMMAAAA--, PPPPPLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEE,” Monique howled like a banshee as she tried to beg me, “PPPLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE SSSTT—.” I swung the leather down hard against the confluence of her thighs, slamming it down on her skin one last time.

Monique was blubbering like a little girl as I ripped away the first pair of pins from her breast. My dick was throbbing, with pre-cum dripping as I teased the clips still locked to her right tit. She howled as I played with the wooden pins, tugging and twisting, pulling and stretching her sensitive flesh before finally tearing away the remaining clothespins and making her shriek in pain.

Monique’s breasts and pussy glowed red from the beating as I tossed the pillows away, pushing her flat on her back. She writhed on the bed and looked like a beetle trapped on its shell. Her eyes were moist and lines of tears ran down her cheeks.

“Spread those legs cunt, hold your ankles so I can mount you.” Monique whimpered and reached out, grabbing her ankles, pulling her legs wide till her inner thighs started to twitch from the strain.

I collapsed between her splayed thighs and brought my open hand down hard on her heaving breast, smacking it with my palm and making her shriek again.

“Beg me to fuck you slut.” I slapped Monique hard across the face, making her head jerk to the side as she blubbered incoherently.

Her legs started to twitch as her muscles strained trying to hold the position. I loved the feel of my hand smacking her breasts, hearing the loud crack of flesh on flesh over and over again.

“Master, please, OWWWEEE.” I brought my hand down on her tit again, slapping her soft skin brutally.

“MAAASSSSTTTERRRRR, PPPPLLEEEEEAAASSSEEEE FUCK THIS USELESS WHORE!!!” Monique screamed out the words between the blows of my hand on her breasts and cheek.

“Massssttterrrr, pleeeaaasseeeee fuck your slave, cum in me, please.” I fell on top of Monique’s body, her legs spasmed and closed on my hips as I plunged my cock into her moist hole. I loved the look in her eyes, I could see the pain, but I could see her smoldering lust as I buried my dick deep in her belly.

Monique arched her body up to meet me, still holding her ankles in her hands and keeping them spread wide I could feel her hard nipples against my chest as she tried to whisper in my ear. She knew I loved the hot feel of her breath on my skin.

“Cum in this whore’s pussy Master, please.” She gasped out the words between groans of pain. I felt her teeth gently nibble on my ear lobe as her hot breath buffeted my cheek.

“Please Master, fuck this cunt hard, please.” I could hear her moaning as I started slamming my cock in her tight hole, feeling the strain in her muscles as she tried to arch her body up in order to pant in my ear.

“Fuck me Master, cum in my pussy Master, please!” I rammed my hips into Monique’s tight hole, hearing her grunt each time my cock thrust deep in her body. I grabbed the back of her head, winding my hands through her hair and tugging her head back so I was looking her in the eyes. I loved the confusion, the mix of lust and pain as she stared back at me. I loved the way she groaned each time I buried my dick in her pussy.

“Squeeze my prick cunt.” Monique let out a squeal of discomfort as she clamped her pussy down on my cock. I could see the way her face contorted as she tried to clutch my dick with her muscles.

“That’s it cunt.” I slapped her breast hard with my hand as I rammed into her hole, bucking off her body and making the bed creak. I could see the strain in Monique’s neck as I arched her head back and spit in her face, her eyes shot closed instantly as the saliva plastered her forehead.

“Squeeze me bitch, I’m going to cum!” The headboard slammed into the wall as I punished Monique’s body with my cock.

I let go of her hair and locked my hands on her shoulders, pushing her hard into the mattress.

“Make me cum whore!!!” I dug my nails into her flesh as I pumped my cock deep in her hole. I could see the grimace on her face as I felt her vaginal muscles lock down on me.

“That’s it slut!” I rammed my dick to the hilt in her tight snatch and felt my balls explode, shooting my hot, thick, cum deep in her belly.

“May I—, May I, May I cum Master?” I could feel Monique’s cunt clamping down on me as she gritted her teeth together and threw her head back.

I grabbed Monique by the hair and arched her head back, making her look up at me as I rammed my dick in her throbbing pussy.

“You can cum slut!” Monique opened her mouth and howled as her body exploded under me.

Monique moaned and bucked, wrapping her legs around my hips. I knew her pussy and breasts must have been burning like fire from the from the beating, but still she squeezed her thighs tight around my body and crushed her breasts against my chest.

“Master, thank you for cumming in this cunt’s pussy.” I could feel her clamping down on my dick hard as she hesitated for an instant, panting, her eyes were down cast as she arched her chest up and sc****d her aching, erect nipples against my body.

Monique’s body convulsed and writhed under me for a few minutes, I loved the feel of her under me. She lapped her tongue against my neck, and softly spoke.

“Master, will you please whip my ass too, so I can scream more for you.” I bucked my hips, making Monique cry out in discomfort as I plunged my cock one last time into her hole, milking every last drop of cum in her pussy.

“No slut, not right now.” I let go of Monique’s hair and slipped my dick out of her warm, tight pussy. My prick was aching, and so sensitive as I knelt next to her on the bed. I slapped the head of my cock down on her forehead before wiping my slimy shaft dry with her hair. I brought the tip of my dick to her lips and rubbed it against her moist flesh.

“Kiss me slut, thank me for using you!” Tears were streaking down Monique’s cheeks as she gently kissed the head of my cock.

“Thank you Master for beating me, and using this cunt’s pussy as a receptacle for your cum, a slut could ask no more.” Monique lapped her tongue against the length of my prick and sucked my balls into her mouth.

I pinched Monique’s nostrils shut and watched her eyes bulge. I felt the lovely suction on my balls as she gasped for breath. Suddenly my balls popped from her lips and she desperately sucked in air. I let go of her nose and tapped her on the head.

“Good slut.” I winked down at the girl and climbed off the bed.

“I’ll be back later, maybe I’ll bring Emily too.” I slammed the bedroom door shut and locked it from the outside. My dick was aching and sore. I thought I might watch a little TV before I went back to my girls.

Jim and I pulled into the bar, lines of chromed Harley’s filled the lot. I could feel my dick starting to twitch just thinking about seeing Lisa again, and what Mack had used her for since we’d left her.

Jim opened the rear door of the van and exposed Tara to the cool night air. She was kneeling uncomfortably on the rough carpet. Jim had made a metal frame to transport his girl. Padded metal bars supported her chest and hips, and her wrist and ankle cuffs were chained wide to bolts in the floor. Heavy metal clips were snapped shut on her breasts with taut cords tied down to the floor pulling her nipples taut.

Tara’s head twisted side to side, but the thick leather hood sealed tight around her neck deprived her of any sight or sound of what was happening. Only small nostril holes, and the opening for her mouth gave her any exposure to the world. Her jaws were spread wide by the penis gag f***ed between her teeth, and drool ran down the front of the leather mask, dripping down onto her chest.

I could hear Tara moaning as Jim worked the clips off her nipples, they were attached to elastic bands snapped to the floor. The girl squealed as he opened the heavy teeth, and even through the hood I could hear her scream as the bl**d rushed back into her tortured breasts.

Jim turned and smiled at me as he pinched her aching nipples between his fingers.

“I love hearing this slut scream.” Jim worked mechanically and undid the chains locked to Tara’s cuffs. We had to help her out of the van as she tried to stand on weary legs.

I didn’t feel nearly as uncomfortable with the surroundings this time as we dragged Tara through the throngs of bikers crowded in the bar. Her heels clapped off the floor as we walked toward the back rooms, drawing everybody’s attention to us. I could feel all the eyes turning to watch as Tara staggered behind Jim on the leash. Deep red marks still shone on her breasts from the clamps in the van.

Mack was expecting us this time, and one of his bodyguards met us midway across the room. He didn’t say a word, his hulking figure towered over everybody in the bar and we followed him as the crowd parted before him.

Carrie was kneeling between Mack’s spread thighs. I could hear the way she slobbered as she sucked his cock. Mack wheezed as he clamped his hand on the back of her head as he worked her mouth over his shaft brutally. Her arms were bound behind her back in a thick leather sleeve, and I could see the butt plug stuffed in her ass as she bobbed in front of the disgustingly fat man, sucking on his prick. He seemed to have put on weight since the last time we’d been there, if that was even possible.

Mack lifted his hand to acknowledge us as he started to bellow. He pressed his hand hard on Carrie’s head, forcing her to deep throat his cock as he started to cum. I could see her back go rigid as she started to gag and choke on the spewing prick.

I thought Mack was going to have a heart attack as he face went beet red and he moved Carrie’s mouth over his shaft like a rag doll, forcing her to milk every drop of cum from his dick.

Carrie gasped as Mack finally let go of her head and she sucked in a lungful of much needed air. The girl barely had time to breathe before she started lapping her tongue over the length of Mack’s cock, licking him clean.

“Get away from me bitch.” Mack slapped Carrie across the side of the face.

“It’s time to talk business.” Carrie kissed the head of Mack’s prick and grabbed the hem of his robe with her teeth, pulling the fabric over his waning cock. She staggered on her knees to the side of the chair and crouched at his side. I thought I caught her glancing up at me before she lowered her head and stared at the floor, licking her lips as her nipples sc****d against her thighs.

“Hey Mack, how’s it going?” Mack reached out his hand, but his eyes never left Tara.

“Excuse me if I don’t get up boys.” He roared in a huge belly laugh and tapped his groin.

“Are you looking to sell this cunt.” Mack sighed as he tried to lift his body and touched Tara’s breast, pinching her nipples between his thick, meaty fingers.

“Looks like somebody’s been playing with these tits pretty harshly.” I little squeal came from under the hood as Mack twisted Tara’s nipple brutally.

“I like your style.” Mack winked and let go of Tara’s breast. Her legs almost buckled as he pinched her clit between his fingers.

“I’d have to see her face before I buy her though.” Mack grabbed the leash dangling from Tara’s collar and pulled her into his lap.

“No, we’re not looking to sell her Mack, we just wanted to check up Lisa and see how she was doing.”

“This cunt is wet.” Tara writhed on Mack’s lap as he plunged his fingers into her pussy, not hearing a word Jim said.

“Holy shit, this slut is squeezing my fingers like a vice, how much do you want for her, I’ve got to have a bitch like this.” Mack pulled his fingers from Tara’s pussy and jammed them in front of Carrie’s face.

“Lick me slave.” Mack glared down at Carrie.

“This is how you should be cunt, wet and ready for me all the time, like this bitch.” I could see the single tear run down Carrie’s cheek as she opened her mouth and sucked Mack’s fingers between her lips.

“I’ve got to have her.” Tara started humping Mack’s thigh, desperate to be touched again. Mack pulled his fingers from Carrie’s mouth and snapped them together.

“I’ve got this new girl, just got her in.” Instantly one of the bodyguards scurried from the room.

“I’m not interested in—“ Mack cut Jim off before he could even finish.

“Just wait a second buddy, you’ll like this girl, she’s a smart little cunt, an, hell, I don’t know, something with numbers I think, accountant maybe, just know the little bitch is smart, and needs to be taught her place, I’m trying, but—” Mack winked and ran his hand through Carrie’s hair. It seemed like the guard had been only gone for a few seconds when he returned, dragging a petite Asian girl behind him. She was crawling on the floor and her face was covered with drying cum, while her hair was streaked with more lines of sticky sperm. As the guard pulled the girl in front of where Jim and I stood, I could see semen dripping out of her swollen pussy, and ass.

I heard Tara moan as Mack plunged his fingers deep in her snatch once again.

“Sorry, she’s kind of a mess, but the boys like the Asian cunt, they’ve been using her nonstop for the last 3 days.” I couldn’t tell exactly with her on her hands and knees, but the girl looked to be about 5’3”-5’4”, and couldn’t have weighed much more than 100 lbs. Her hands were locked together with a short steel chain, and her ankles were attached together with a short hobble.

“She’s a smart little bitch, aren’t you cunt?” The girl looked at Mack with panic in her eyes.

“Go on bitch, tell him.”

“I’m—“ The petite Asian girl looked at Mack, her body trembled with fear as she started to speak. “I’m cumsocket, I need to be fucked like a whore and used as a sperm receptacle.” Mack nodded at the guard and he tugged hard on the leash making the girl arch her head painfully up.

“Tell him about yourself cunt, maybe you can be of some use to them, besides as a cum receptacle.” Mack roared in laughter as the Asian girl started to cry.

“I—I’m—“ The guard cracked his hand down on her ass instantly, making her scream out in pain.

“Maybe you’re not that smart after all bitch, did you forget already that you’re never use ‘I’ again when you speak.” Mack growled out as the guard slapped the Asian girl across the ass again. Her body started to shake like a leaf. The chains on her wrists and ankles clanged as she shuddered violently.

“This—this cunt was an engineer, she was on her way—“, her voice broke as she tried to stutter out the words, her eyes were filled with fright as she tried to speak again, “this cunt was driving back to school, and, m—this cunt’s car broke down, and—" Tears were streaking down the face of the small Asian girl.

Mack pulled his fingers from Tara’s pussy and put his hand near the side of the chair for Carrie to lick clean, he grabbed for the base of Tara’s hood and grabbed the lock at her neck.

“I need to see this cunt’s face.”

“I’m sorry, I’m punishing her. She hasn’t seen or heard a thing for 2 days.” Jim extended his hand and rubbed it over Tara’s smooth back, almost as if caressing a pet.

Mack let go of the little brass lock and gasped in frustration, forcing Carrie to gag as he jammed his fingers deeper in her mouth.

“You’re punishing her? What did the little whore do?” Tara squirmed on Mack’s lap as he slapped her breast with his open hand.

“She had an orgasm without permission.” Mack smiled, pulling his fingers from Carrie’s mouth he started fingering Tara’s clit. I could hear her start to groan as her body bucked off his lap desperately.

“You mean, you’re punishing her for having an orgasm?” Tara’s cries came louder and louder from under the hood. Mack pulled his fingers away from her pussy suddenly and she started to whine.

“Yep.” Jim grinned as Tara ground her hips against Mack’s thigh, pushing her chest against him scr****g her hard nipples, and trying to rub her aching pussy against his leg.

“I can see she’s a needy bitch, isn’t she.” Mack took Tara’s clit between his fingers and started pinching hard till her whines turned to shrieks.

“I’ve got to have her, how about a trade? This little educated cunt, for your slut.” Mack let go of Tara’s clit and cupped her ass with his palm.

“You can have this whore too.” Mack grabbed Carrie by the hair using his free hand and arched her head up so she had to raise off her haunches.

“Look at these tits, imagine how she’ll scream when you beat these.” Mack smiled and pulled Carrie’s head back so she had to thrust out her chest. Her nipples were rock hard as her breasts shuddered.

“I’m afraid I’m kind of fond of the slut Mack, I’ve spent a long time training her.” Tara’s head twisted side to side, she couldn’t hear a word Jim said, but she humped Mack’s meaty thigh in need, almost as if she knew they were talking about her.

“Maybe you could take her,” Mack pointed to the kneeling Asian with disdain, “take her with you for a test drive and leave, what’s this cunt’s name?” Mack tugged on Tara’s collar again.

“Tara, her name is Tara, not that it really matters.” Jim smirked as Mack thrust his fingers back in Tara’s pussy, making her squeal as he penetrated her.

Mack started finger fucking Tara, thrusting his fingers deep inside her snatch, slamming his knuckles against her opening.

“God, she’s doing it again, the bitch is squeezing my fingers so hard it’s not even funny.” I could hear the whistling sound from the small nostril holes in the leather hood as Tara was panting in lust. I tried to imagine what she was thinking, wondering if she could tell it wasn’t Jim or I using her, or if she thought she was allowed to cum under the onslaught. I knew it had been 4 days since she’d orgasmed without permission and Jim hadn’t allowed her to cum again since. It had been two days since she’d been hooded, and before that, Jim had whipped and beat her almost constantly, so I knew she must have been absolutely desperate with need by now.

“What do you want for her? Name your price.” Mack slammed his fingers as far as he could in Tara’s pussy making her rise up off his thigh. She tried to ride his hand, but he kept pushing up till she was up on her knees, unable to move any higher.

“Anything, name it.” There was a layer of sweat on Tara’s belly as she sucked air in through the small holes in the hood.

“I’ll think about it Mack, but I really like the slut—,” Jim watched Tara’s body intently, her breasts rose and fell quickly and she moaned while Mack twisted his fingers inside her pussy.

“I’ll think about it.” Mack started pulling his fingers from Tara’s snatch, she tried to move with him, to keep him impaled inside of her, but his digits slipped from her sex with an audible slurping sound.

“Take this Asian cum socket along with you, and this slut too.” Mack pushed his wet fingers in Carrie’s mouth, she sucked on his hand furiously as the fear was visible in her eyes.

“Maybe you could train them, I know this bitch needs it.” Carrie gagged as Mack opened his finger in her mouth and pushed to the back of her throat.

Jim looked over at me, he knew I liked Carrie, and the Asian girl was hot too. I winked at him, knowing we might even be able to put her to use for something at the shop.

Mack grabbed Tara’s collar and pulled her face toward his, her hard nipples sc****d against his terrycloth robe as he kissed the leather patch covering her forehead.

Mack moved his hands over Tara’s back, rubbing rough hands over her smooth skin.

“I forgot, what did you boys show up for again?” Mack leaned forward and sucked Tara’s nipple into his mouth, bringing his teeth down on her hard nub making her wail.

To be continued…
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