Andrea A1

This is going to be the on-going story of a model maker,
who sometimes made the models!

If you’re sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time, if my memory serves, a master figure maker, a sculptor, decided to make some 3" high erotic figurines, some 75mm tall. He carved and carved, but as his imagination wasn't so hot he made a bit of a mess of everything, and, far from being objects of lust and fascination, his dumpy creatures were like many of the women we all know, or at least knew. No good at all!

He tried copying from pin-up mags, but always created monsters on the sides of the figures that he couldn't see in the pictures. There is a list of hard-core magazines from the 60’s and 70’s available. Porn from the Past, highly sought-after collectors items including early Private, Colour Climax, Ero, Teenage Sex and dozens of others. Email jacksonbrian2000 at his address for full list.

The only solution was to get real girls, get their clothes off, and sculpt from life.

A few small ads in the local press brought a surprising amount of girls ready to get their kit off for a humble fee.

Our sculptor was then spoilt for choice. Standing up, kneeling down, doing hand-stands, tied up, tied down, gagged, roped or naked, or even clothed, ……….in part.

Decisions, decisions.........anyway with shaking hands he started on his task. What human endeavour, what courage, what persistence and what endurance. Here are some of the shots he took of the girl, who posed for his first figure, she was Andrea. The description in the catalogue which was eventually published was; Figure A1 Andrea, lies naked, for your pleasure, on the floor, her legs in the air, unashamedly baring woman’s supreme delight, and showing the fine detail of these figures.

If you like the look of his first creation, and want to see all the lead-alloy, white-metal models, email to John’s Girls via to jacksonbrian2000, they are available in kit form / assembled / undercoated-primed / painted.
The master figure was made, the mould fabricated and the hot metal poured. Cleaning, undercoating and painting were next on the list. Some of the model girls used to help out in the casting shop, on a Saturday morning. Hot, sweaty, dirty and stripped to the waist……….you can imagine!!!!!!!!! If only I could find the photos! Or even the tape!

These few remaining examples of these beautiful, and now vintage, models, are available for the first time in 25 years, will never be re-cast, are things of erotic beauty and will be a joy forever to be used as paper weights, desk ornaments, gifts, and true collector’s items.

John’s Girls are here to please you. Andrea is waiting for your email and will respond with more pictures of John’s Girls, both the models and the real girls.

Painted, sprayed, silver or gold plated and with the weight associated with quality goods these beautiful erotic figures will continue to give pleasure wherever they are found.

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