i and my hot friend nishita

hi my name is aniket and now im in 10th std. i have many friends sonu, nishita, varsha, teja, sonal, rasika etc.... all d girls in our group ver very much sexy but the most sexy girl with big boobs was no other dan nishita she had big tits and as she used to walk her big ass used to shake very much by seeing dat i feeled like jst grabbing her assa and give her a nice ass fuck .once v all ver plaing in our ground and suddenly der was an annoucment of dance competion so i nishita, sonu, varsha ,bunty and teja took par in dat competion

d next day v began to practice in nishita's house . and on dat day no one as in her house wen v wer about t finish our practise bunt started teasing her dat she has some bad photos in her albun and he was telling it to me nishita heard dis and she got very much angry she told every body to go home ven i was leaving she told me to wait and she began to show her album v both sat together and started to see her album v sat in d way dat v both ver sticked to each other some of d photos ver not glued so because of d fan some potos began tu flu on nishita;s side and she told me to pick up the photos and wen i was picking up the photos i purposely catch her tits 1st time i told her sorry she told its okay i did it every time my dick got erect and even she was going hyper but she wasn't telling me anything to to dan she catched my hand and asked me wat r u doing i told it happened mistakely den she told dat it could'nt hapen again an again mistakely as she was going hyper she told me fuck her i was very happy by d words i rran and shut off d main door first i kissed her she was going on hyper dan i grabed her tits her tits ver big and soft and her tits ver very fair in colour dan i massaged dem sucked and squezed her tits and she tld me to fuck i made her nude she was very much fair i squezed her ass and fucked her very hard igave her pussy and her ass a very nice fuck and v both enjoyed a lot on dat day . on dat whole day v haved 4 sessions of fuck and v enjoyed her a lot. and ven i found her down i do on take her permission to touch her boobs i just o near her see all around and if no body watching i squezze her tits kis her suck her tits and she als o toch my dick and she enjoys doing it lot
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