She had to suck it up and be tough.

The neighbors across the street were just settling the bill with the moving company after what seemed like a circus acting carnival rather than a delivery of their personal items. The moving company had 6 workers on the clock that day. I tended my yard work adjacent to the neighbors driveway and garage where the staging took place. The boxes were set out according to room labels on the box. I saw the leader of the moving company going over the inventory with the petite, latently hot wife. The husband seemed intimidated by the men and wouldn't keep solid eye-contact with any of those men longer than a second. He wouldn't notice how they laughed as he turned away from them immediately when asked a question. They began to taunt the gentlemen in subtle neusance inquiries. They became more comfortable taking their time with the job eying the females that would be shown another brutal truth life shares when men compete for women.

Jack Houston's wife was hot. She married him for security and his intelligence. She loved him for taking her hand in marriage after she was brutally ****d by her father producing her daughter. He was the perfect cure for a sick women. He was forgiving her frequent weaknesses for drinking and d**gs. Every so often, Anna would get so loaded that she wouldn't return for days. He would silently suffer in anguish worried for her safety. One time she was brought home by 2 cold hearted assholes who shook Down Jack for $2000.00. They claimed it was a finder fee and for time they spent as his wife's chapperone and security. They snickered as they playfully swatted the wife on her but gripping it hard. He shook it and his face grew tight as he shot out his lower jaw and with the most hateful tone he asked Anna "aint that right Mommy?" Didn't we protect you? She said all they needed to hear by staying silent and with her chin burried in her chest a slow whining came from her, like a cross of a moan and a whine. He was jiggling her rearend in such lewd manner that her short skirt rode up to reveal her underwear was missing. He gasped as he saw the bruising beginning to show on her inner thighs from her knee all the way up her thigh. He thought he saw bite marks on her legs too, but definately bruises. Jack went to get his checkbook to tender the reward so that he could comfort his emotionally unstable wife. When he came back with the check, the thugs had his wife sandwiched between them with there faces on either side of her and they one had his tongue shoved in her ear as the other guy sucked with sickening f***e a hickey onto the side of her neck. He taunted and degraded her with words and deeds. It seemed she resigned to their power, realizing he would also bear her sentence for he failed to protect the sanctity and integrity of the female attraction to men. He failed to fight for her honor as they slew her innocent image and created a whore that was submissive to strong men and hostile to the weak.

I will finish this story when I have more time. Its freaky
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