Thugs, Hugs and d**gs

It's rather humiliating to put to words what happened the day I saw my soul-mate degraded the way she was. I must confess I do think often about the that day and it makes me cum instantly. She doesn't talk about it for reasons of her own. One thing is certain, we will never be the same. It changed our lives forever. I guess I should start at the beginning of that day so you get the whole story..We had been using speed for a couple of days and were looking to re purchase more to avoid the comedown. My wife and I were knew to the d**g scene since recently graduating college and getting married we found a lovely starter home in Phoenix, Az. Our regular connection was hooking us up with $20's of speed every day until he abruptly stopped and told us your "cut off". Not knowing anyone in town that dealt in d**gs we were frantic to find another connect. We even went as low as to ask a panhandler hustling on the freeway offramp. He was happy to hook us up but couldn't do so until after rush hour when he stopped panhandling. He had us meet him at his temporary room at the nearby hotel later for a pickup.

We arrived a few minutes early as we were eager to get high. When we looked up at the room we noticed 3-4 very rough looking black men smoking cigs around the doorway. We begged our pardon to make a way for us to the entrance of his room and knocked. The thugs just stared at us intently and intentionally blew smoke into my wife's face causing her to cough and duck into my embrace. They looked at me challengingly to defend her. I made no such attempt because I was intimidated to all hell by these rough and tough thugs. One just sneered and cracked a smile drawing his toungue across his lips as his eyes then scanned my wife's body.

It felt like an eternity for the begger to open the door and invite us in giving us a degree of safety from what I thought could turn into a dangerous situation with those loiterers or whomever they were outside. Little did I know they were the connection for the begger we met earlier. Another thing I didn't realize is how much a streetwise person can read into the way a person acts and carries himself. They are more accurate with there psychological interpretations than the best psychologists. That little nonverbal exhibition outside with the smoke told them volumes about my wife, me and our marriage. The fact that I was buying d**gs and bringing my wife with me told them more. It translated into the worst 2 hours imaginable.

Coming into the hotel room were these thugs. Shocked, my eyes wide I gasped as I realized they were his guests and the seller of our d**gs. The leader of the crew was fearsome. You could tell in an instant look into his eyes he's taken a life and committed gruesome acts of v******e totally destroying any divine light of kindness you might consider all humans to possess. I knew right we were at his mercy and he lacked any mercy at all. He said nothing as he closed the door, locked it and casually took off his jacket. He drew his eyes directly at my wife sucking his teeth making that offensive sound of dominance. My wife squirmed uncomfortable under his gaze and clutched my hand tightly as I drew her close in embrace. His crew made themselves at home anticipating a show.

I introduced myself and he shot back "I don't give a fuck who you are!" "Go fucking sit down!" I jumped at the command dragging my wife with me to the nearest seat frantically counting my options here. He yelled again "I didn't tell you to go with him" to my wife. "Stand the fuck up bitch". My wife looked at me frantically for protection, her gaze turned from fear to sadness as she realized I wasn't the knight in shining armour she believed me to be. That I was leaving her to the control of another man more dominant without even a word in protest caused her sadness to boil into anger. Tears welled in the corners of her eyes as she responded to the thugs order for her to stand. He took little time in moving across the room and gripping her around her neck squeezing slightly filling her with fear every moment he held her. Finally he saw in her eyes she was sufficiently terrorized to move forward with his lewd plan.

He spun her around and drew her in close pressing her backside to his chest still holding her throat but his other hand he threw across her chest barring it tight to his body. He looked at me and cuddled his head so his mouth was next to her ear and he slid his tongue into her ear and swirled it around violating every corner until it was awash with his saliva. My wife's face twisted in anguish as he closed his bite on her earlobe drawing slight bl**d. He then gently suckled the bl**d from her lobe and gently kissed the side of her neck.

He laughingly told me my wife was gonna learn the price of marrying a pussy. He said "we gonna all fuck her, every one of us gonna put our hands on her". My wife had her tears flowing down her cheek now as he sucked them into his mouth and took his hand from her throat. He took his finger and gently put it to her chin guiding her head to turn towards his. She reluctantly allowed her head to swivel as he brought his lips into hers in the lewdest kiss imaginable.

I sat in horror as my wife kissed back out of fear of what may happen had she not. He broke the kiss and calmly told her to "get that pussy out for us". She turned after he released her and faked like she was getting ready to undress as she shot for the door. He lunged at her grabbing her pony tail and swung her around f***efully tossing her like a rag doll into my chair. She started to sob uncontrollably as he stood triumphantly in front of us. He started to unbuckle his pants. He said "better get that bitches clothes off motherfucker". He drew out a enormous sized cock as his pants fell to the floor where he stepped out of them revealing his athletic tight body. He was chiseled by years in prison and covered in tattoo's. He backhanded my wife and took her hair again tossing her now onto the bed. I lunged at him in protest where he kneed me in the face knocking me cold out. I woke up with one eye swollen shut and the sound of whimpering coming from the blurry mound I saw on the bed. I brought my eyes into focus to my horror. I saw my poor wife on top of a massive fat cock as she was assaulted from behind roughly being double penetrated. The man she was facing on top of was the leader and the one behind her the white begger we met earlier. The thug was passionately kissing my wife calling her a whore as he licked and sucked her tongue face and tears. She submissively allowed it contorting her body in pain for his pleasure. The man in the rear had her by the hair and was pummeling her asshole and pulling her hair. Sometimes he would smack her ass encouraging her saying "fuck me back" then she would arch her back throwing her ass into his hips in rythme with his thrust. "thats right whore, fuck us back"

I felt my stomach spin with desire as I watched them use my lover in such a way. Thats when I noticed my cock rise with desire bringing my attention to the fact that I was naked. They must have taken my cloths of when I was knocked out. I sprang up surprising the other two thugs who were jacking off watching the show. I was quickly brought under control as they started laughing when they noticed my rock hard cock. "look miles, his cock is hard. He likes watching us use the whore". I turned red embarassed and ashamed. "come closer stud" the leader told me. I did as I was told. He f***efully turned my wifes head from where he had it tucked into his neck where she was giving him a hickey to the side where I was approaching the scene. He took her ear in his mouth and whispered something to her. She opened her mouth and locked her eyes onto my cock. "fuck her mouth" he told me. I nearly came instantly as I gave into my a****l desire. She died as my wife to me and was reborn my whore. I gripped her head as I shot my cum deap in her throat. I held her there not letting her back her head out of my cock. She frantically squirmed and gagged shooting snot and semen through her nose and nearly fainted from lack of air. The smell in that room was disgusting. Sex, sweat and testosterone. The leader started kissing her neck right under my cock and balls as I continued to **** her throat. Her ass was open as the begger shot his load all over her back brutally punching her buttocks in as he climaxed. Immediately she turned black and blue and whaled loudly in pain. This caused her throat to open and close around my cock causing a lewd sound of muffled gurgling as I continued to fuck her throat even as she screamed. This was too much for the thug as his demeaner changed as he say becoming his accomplice to this unforgivable crime. He brought his hand around my waist cupping my nude ass in his huge hand genlty caressing me. He then came up under my balls with his mouth and drew them effortlessly into his warm moist mouth. I came violently again as waves of cum exploded in my wife's throat and on his chest as I drew out sinking my body onto his face centering my asshole on his mouth. I threw my wife off him as I brought my leg over hs body to embrace a 69 position and slammed my mouth down on his cock covered in my wifes juice. He pulled me tight to his body spreading his legs as he tore open my rear end exposing my asshole. Darting his tongue around my hole he told my wife to join me sucking his dick. The other black thugs got behind me and greased my crack with spit as they smacked my ass roughly. My wife's mouth found mine at the tip of his cock as she swirled her tongue into mine still tasting of cum. I greedily vacuumed her mouth letting her know I was finished by spitting in her face as My attention went back to his cock. I felt my ass burn as the weight on my back crushed me down pinning me between these two thugs as I was brutally ass fucked by 2 black thugs. I submitted my body wholly giving myself to ther desires.

Finally, drained of all our energy we ceased the insanity of our desires. We were allowed to dress and were given an amount of d**gs sufficient to keep our mouths shut about what had just happened. As we were leaving I noticed my billfold was ransacked and my drivers license was missing. I knew this was not the last time this type of violation would occur as they had taken it for our address. I looked at my wife and realized she was liberated that day. Free to do as she wishes with her sexuality, not because I condoned what happened, but because she saw me give in as well. She no longer relied on me to protect her but she no longer respected me either. She saw her husband give up his wife and his ass to strangers and enjoy it. She would use to gain control in this relationship blackmailing me into a kept man.
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i hope to fuck everything about this is true,hott
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very hot and naughty