the lights dimmed and the curtains opened. a midget walked onto the stage holding a dog chain and dragging two fat ladies. they were mother and daughter.
both were very very fat (sbbw). the daughter was strapped into a chair and the dildo of a sybian slpped into her pussy. her mother was shackled to an XFRAME and then lowered in the horizontal position. both were naked and their rolls of fat were wobbling as they were placed into position. the Mandingos came on stage and surrounded mother and one slipped his long black cock into her cunt. the other 7 surrounded her and felt her tits and pinched her nipples and then in turn pushed their long cocks into her mouth. when the first had fucked her and filled her with cum he turned and walked over the the daughter and pushed his gleaming cock into her mouth. all the mandingos fucked the mother and all had their cocks sucked by her daughter. after they had finished the women were released and changed places. except this time the daughter was put into a kneeling position and a milking machine was attatched to her nipples. the Mandingos then lined up and fucked the daughter up the ass. when they had cum they moved over to mother and she gave them a long suck. the women were both filled with cum and passed back to the midgets for further treatment.
91% (7/1)
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3 years ago
really good, but I would have liked more in depth description of what happened.
Like so many of my sexual experiences it promised great things but was over too quickly lol
A x