after seeing the male and female i whent back to the station. i checked out the IDs of the victims. driver...no papers, not one item of identification. well dressed, suit, tie, good shirt...no lables. passenger the same, not one shred of evidence as to his name, address ..absolutely nothing. OK..trace the car. uk plates, registered to a company in Switzerland. PO box address.
the car was well equipped with all the features of a luxury model. Mercedes Benz. all the tricks. however the boot(trunk) was padded amd comfortable. one of the guys on the team chased up the car registration..no info either on the address or the company..What is going on? back to the hospital. the male is really frightened...he asks for his owner! why, i asked, what do you need? what is your name...he begins to cry, where is my owner? what has happened? why am i here? i try to calm him down asn then ask the woman PC what she got from the female...nothing, she said...only tears and fear and asking for her owner. baffled . i'm going home...

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