Trick and Treat

“ I am sorry, I really am. But you know I have no choice.” Brad said, with such conviction. She really did believe him. After all she loved him and they always had a blast ever since they started dating and going to Halloween parties. f******n years as husband and wife and they still enjoyed dressing up and partying till the wee hours. Donna would have to celebrate her first Halloween alone this year. They were both excited about their costumes. He was going to be Batman and she had the sexiest little cat woman outfit! Brad’s company said he needed to fly out tomorrow, Wednesday morning, to assist the big boss in closing a very lucrative deal for the company. If things went well, he could probably be back for Sunday afternoon. But the Halloween party was this Saturday night, given by their good friends Paul and Charlotte. “ Ohhh honey, I know you have to go, its just that I’ll miss how much fun we have together!” she says with a upside down frown. “ I know, but I know you will manage to have some fun…and we can still wear the costumes one night and go out on the town!” Brad says with a hearty laugh, picturing the two of them like hero and villain sitting at a table for two. He knew he would miss out on her hot body in that slinky vinyl cat suit. Her 5’8” stature was perfect for the outfit, her firm C cups filling out the front just right. Donna’s ass was nothing to ignore and would just clinch the deal making her the sexiest woman at the party. Topped off with high riding boots and a vinyl cat mask she was practically an understudy for Halle Berry!

The next day, after Brad’s plane was well on the way to his meeting, Donna had a thought about the party. She knew she didn’t want to go alone and with the k**s going to their friend’s house for a sl**pover that night, she wasn’t willing to give up a night of partying and fun. So she called a few friends up who had planned to go to the party and convinced them to have a pre-party at her house since the party wasn’t starting till 9 p.m. So plans were made, some finger foods were ordered and delivered and the big night was close at hand. The morning of the party, Donna got a phone call from her s****r in law, Rachel, and they got to talking about Brad being away and the party. Donna could tell that Rachel seemed bored in her little world and took great interest in what was going on. She kind of felt bad for her and asked her if she wanted to come by that night, at least to the pre party. She said she would like to and will call her back after she spoke to her husband. Donna went about her day in preparation for the party. Later that day, Rachel called and said that since her husband wasn’t that into it, they would come for the pre party only. Donna felt like saying “don’t do me any favors!” but she liked Rachel and thought it would be good for them to get out. I am not going to go overboard since this is just a pre party, she thought to herself, just some minor food and lots of alcohol. She laughed inside while feeling quite giddy about that evening to come.

The doorbell rang and the first guests arrived. It was Mike and Sarah, dressed as a nut and a bolt. Pretty lame but at least they came. Shortly after them was Bob and Ellen and they actually looked pretty good. He made an excellent Uncle Fester and she was Mortica, looking pretty sexy, actually. She felt a little shiver and wondered why she felt that way but dismissed it to the chill of the wind coming in with the guests. So by the time Sponge Bob and Patrick, the President and Michele Obama and Shrek and Fiona got there, the music was pumping and the drinks were flowing. In between all of them came Rachel and Mike and since they did not plan on coming to the party afterwards, they had nothing on at all, offering a lame excuse that it was last minute and they didn’t have time to come up with anything. After some razzing and joking about how scary they looked, they joined in on the festivities. Mike had beer while Rachel was hanging with the ladies, drinking all sorts of “potions” like cosmos, sweet tea vodkas and some shots of yeagermister. As the hour approached to walk down the street for the next party, the partygoers were feeling no pain. Donna was even surprised how much everyone had drank and she hoped that her friends Paul and Charlotte weren’t going to be pissed that all these d***ks were showing up in this condition. Even Mike and Rachel were getting “in the spirit” and regretted not having costumes.

Meanwhile, 4 hours earlier, Brad was on a Southwest Airlines flight 776 headed eastbound back to his home town airport. The deal was a great success and to their surprise, the client was anxious to wrap things up because he had promised his wife that he would make the Halloween party that evening, of all things!! So his boss and he caught an earlier flight and were headed home. Brad wanted to surprise his wife and show up at the party. He was so excited that he wasn’t going to let his wife down. What helped his elation was that the trip was a success and he was going to see a pay raise in it for him and he looked forward to some hot sex with his wonderful wife of whom he missed the past few days. Several cocktails on the plane ride helped as well, as his boss insisted, to celebrate the new client. But mostly, it was the airport bar that started it all off in a festive mood. How could he say no to his boss ? He had hoped he was going to get some shut eye and rest up for his evening fun but apparently that was not going to happen. So once he landed it was close to 9 pm and he and his carry on hopped in a taxi and made it home in about 45 minutes. Upon his arrival, he saw several cars parked in front of his house and while he knew the party was only a few blocks away, he found it odd. He walked into the door almost 10 p.m. and was a little startled at the condition of the house. A few lights were left on and he noticed a lot of empty paper plates and plastic cups on the end tables in the living room. As he walked further into the house, the smell of beer and alcohol permeated the space and he immediately saw dozens of empty bottles on the kitchen table and counter. Old tequila and vodka bottles, schnapps, beer bottles in the sink and a dirty blender made for quite a scene. A smile came across his face as he put down his briefcase and loosened his tie. He was glad to see his wife did not loose her flair for having a good time and he became aroused at the fact that he was going to be joining her soon. He slipped off his shoes and bounded up the stairs to look for his batman costume. Walking down the hall towards his room, he flipped on the light and pushed open the master bedroom door. He heard a radio playing softly somewhere in the room and the only light was coming from the walk in closet, the door left half open. It was then he noticed he wasn’t alone in the room.

There on the bed, face down, wearing a cat suit, was Donna. The light from the closet that only splayed onto the floor, just out of reach of the bed gave him enough to know she was in costume. The curve of her ass accentuated by the way she had one knee pulled up closer to her stomach and the other stretched out, her arms reaching up towards the pillows. Apparently, Brad figured, they had too much of a good thing and the poor little woman couldn’t make it all the way to the party. Well, it looked like Brad was not going to the party after all, but he would bring the party here, he thought to himself. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor while he unbuttoned his piere cardin dress shirt and d****d that and his tee shirt and tie over the tread mill. His cock, a smooth 7” of pleasure, was now close to full attention at the sight of his wife dressed up for his fantasy. Should he go and put on the Batman costume and do this up right ? Nahhh, he decided, no time like the present. He dropped his boxer briefs to his feet and flicked them away towards the hamper. He slowly kneeled down onto the bed, staring at her precious buns and the small of her exposed back. He chuckled to himself as he noticed the ears on the top of the full headgear mask and said in a low tone, “here kitty, kitty…”. He could see in the dim light her dark red lipstick on her full pouty lips and was anxious to have them around his dick. He walked on his knees closer to her side and then straddled her, trying not to wake her just yet. With his eyes still adjusting to the darkness, he fumbled for the hidden zipper that ran from her waist down the side of her leg. After zipping down to about the knee, he pulled at the waistband and slinked it down to below her thigh, bringing into view her black thong and creamy white ass cheeks. Brad smoothed it over with his fingers and took a deep breath of the sex in the air. Her scent was unusual and he believed it was due to her intoxication and his being quite tipsy and lack of sl**p. He bent down and planted several kisses on her firm butt. Looking up, noticing she did not stir, he placed his hand above her right knee and pushed down slowly, forcing her leg to straighten out beneath him. He reached behind him and took hold of her calves and parted her legs, her boots pointed towards the bottom of the bed. He hooked his thumbs under the string that was her thong and lowered it to expose her pussy so neatly trimmed and her puckering asshole.

Once again, he bent down towards her cushion and took in the smell of love. He softly licked her crack and worked his way down towards the prize. A soft moan coming from the top of the bed stopped him momentarily as his cock pressed against the vinyl on the leg of her suit. He was rock hard and had little sl**p and it was not going to take him long to rouse this sl**ping beauty. Brad, now kneeling behind her, took hold of her waist with his masculine hands and pulled her up and towards him so she seemingly began to get upon her knees. Her face sliding across the bed sheet, she once again made a noise and appeared to move her arms in a motion as if to do a push up. With her head bowed, she fell back onto her forearms and could go no further. Brad now positioned his mushroom head at the tip of her watering hole and began poking with a dry attempt at entering his wife. He began to rub his cock with one hand up and down her slit, getting the two parts lubricated for entry. With her ass in the air and his hands on her waist, she moved her head to the side but could not get the energy to look all the way back and then placed her face onto the bed, her palms spread out with her black cat nails and arms bent at the elbow. Brad’s penis now found entry and he pushed back and forth until he got himself halfway in with ease. A sudden arch of the back and loud moan now came from the cat lady and she began to keep slow time with Brad, pushing back into his hard pipe. His sensitivity elevated as he realized his success at waking her up with sexual desires, his meat pulsing and pushing into her love tunnel. “oooohhuuhhh…..oooohhhuhhh” he heard as he continued his assault on the purrrrrr-fectly good pussy beneath him, doing his job to vanquish evil from the city of Gotham.

She began to gyrate along with her sounds of pleasure slipping from beyond the mask, now pushing back harder and harder. He felt the build up rise in his balls and began to feel the need to blow quite soon, so he slowed down his pace and reached down to her breast and felt her tits under the strappy yet sexy cat woman top. She breathed heavy at the feel of his hands, now separated by some flimsy vinyl. She decided not to wear a bra under the costume, having lost her inhibitions during the drinking session and with the encouragement of her s****r in law. She was bewildered and confused but could not fight the absolute pleasure she was feeling. Her folds were so wet with ecstasy she could not find words to unravel her thoughts. This cock pounding her felt so fucking good and she knew she had wanted this for a while now. She licked her lips, so dry from inebriation and placed the top of her head to the bed with exhaustion. She felt him slow up and now he was fumbling with the clasp that held her mounds in place with this cat-a-pult boulder holder. Her breasts fell free once he pulled the costume harness off of her and she felt him palm her tits like a baker kneading the morning’s surplus. She bit her lip and moaned all the louder.

With her tits swinging back and forth, he picked up the pace again, using the stop and start technique, coming close to the point of no return and then starting back up again. He decided he wanted to look into her eyes through that mask, like a conquering hero, with her hot lips around his shaft when he was going to cum. He continued to fuck his subdued villain into submission and found great pleasure in this role play. Next time he wanted to have at least his cape and cowl on ! But for now he was content with a hot, sultry flesh vice squeezing his rod, urging him to lay down his creamy goodness. With his hands on her lower back, he felt her shake with pleasure. Brad takes notice that she is beginning to lift her head and become more aware and possibly out of her d***ken stupor. He loves d***k and sloppy sex and wishes he had been there to get toasted with her. With his mind sinking deeper into the gutter with every push of his staff, he sucks on his thumb and wets it real good and then brings it to perch above her puckering sphincter. He adds just the slightest pressure on her butt hole to let her know he is there and then eases it in, feeling the tightness stretch around his knuckle as he goes deeper and deeper, up to the web between his thumb and pointer. She let out a sharp cry and then went silent as his digit made its way into the forbidden zone. Now holding her ass like a bowling ball, he is excited at such control. His balls slapping against her, he knows he is only moments away from an eruption of biblical proportions. He speaks to her, “ Tell me, did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?” in a husky deep voice, repeating the line from the joker in the first Batman. He continues…” I ask that of all my prey….” and laughs out loud.

Feeling a little head pounding from the booze, cat woman is starting to come around and aware of her surroundings. She feels him pull out of her slit and feels the bed shake and move beneath his weight. Her Dark Knight is about to bestow upon her a visit. The room is beginning to come into view as her eyes start to stay open a little longer. She notices the lights are off except for the closet light slipping through the half closed door. What was she doing last before she passed out here on the bed ?? Suddenly, a massive cock is in her face, forcing its way between her luscious lips. She almost gags as it’s rigidity is thrust into her throat. She now has hands on her head guiding this missile in and out of her dry mouth. She can taste her juices on this penis but she can not see anything but a torso in which she keeps grinding her nose against. She never has been against oral sex and reaches up to take hold of this massive organ. She stroked it as she began to get into a rhythm to suck and lick it from base to tip, gaining more control on this strange situation. This cock is sobering her up as she feels its familiar pulse and tightening, knowing that any minute it will release its holy grail of liquid. She has a decision to make, or at least she thinks it is her’s to make. She hears a familiar groan and knows that the owner of this succulent member is about to open the floodgates. Her cat eyes glance upward with blurry and dark vision and releasing his manhood from her mouth for a second, she let’s out a few words for her prince of darkness to hear.

Brad looks down and releases his grip from her head as she sucks so vehemently on his cock-sicle. He is going to do this right and have some fun with this little pussy cat. He now sees through the darkness a sparkle in her eyes and then a sudden surprise shows in those pools of vision. She muffles something and strained to hear what he thought was words and not just a moan of pleasure. “uhhh, Mike ?” he could have sworn she said. “Mike ?????” he thinks to himself ? Did she call me Mike ?? The only Mike he really knew or at least the first one that came to mind was his b*****r in law. Does she think I am him ?? Is this bitch cheating on me? All sorts of crazy thoughts run through his head. Brad is almost out of breath and he is seconds from blowing his load. His plan was to shoot it all over her cat mask but in his anger, he grips her head and pushes his cock deeper down her throat and says “ Yeah baby, its Mike….and I got something for ya….” What ever his wife is thinking or why she said it, he is going to shoot first and ask questions later!! Maybe she, too, is playing a game…after all, she didn’t expect his arrival. And with a grunt and a slam, his balls hit her chin as she choked down his semen and tears ran down her cheeks. “Ohhh…my…God!” she thought to herself.

It was only hours before, the joint was jumping with music, laughter and drinking. Donna had Mike, her b*****r in law, eating out of her hand. Rachel exclaimed, in a d***ken slur, “I can’t believe Mike is dancing around the room with Ellen like that, I had to f***e him to come!”. Donna knew that they were both enjoying themselves and even though she had to deal with the stares at her breasts and crotch from Mike, she was happy they were there and having fun. Rachel tried drink after drink while Donna’s friends were making suggestions to try this and that. It was as if Rachel didn’t ever get out of the house much, which wasn’t the case. She was almost like a s****r with Donna, as they had become pretty close. People would think they were related sometimes assuming so with the similar stats, same color hair, eyes. So when Donna told them that they should seriously consider coming to their friends Halloween party at 9:00, they declined since they had no costumes and felt funny. But Donna insisted and dragged them up to her bedroom to see what they could put together. Since Brad wasn’t around to be Batman, she gladly offered the costume to Mike, who hesitated, but quickly determined that he could fit the bill. So off he went to her son’s room to change. When Donna knew Mike wasn’t coming to the party, she lost all heart to be cat woman, hence why she was dressed in something she had since her college days, a sexy she-devil with red tights and bodysuit with lots of cleavage, high heeled pumps, horns and a pitchfork. So she naturally suggested for Rachel to be Cat Woman. After some insistence, she left Rachel to change and told her to come down when she was done and they would leave. As she headed down the stairs, she yelled out “ And take off that bra! It will look better!” laughing to herself upon her decent. After about ten minutes, a tipsy batman showed up without his cat woman. Donna wondered where she was and went to check on her. She had passed out on her bed and would not even stir when she shook her. Donna told Mike and he said it might be best if she slept as she had a pretty heavy mix of booze. In Donna’s head, she thought he was happy to leave her behind so he had some alone time with her and free to ogle, “wife free”. So after everyone agreeing that it probably was in her best interest, the crowd dispersed, agreeing to leave the cars there since everyone had been drinking and the party was only blocks away. Donna ran upstairs to check in on her s****r in law one last time, shut the lights, turned on the clock radio with some soft music so she wouldn’t wake up startled and scared and headed out the door. There she remained, face down, all dressed up and no where to go, all by her self. Until about 30 minutes later, a key turned the lock on the front door and Brad came home.

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1 year ago
Love these little surprises.......
2 years ago
thought this woudl have been revisited this past halloween ! Ohh well !
2 years ago
What a great story!
Would make a pretty good porn movie! :)
Well written, good build up to the climax (no pun intended) and a really good 'twist' at the end!
2 years ago
2 years ago
awsome story, really, really hot...
3 years ago
Quite a treat for sure! Great story!:)
3 years ago
Great story. Had to read it a couple of times to make sure I knew what was going on. Seems that some of characters didn't know what was going on during that Halloween night.
3 years ago
Thanks for those commenting. Curious to know who knew or expected and who didnt expect the ending.
3 years ago
That was very good.
3 years ago
A well told holiday tale with some interesting twists and turns. A great story idea, and well presented. Lots of talent and potential in this author...I suggest he quit his day job, and write full time.