A Floater for My s****r In Law

It was a Saturday night and the 40th birthday party had come to a close. My wife, Stacy and my s****r in law, Noreen were still in a party mode and it was only 11:00 p.m. . My wife and I had the k**s sl**ping at the grandparents and Noreen’s c***dren were at her mother in laws, waiting for her husband to pick them up after his late night shift. So by now, her f****y was probably home all safe and warm in their beds. After a short discussion, it was decided we should go to a local bar/restaurant in town only minutes from our homes, in fact, walking distance. A few other friends had also agreed to join us out and the after hours party began.

At the bar, we found a spot near some friends and began the ordering of drinks. My good friend and I stuck with beer and Stacy and Noreen decided they wanted Margaritas. My wife, not one to want to taste the alcohol, liked them on the weaker side as where Noreen, the consummate drinker, enjoyed them on the stronger side. In fact, after the first one, she began ordering them with a “floater” on top, which is a shot of tequila poured over the top to give it that kick. The bartender knew us well and was very accommodating and made sure the drinks were flowing for the girls. My friend and I moved about the area talking to a lot of people we haven’t seen in some time. We always checked back with the ladies from time to time.

It was now approaching 2 a.m. and things started to settle down. Goodbyes were said and laughs died down as the girls ordered “one more for the road”. I had slowed down a while ago seeing that the girls were really tying one on. I was still quite buzzed and by no means supposed to be driving but I knew I wasn’t listening to anyone. Noreen was especially quite intoxicated and she was repeating herself a lot as well as slurring and looking off balance. But her tall frame and fit and trim body gave the appearance she could handle herself. Being in my current state of mind, I quite enjoyed watching Noreen’s display while taking in her beauty and sex appeal. When she spoke, her pouty lips puckered up and her eyes half closed as she swayed and I couldn’t help picturing kissing those lips, placing my hand on each side of her face to steady her. Her slender form fitting jeans showed off her ass quite nicely and she accented her 5’8” stature with her brown leather boots. Her top was a clinging material light brown in color that shown her small cleavage for her small but pert breasts decorated with a delicate beige beaded costume jewelry necklace. Her blonde hair shoulder length would fall over her face while she supported herself with the back of the barstool as she awkwardly brushed it aside as if it were a curtain that kept getting in her way. I knew it was time to leave, so we piled into my car with me behind the wheel. We first dropped my friend off and then headed to Noreen’s house. Once in front of her home, she exchanged some conversation with her s****r and got out of the backseat on her own accord. I watched as she stumbled up her walkway towards her front stoop. Like a good b*****r in law, I waited to see that she got inside her home before pulling away, enjoying the view as she did so.

My wife and I could see that she was digging through her small purse for what seemed like too long and then she began to pat her jean pockets. It was at this point I rolled down the window to see what the matter was. “Are you ok, Nor ?” I called out to her. She just nodded her head and kept looking in her purse and then looked over and said, “The door is locked and I don’t have my key!” in a d***ken slur. I told my wife I was going to see what was going on and she impatiently sighed and said, “ok.”. As I approached Nor, she had her hand cupped to the glass door looking into the porch and trying to see if she noticed any movement inside the house. “I think I see the light from the TV on in the den, maybe he is sl**ping on the couch.” she states. She suggests that we head around back and I once again find myself following the swaying buttocks of my sexy s****r in law. My wife lowers the window as she sits in the car and wants to know what is going on. “ We are going around back to see if it’s open!” I softly shout in a hoarse whisper. As I contemplate my wife’s annoyance at her s****r’s thoughtlessness, I find myself with a small thrill at being my s****r in law’s “aide” in her time of need. I walk closely behind her as I notice she is not too stable as she struts through the slate stones that lead to her yard. Once through the gate and up the stairs of the deck, we peer into the sliding door to see a corner lamp lit, but no television or sl**ping husband on the couch. Nor knocks softly at first on the glass door and then a little harder after a few minutes. “ He can sl**p through a fuckin’ earthquake!” she says. I place my hand on her shoulder and tell her that its ok and we do not want to wake the neighbors. I explain that it might be best if she came back to our house and she can either call her house or wait till the morning.

Suddenly, Noreen’s eyes begin to well with tears and a sad expression comes over her face. She offers a slight laugh through her tears and says “I don’t know why I am crying.”, she blubbered. “I just miss my mother and it’s funny that I should be crying now, I don’t know!” My wife and Noreen had lost there mother back in 1998 to cancer. I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her to me and told her it’s alright and I understand why she is upset. She continued to sob and say something but some perverse electric jolt shot through me and I took her face in my hands, wiped the tears from her eyes and said “ ohh, Nor!.....shhhh, its ok!” I stole a kiss to her cheek and then looked at her and kissed her again on her cheek once more. “You just had too much to drink!” I said and she put her arms around me and gave me a hug. “I know I have so much to be happy about, my f****y, you and Stacy….I just feel so alone….” she continued. “Awww, please don’t cry……I miss your mom too, she was an awesome person.”. I felt brazen and in the confusion, I planted a kiss on her lips and then held her close to me. My cock stirred at that last attempt and I felt her warm body next to mine. My hands felt the small of her waist and my stomach droped and I feel like I am on my first date. She sobs into my shoulder her hands clasped behind my shoulders and I feel her weight upon me. My fingers find there way into her back pockets and I feel her firm ass beneath the tips. I get the nerve to lean in and begin to kiss her neck with soft small pecks as she continues expressing her sorrow.

Without notice, Nor takes a deep breath and she lifts her head and looks into my eyes. Coming back to reality, I feel as if I’m about to be scolded and I smile at her sheepishly, getting ready to offer an apology for the intrusion of her personal space. She simply stares at me and leans in and kisses my cheek and whispers “you are so good to me” into my ear. This time when she pulls back, her dreamy eyes half closed and a crooked smile meet my gaze for a moment and then we both collide softly with lips apart, tongues searching for wicked pleasure. We stand there “making out” what seems like forever and I’m lost in her embrace. Surprisingly, her hand reached down between my legs to find a throbbing penis full of lust and she cups the shaft and slide up and down with a rough caress. “You’ve wanted this, huh ?” she mumbles in her slurred speech. “ohh yesss, Nor….but…” and a sudden pang of guilt comes over me. I recall my wife is on the other side of the house waiting in the car and by this time she must be curious as to what the hell is going on. I listen, but there is only silence in the night air and the sound of our heavy breathing. “You stare at me, I see how you look at me…I know its wrong and I thought I was ok…” she spews. “But being like this makes me feel so hot…” she moans. Now I’m beginning to panic that my fantasy is becoming reality and I start to sweat and I feel it trickle from my neck down my back. “Nor, I can’t believe you are saying this and it is so hot, but….but…” and before I could continue her hands slide down across my chest and she begins to lower herself so she is looking up at me while in a squat position. She stares at me as she unzips my jeans and reaches into my boxer briefs to gain access to my swollen member. I tilt my head back and look up into the night sky and say a little prayer that this goes as good as it feels. I feel her warm breath on my cock and her tongue slips from the base of my shaft to the tip and in one quick slurp, it’s in her hot mouth. I see the top of her head bobbing against my pelvis. Her lips are like butter as she glides back and fourth on my erection and her tongue feels like velvet. I grasp her hair and gently stroke her head.

My pants around my ankles, the moonlight shines on us both as we stand on her deck in these wee hours. I am not sure if she realizes that if her husband were to come downstairs and look out the back door or my wife was to get out of the car and come looking for us, we would be in a world of shit. Not wanting to interrupt this intense pleasure, I figured if I cum sooner than later, I can end this and everyone, especially me, will be happy. Or at least none the wiser. I reached down and slid my hands into the front of Noreen’s blouse and felt her soft little mounds. She continued to suck me hard, intent on making me blow as I tweaked her nipples with loving gentleness. “Nor…I’m fucking gonna cum so hard!” I whispered. She kept her pace and reached with one hand to stroke me adding a twisting motion while her mouth was hard at work. My balls began to ache with the desire to cum and the electricity was running through my body with the sensation to dump my load in Nor’s waiting mouth. The excitement grew too much to bear and I felt the pleasurable sting of the venom making its way up my shaft. It erupted with such f***e that I saw her eyes widen in the moonlight as it hit the back of her throat and a slight gurgle emerged from her mouth. Her knees hit the deck as she pushed into me and I felt her nose bury itself into my pubic hair and she wagged her head back and forth in an “I can take it!” attitude. After several spurts of jizz and her feeling my cock begin to soften, she slowed down her intensity and released my cock into the night air and took a breath.

I pulled her up off her knees and kissed her passionately and whispered, “ I owe you big, Nor!”. She smiled and hugged me and said “I knew I would always love having you as my b*****r in law!”. I ran my hand across her cheek and into her hair and said. “Lets save this for another time before we get caught out here, literally with my pants down !” She snickered her buzzed little laugh and as I pulled up my pants I told her I was glad to see she was feeling better, but we still have a problem of explaining why we were gone so long and how she was going to get into her house. She suddenly had a moment of clarity and said “Shit! I know ! I have a spare key in the shed!”. We both walked down the deck steps and I held her hand to keep her steady and to always be a gentlemen. We found the key hanging on the nail just to the left of the door and we began to walk towards the front door of her house. I had suggested that we tell her s****r that when we went to the back, you tripped and banged your leg and you have been sitting on the deck in pain and I was looking for the key. When I approached the car, I once again became nervous, began to perspire and I thanked God that the area around the house was not well lit. As I reached for the door handle, I saw my wife curled up in the passenger seat, her head leaning against the window, fast asl**p. She jumped up when she heard me enter and said “what the hell took you so long?” with a sl**py face. I began to explain how Nor fell and the key situation and feigned exasperation and annoyance at having to take care of her s****r and her problems. That kind of shut her up for a minute and I said, “why baby, did you miss me ?” and offered her a big smile. Without missing a beat, I say to her “ Don’t you worry, I’m gonna take you home and take good care of you now.” She smiles and touches my free hand as I pull away from the curb. “Mmmm, that’s right! No k**s at home ! you are in for a treat!”. I laugh and speed off thinking how lucky I am tonight and how hard I’m going to fuck my wife.

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2 years ago
always wanted to fuck/suck my sil. Still do.
2 years ago
yes great story. Could happen too.
3 years ago
Awesome story. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
good story thanks for sharing
3 years ago
That was a well done.
3 years ago
Great story, well written and a good storyline. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
A delightful read! Very believable storyline, and well crafted. Funny that you used the word "floater" in the title though. I like how you described her lips being like butter. I can tell you put extra care into the grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It really make the story that much more enjoyable.
3 years ago
Yes, bring on part 2,great story of a great evening
3 years ago
awesome but you should how you & the wife went at each other a part 2