s****r Lori Knows 2

It was a few weeks later that I had the chance to be alone with Lori again. She was not going out that night for some reason and Mom and Dad were going out and my other s****r at her friends for the evening. I played video games while Lori spent most of her time on the phone, in and out her room, playing music loudly. She was wearing her short denim skirt and tee shirt with her tits pushing hard against the thin fabric and her curly locks still damp from the shower she took only 15 minutes ago.

I thought I heard the doorbell but I continued playing video games knowing it wasn’t for me, as I wasn’t expecting anyone. I heard her come pouncing down the stairs and some murmuring voices in the hall way. I put my game on pause and listened intently to see if I knew who it was. Nothing but silence. So I crept up the stairs and as I came around the corner to the hall facing the front door, I caught a glimpse of Lori’s boyfriend heading up the staircase. As I silently walked toward the doorway, I peeked up the stairs to see them turn and head towards Lori’s room.

Now Lori wasn’t supposed to have any visitors, especially of the male variety while Mom and Dad were out and I knew she must have been up to no good. I contemplated running up and telling her she’s in trouble as I got a snack from the kitchen. But instead I decided on a little covert operation. So after I finished my devil dog and drank some milk from the container, I snuck up the stairs to find Lori’s door closed, but open just a crack. I grabbed my disc camera (those of you from this era know what that is!) from my bedside drawer and on my hands and knees crept slowly towards her room. I guess I wasn’t ready to see what I saw. I figured I would snap a few pics of her and her boyfriend so I had proof that she “broke the rules”. Once I peered into her room, the fading light from the dusk shone through her window shade, illuminating my s****r’s dark hairy pussy as she laid at the corner of her bed. Her legs stradled the bedpost at the foot of her bed, her little toes just barely touching the floor. Her ass looked like it would slide off the mattress if she wasn’t being held up by her boyfriends arms. He was positioning his cock at the entrance of her bushy zone as she leaned back on her elbows. His one hand under her right knee as he held his large cock in his left, fumbling for the waiting hole of my s****r.

“Yes….yes…mmmm, that’s it….” I heard he whisper as he leaned in to push it in. He must not have had much lube because he looked like he was having a slow time of it. His panting gave away his excitement and he slowly sank upon her with his weight. “ Ahhhhhh, fuck yeah…..!” I heard him exclaim. His head now resting on her t-shirt tits, he began to move his hips as my s****r’s head falls back and she closes her eyes. She licks her lips and I see her push toward him in a slow bucking motion and the process begins. They both seem trance like and his ass is pumping back and forth now and Im truthfully in shock at what I am seeing. All I knew is a lot of kissing and rubbing went on but I never knew she was this active. His pants around his ankles and his shirt off, I watch as he gives my s****r a little fucking. My little cock is now hard and I begin to massage it through my shorts. Her tits are swaying in a circle motion under her tee and his pace picks up. His cock glistens with my s****r’s juices as my balls begin to ache.

Suddenly, the ringing of our telephone breaks their trance and I they look towards the door. Not wanting to get busted, I scramble to my room and hide behind the bed. I hear pants being zipped up and my s****r running towards my parents room where the only phone on the second floor is kept. I look across over my bed and see my s****rs ass beneath her white and green t shirt with her back towards me while on the phone. She walks back to her room and tells Carl, her boyfriend, that was his mom and that she had lied and told her that he had stopped by but was on his way home. I hear him groan and try to encourage Lori to finish what they started but she shouted “No!” and pushed him down the stairs. “Besides, my b*****r is down in the basement and he doesn’t even know you are here! I don’t want to get bagged!” She walks him downstairs and I hear the door open and close and I felt safe now. But then my s****r began calling my name and walked to the basement door. I heard her go down and there was a few moments of silence. I realized that I might be in trouble, but I didn’t know what else to do, so I sat at my desk reading a comic book. She eventually came back up and saw me in my room.

“Hey, how long you been up here ??” she says with a slight quiver in her voice. I turn around and smile and say “long enough.” I begin to laugh and she starts to turn red. “You little shit! You’ve been up here a while then?”, not wanting to come out and say it. “ If you mean long enough to know Carl was here….yeah….”, I said. It was just then that I realized I had been in such surprise that I never got to take any photos. But she didn’t know that. So I picked up my camera and held it for her to see. “ Mom and Dad will love the photos!” and I laughed again knowing she was beginning to get angry. “ No way! You didn’t!” she yells. “Give me that!” She starts to make her way toward me but I think quick and said, “Here you can have it. I hid the film.” She snags the camera and then looks at me, not bothering to see if I was telling the truth by opening the camera. I figured the jig is up when she comes to me and squats down in front of my chair and says in a soft voice, “ listen, that’s what teenagers do, that was private between me and Carl and you can’t go telling anyone. Anyone!”. I just sit and smile nervously because I’m starting to feel sorry for her. And to tell the truth I enjoyed what I saw. She touches my leg and says “ remember, I didn’t tell anyone about you rubbing your little cock on my foot while I was sl**ping, right ?” She pauses. “So this is no different, we have to stick up for each other.”

Now I see that we are on the same playing field and I begin to feel powerless, but horny. I figured if she was willing to play with me last time, perhaps I have her vulnerable again. Little did I know, she was still suffering from the being a horny teenager who just had to cut short her joyride. “ Ok, no problem, but uhh….do u think we can do that foot thing again ?” I say to her, waiting her reply. She simply looks at me and smirks as if she is contemplating telling me to get lost. “ You know what ? I have a better idea…” she says and grabs a hold of my waistband of my shorts. She kinda of caught me by surprise but I let her take charge and lifted my ass so she could slide my shorts down. She reaches over to tocuh my cock and glides her finger with read nail polish up and down my shaft. She looks up at me and smiles and he pretty lips and teeth shine in my bedroom lighting. Her hand makes a circle with her thumb and forefinger and begins to slide up and down my shaft, sending sensations down my spine. I grip the chair arms as she leans down and teases the tip of my cock with her tounge, encircling the head slowly and with such grace. Her head moves down now as she engulfs my little penis in her mouth, her lips slowly sliding down my short staff. “Ohhh fuck ! “ I moan under my breath as I have never felt this way before and certainly never had a mouth wrapped around my pud. She shifts her weight and now gets on her knees and begins to suck and pull with her mouthm swirling her tounge around my cock. Her other hand reaches over and plays with my sac, jiggling the balls as she twirls forever on my boyhood. Her head bobbing, I lean back and watch the show as I feel the urge to shoot my wad into my s****r’s waiting mouth.

The noises of slurping and sucking excite me as she throws me a look every once in a while to see how Im doing. She begins to jerk my cock while she blows me and this hastens my eruption. Im getting close and I am not sure what she is going to have me do when she whispers between licks, “ Are you close?” and I hoarsely say “uh huh….” And she sits back on her heels and whips off her shirt to expose her beautiful Ds. Her nipples like pink lemonade, so milky and firm, she pushes them together and says “cum on my tits!” She reaches up to my cock and leans in and pumps me using the saliva from her hot and intense blow job and I am in awe. The burning springs from my boy cock and shoots a lava of semen onto her chest, spurt after spurt, making rivulets to her cleavage. She moans and says “ooooo.. yeah….mmmm….yeah….i like that…” and continues to jerk and squeeze every ounce of my cream onto her heaving bosoms. I sit and pants as she squeezes the last drop onto her person. She stands up and says “ now…..you have to do ME a favor…..”

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2 years ago
oh god! horny now!!! great story!!!
3 years ago
Jacked after reading this.....couldnt hold any longer. Can't wait for part 3!
3 years ago
another good story!!
3 years ago
awesome great sister
3 years ago
Brilliant. Wish I'd had a sister like her
3 years ago
Very nice, Love the descriptions!
3 years ago
Nicely done, with a compelling hook into part three and beyond. Looking forward to more of this story.
3 years ago
Amazing!! Can't wait for part 3! xx
3 years ago
I love the story damm I had to jrk off I wish I could fuck my sister like that!!
3 years ago
Very nice. Hope there is more about sister Lori
3 years ago
O.o Can't wait for the next installment this one was a clif hanger and amazing.