Evening With My s****r In Law - Part 2

“Nor ?” I call out in a hushed tone. I begin to walk towards the front room and I hear the music again and as I round the wall separating the hall from the room, I see Nor sitting on the easy chair in a sexy stretch satin lingerie with black red lace chemise, babydoll with lace up back, her shoulders back against the chair and her small breasts now creating cleavage with the tight fitted cups, the silky ribbons cascade down the front tapering to meet her hips, the hemline just barely covering her ass. Her legs are fully exposed and her firm smooth thighs are stretched out as she slides one leg over the other, her feet on the ottoman before her. On her face is a big grin and she lifts her hands up to cover her face and she squeezes her eyes shut and I hear a muffled, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” and then a short squeal. I can’t help but laugh and say, “Holy shit Nor! You got some guts, huh ?”. Her face all flush from the drinks and embarrassment, she whispers, “ I can not believe I actually came down in this! I went up to check on the k**s and I was thinking about what you were saying and I stopped in my room, looked into my closet and saw it hanging there and thought to myself I love to see the look on your face, now I’m not so sure I did the right thing !” as she breathes heavily from the long sentence and exhilaration. So now I have to think quickly and help her be at ease.

“Ok, well (chuckle), I must say, I’m very impressed and I’m wondering…..what made you pick this particular outfit ?”. I now see the triangle of black panty in the dim lighting, as I could not help but check between her legs as she crosses and uncrosses her legs nervously. “ Well, it caught my eye first…annnnnd…..uhhh, it probably is the one that covers the me the most.” Another squeak emits from between those luscious lips and she again covers her nose and mouth with her hands. I sit down and smile, not showing too much aggression as not to scare off this beautiful creature. “Well, it was an excellent choice and I thank you!” and I add a little half bow while sitting. “Do you dare stand up and let me see it in it’s entirety ? You can put on a little show for me.” And maybe like a runway model, you can go up and change into another one and I can let you know what I like best !” Did I just say that ? I think to myself……She stands and poses left and right and then a quick spin, but as she spins, she places the back of her hands agains her but so I only see overlapped palms. “Wait wait wait…what was that ?? What was that with the hands ?” I shout in a hoarse whisper. She laughs and does another spin without the hands and I realize that they are thong panties! Wow, this is getting better and better, I think to myself.

“ Now you see?? That’s what im talking about! You look freakin awesome Nor!” She is beaming and laughing and starting to loosen up and doing a small cat walk back and fourth. “ I usually wear the silky night shirts to bed cause they are more comfortable, I hardly put half of things he bought me on, they are just so, I dunno, cheesy!”. I am sure she wanted to say cheap or slutty, but these wives forget that this is exactly what we want to see. It’s what we like behind closed doors and not necessarily how we want our wives to be 24/7. She sips down her drink and I offer to make another one and suggest that she go and see what to put on next. I tell her I wont be offended and to put on something “unusual” as this is just a show and for fun. No sooner I say this, she is bounding up the stairs and my heart begins to race once more. I bring the two drinks back in and sit down for the next showing.

She seems to be taking a little longer this time and within a few minutes I hear soft clicks moving slowly towards the top of the stairs. Suddenly, a beautiful stem appears with white stilettos upon her foot, and then the right leg. She is moving slowly down the stairs, partially because she is in heels and secondly, as not too make too much noise and wake the c***dren. This only makes it the better as I ogle towards the staircase and watch her decent from heaven. And she does look like an angel as she appears in an all white ruffle push up bustier, thin straps over her shoulders and white thong panties. The cups holding her bosom are fringed with lace as they give her lift and the white thigh high stockings are held up with garter belts. She slowly walks in front of me, her one hand on her hip, all smiles and she struts back and forth, placing one foot in front of the other like a lingerie model going down the runway.

It is at this point that I am speechless and I can not seem to produce the same silly banter any longer. She has heard all my comments on how hot she looks and great she is and so on and so on….but I stammer out one last sentence as I stand up in front of her. “Now that….is perfection…” and I reach out and put my hand on her hip. Her eyes meet mine and her mouth d****s slightly open as if to say something. I bring my other hand up to her face and brush her cheek with the back of my hand. With one swift motion, I pull her closer and my hand goes to her neck to support her while I move in for the kill. Her lips meet mine and she closes her eyes, her softness presses against me and I feel the heat from both our bodies combine to set us both off. Her tongue darts into my mouth and I cant stop holding her as we lock together in an embrace. I begin to kiss her neck and she tilts her head and moans. My hand glides down to feel the firm buttocks I’ve longed to see and touch and a gentle caress and soft squeeze lets me know this is for real and not in my imagination. She has one hand on my waist and one hand sliding between us to feel my pulsing manhood and she grazes outside the boxers I am wearing, careful not to overstep, as I am sure she has feelings of trepidation.

We stand together, kissing and caressing, wondering what is to happen next, each of us nervous to make any sudden moves, jarring us from this dream. We take a moment to catch our breath and look at each for the first time in what seems like forever, more likely 5 minutes. We both understand the line we just crossed and it is a sobering thought. We stare at each other, not saying a word and Nor begins to shake her head. “ No…no….we cant…we cant do this….”. She begins to pull away and I, being the weaker of the two, say “Please…wait.” And I plant one softly on her lips. She kisses back but I can tell it is not with the same intensity. “ Jim, we cant, its not right….” she whispers. She begins to cry a little, her eyes well up with tears and I feel her breathing change. How can I deny it ? I know how we are in the wrong and as wonderful as this is, how are we supposed to act like it is ok ? I pull her down and place her on the easy chair she has been on most our evening together. I kneel beside her and reach out and hold her hand and say “Nor….of course you are right. But let’s not feel bad about what we did. It was fun, we didn’t try to hurt anyone and we just shared some feelings, ok ? We can stop now and enjoy what it was….you are so frickin sexy, I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to resist!” We both laugh a little at that and she seems to be coming around. “ I just wanted to be a little free and I should have known where it might have led. I was stupid to do this!” “ Ohh hon, please don’t say that!” I say. “ I wasn’t any help and….and….” I stutter, trying to choose my words correctly, “and…it is normal to show love that we have for each other, whatever lust we have, we are not trying to hurt our spouses and we do not have to let them know any of this. It will be our time we shared.”

In my heart, I wanted to bed her down right there, but I knew she could not overcome her emotion at that point in time. I continued to hold her for a little longer and let her know all was ok. We agreed to keep it our secret and we were adult enough to handle our moment of weakness and I said it would be best if I went home. She said that I shouldn’t drive and to stay on the couch. She kicked off her shoes and carried them upstairs and as I watched my angel rise back to her cloud, I sat back on the couch and reflected on the evening. I laid back and though how close I was to the fantasy that I’ve held onto for so long and wondered if it was all worth it. I felt the strong urge to sneak upstairs, crawl into her bed and convince her that we should have this one night of passion before it is too late, but I believe the moment has passed for her and she has regained her sensibility. I, on the other hand, was still horny as shit and just the thought of going up to see her again got me aroused.

I slipped my hand into my boxers and felt the precum on the tip of my head and I slid it about and caressed my cock for a while. “why not?” I said to myself. At least I can blow my load here on her couch after such an evening. I pushed my shorts down and began a full frontal attack on my genitals and closed my eyes and brought to life the vision I saw of Noreen only minutes ago. I pumped my shaft using only the lubrication from my pre cum and it wasn’t long before I felt a load of warm semen onto my chest. I lay there for a minute, waiting until my breathing subsided, before I get up to get some paper towels from the kitchen to clean up. As I moved my leg to the floor to get up, I thought I heard a creak by the stairs. I stopped cold fearing that one of the c***dren was now up. After about 30 seconds of frozen panic, I begin to get up and walk towards the kitchen to clean up. I then hear slow and steady footsteps of a weight bearing adult and wonder, was that Nor watching me from the stairs ? Nahhh….must be my imagination.

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14 days ago
Love it, very sensual story
2 years ago
3 years ago
wow erotic is mild
3 years ago
Good and well written, but very anticlimactic, unless there is a part 3? Thanks
3 years ago
I like it, believable and gives erotica a touch of fun
3 years ago
cool story bro
3 years ago
Well written, if somewhat anticlimactic...a believable story though.