Evening with s****r In Law

I have been home from work just a short time and my wife says that she wants to talk to me. Right away, I think, “Uh oh, what did I do now?" and my mind starts thinking about things that I can be in trouble for. She tells me that her friends want to have a girl’s weekend and they book a room for two days out at the beach club about two hours away. Her only problem is that since i'm working she will have to set up a sitter for the k**s. She mentions how she might ask her s****r for Friday and Saturday and that I can pick them up after work. Her s****r tends to be tit for tat and she hates calling on her for a favor but bottom line, the s****rs are always there for each other and their families. Living 5 minutes from each other has it’s advantages too for babysitting favors and such.

So the weekend comes, it's Saturday morning and I’m getting ready to head to work, and my wife gives me all the instructions about what the k**s will wear, make sure they have sunblock, the activities and plans they have, where and when they need to be picked up and dropped off, etc. I tell her to go and have fun and not to worry about anything. So the plan is for my k**s to spend the day at my s****r in laws. Now my s****r in law Noreen is nothing like my wife. My wife stands 5'5" brown hair, nice figure that struggles with the weight from our two c***dren, but a very pretty girl with a twinkle in her eye.

I think my wife is the prettier of the two and I know a lot of our male friends feel the same. Noreen is pretty but in a different way. First of all she is taller, about 5'9" and has bleach blonde hair and the body style of a pro beach volley ball player. Her high cheekbones and pouty lips compliment her big brown eyes, all composed on a squarish jaw line, kind of model like. She has small breast, and i've only glimpsed at them in the buff once, but that’s another story. But most of the time they are in a pretty top or an athletic support bra. Noreen loves to exercise! Did I say loves to exercise? Because I mean she LOVES to exercise! She is kind of addicted and there is a rare time she not out walking or on the tread mill and watching what she eats. However, she loves her drink or two or three or four on the weekends and enjoys a party. And this is how she keeps her long toned legs in shape and her butt so firm. Her tummy is pretty flat; her Pro volleyball player physique turns head whether she is in a jogging outfit, jeans and a top or in a summer dress.

My work day is ended and I am on my way to pick up my k**s at Noreen’s house and I figured it would be good to make contact to let her know I am on my way. As the phone is ringing, I consider asking Noreen if she and her husband want to take her c***dren and my c***dren out to get something to eat, my treat, since they watched my k**s all day. “Hello….Jim ?” she said. “ Hey Noreen, just wanted to let you know I’m on my way home.” I say. “ Ok ! the k**s are having a good time, they went in the pool today, played in the yard and now they are playing basketball in the driveway. They are having a blast!” “That’s great! Im glad to hear that…..listen, I was thinking about taking you and Mike out to dinner with all the k**s, what do you think ?” She pauses for a moment and says, “Ohhhhh, I guess you don’t know, Mike has a softball tournament this weekend down in Hampton and wont be back until Sunday.” “ No, I didn’t know….ohh man, that sucks…..but we can still go out if you like ?” I say. “ Uhh, sure, sounds fine….why don’t you stop home first and get cleaned up and Ill get the k**s ready “, she says, “ so we will be ready to go when you get here.” “ I’m fine with that, ill see you in 45 minutes to an hour.”
When I arrive to her house, Noreen opens the door as I’m walking up the front path. She looked amazing! She was wearing a white and yellow sundress that went just below her knees with spaghetti straps on her shoulders, feminine and flirty white wedge sandals with painted toenails. She smiles and says “Hi Jimmy!” and kisses me hello as I step onto her front porch. “Hello….you look very nice.” I say with a nervous quiver in my voice. I feel as if im picking up my prom date. She brings me back to reality a bit and says “ the k**s are inside playing video games, come in….” and we walk into the house. My k**s come running up to me, “Daddy!” they shout
As we all pile into her suburban, her three k**s and my two, I begin to feel like a Brady Bunch sitcom. Noreen offers me the car keys and I gladly get into the driver’s seat, as I have very little patience being a passenger, having always been the driver. As we drive to the restaurant, Noreen and I make small talk, but I can’t help but glance at her dress now well above her knees as she sports her lovely legs, tanned and toned, for my viewing pleasure. I had an impulse to put my hand down upon her knee as we were driving like it was a casual thing to do. While at the restaurant, it was a constant barrage of comments from waiters, waitresses or other customers about “how large are f****y was” or “how cute we looked together”. Noreen and I laughed it off and didn’t bother explaining that we were not married. One couple who walked by our table even commented how the youngest one had my eyes, but Noreen’s lips. I didn’t know about her, but I was getting a charge out of the imaginary play we had put on.
During our drive home, all the k**s starting asking if they could play some more and some of them were asking to have a sl**pover. I started to tell the k**s that they have had a long day and to thank Aunt Noreen for taking care of them when Noreen leaned towards me, put her hand on my leg to stop me, and whispered “ I really don’t mind if you want to come back and stay for while.” I looked at her for a few seconds and said “ Are you sure? Its already 8:30 p.m.” and she was like “ahh so what, it’s a weekend, nothing going on tomorrow, the k**s can sl**p late.” I smiled and said “ok, I guess so….there is no reason to rush home”, recalling that my wife is out having fun and I might as well relax a bit and let the k**s play and tire out.
Once in the house, the k**s run different directions. The 2 boys run to play Wii and the three girls run to their room to play with barbies. Nor (short for Noreen, which is what I call her) tells me to make myself comfortable in the front room and she will pour us some wine. After a few minutes she enters with our glasses and we toast to a successful dinner. We talk about Stacy, my wife, and her weekend getaway and about what was going on with her husband Mike and his tournament status. I mention how they are out doing what they want to do and we deserve to relax as well and we chuckle about the ones being left behind to work, watch c***dren and hold down the fort. We spend a good 2 hours talking and laughing with the radio on in the background. We have already gone through 2 bottles of wine and we both notice that the house was very quiet except for the music playing in the background. I tell her I’m going to check on the boys in the playroom and she says she will go upstairs to check on the girls. As I enter the room, I noticed that the video game has been switched to cartoon network and the two boys are each passed out on opposite couches. I laugh to myself while I turn off the TV and head back to tell Nor.
In the front room, I am alone and I drink down the last traces of wine in my glass. I walk over to the CD player and hit shuffle and music begins to play from the CDs that Nor had in there. I turn it low as not to wake the boys. A few moments later Nor comes down the stairs. I take immediate notice that she changed into some cute girly light blue pajama shorts and a baby doll tee shirt with a V neck for comfort. Her bare feet padded down the steps as I again take note of her shapely legs. She walks towards me and says that the girls were passed out on the beds so she covered them up. I told her about the boys and how I should be getting everyone home. She makes a face and says “ Noo No, don’t wake them! They can stay, it’s fine, it is late anyways.” Again, I found myself asking if she was ok with this arrangement and motioned to get my keys and slip my shoes back on. At the site of me getting ready to leave, Nor says “You know, I don’t mind if you want to stay…if your k**s are staying here, I’m not going to kick you out and let you go home alone.” I smile and relish in all the thoughts that go thru my head and say with a soft laugh “ahhh I dunno if that’s a good idea” and she smiles and says “C’mon! Its not late for us, one more drink and you can stay here on the couch if you get tired.” I contemplate and now I am tired of asking for her permission and I grin, kick off my shoes and plop down onto the couch behind me. “ What are we drinking ?” I say in a playful manner. She suggests her famous margaritas but suggests that I carry the boys up to the room so the blender doesn’t wake them up. She tells me to grab something from her husband’s night table drawer where he keeps his boxers and t shirts so I will be more comfortable, as we are both about the same size.
After I come down from the boy’s room, changed as she suggested, Nor is still in the kitchen topping off the margaritas with a straw and a floater. I see she has a bowl of chips on the table and I pick up the chips and carry them into the front room where we’ve been. I noticed ost of the lights are out and the one in the room has dimmed. She walks in with the two drinks and as if she was reading my mind says “ I hope its ok, I dimmed the lights, I’m more comfortable that way. We sit back and make ourselves comfortable and chat about how well behaved the c***dren were tonite. I definitely notice the effects of the alcohol I’ve been consuming and while Nor is a trooper and can probably come close to drinking me under the table, I see she is not too sober herself and is slurring a word or too. We both seemed like we had a lot to say and a lot of giggling was going on.
It was very hard at this point to ignore the fact that little fantasies began playing in my mind on how I would like to move closer to her, touch her, kiss her neck, feel her lips on mine and caress that bottom. Her legs crossed with her bare feet dangling as she speaks, I sometimes do not hear what she says…and she laughs and thinks it is because I’ve had to much to drink. She is right in one respect. I am intoxicated with her sexiness and trying to absorb what I can. I suddenly picture me getting down on the floor on my knees in front of her and running my now erect cock on the soles of her feet.
I decide to take the conversation in a playful manner to see what can be done. We are now on the third pitcher of margaritas and the last ones that I made, I gave an extra shot of tequila in her glass, as she likes it strong anyways. I can see that it has been having an affect on her. So I decide to throw out a few compliments to see what that gets me.
“ Nor, I have to say that all that tread mill is really paying off, you look great!” I say, all with a sly smile. “Uggg, I still need to lose more, but thanks….”, she says. “ohh yeah ? Where ?” She stands up and pinches at her belly as she lifts up her baby doll tee. She is standing there in all her glory, exposed belly, long legs, bare feet and pert breast. She sways as she twists to look behind her and pats her rear as if to say she can afford trimming here too. As she twists, her knee bends and her foot is on the toes and its as if she is posing for me, which reminds me of a fantasy I had put away in the back of my mind for some time and now, it may be close to coming out. “You are ridiculous! “ I know Stacy (my wife) would love to have your body ! then maybe she would wear some of that lingerie I keep buying her!” As I say this, I know its not so bad but I feel a little silly. But the alcohol has made me brazen and I push further. “ She likes to wear long tees and PJ pants and the flannels drive me insane!” as I give a little laugh. “ I only wish she would wear things like you!” She smiles and says “well this is nothing sexy, this is just pajamas…..I don’t really wear my other stuff a lot.” “ Well, at least you have it and Im sure you do wear it, you just aren’t going to tell me cause I’m your b*****r in law!” She plops back down onto the easy chair and tucks her legs under her bottom Indian style. “ it comes out on special occasions !” and laughs “ I’m sure not as much as Mike would like it too!” So now I figure, why not ? We are both feeling good, lets see how I can push without getting into trouble ? “ Well tonite is a special occasion, no ? “ Im now daring her to say no and hurt my feelings and before she answers, I say “ I mean we had a nice dinner, k**s played nice, we’re having a nice night….” “Jimmmyyyy !” she squeals. And I say “Whaa?” with a shit eating grin. She just shakes her head and says “ You know what I mean!” And I’m not sure I know, but I know she meant special as in husband and wife and I’m wondering how much trouble I caused. “ You know ? I’m going to check on the k**s.”
She jumps up and heads to the stairs and I just sit there wondering how I can be so stupid. I watch as her sexy legs disappear up the staircase and I say “stupid stupid stupid!” to myself . I am just about done with my drink so I get up to walk into the kitchen. I see there is about two more glasses worth in the blender and I wonder If I should be getting another or apologizing and leaving or going to pass out on the couch. As I contemplate, I look on the refrigerator at all the photos of the k**s and f****y, I see photos of Nor and my wife and even one of the four of us. I just stare at the photos and after about 3 minutes of zoning out, I hear the stairs creak and out of the corner of my eye, I see Nor pass by the kitchen into the front room.

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1 month ago
Interesting start, nice little teaser
9 months ago
You are right, never noticed that before! hmmm!
9 months ago
good story but I am dammed if I understand how theres 14 good comments and near a full red line of thumbs down?
3 years ago
what's next? :0
3 years ago
thanks for sharing your comments everyone!
3 years ago
Nothing like some sexy teasing...:)
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great start
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Nice lead in!
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3 years ago
Very nice and well written. Also a great tease, but I see part 2 is posted so I'll move on to it. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Well told, and a great tease...if you don't continue this story soon, I may have to come looking for you!
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3 years ago
Very sexy can't wait for the next part
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Good job. I cant wait for the rest.
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good story so far, please please continue!!!!
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Very Nice. Please continue!
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Nice, look forward to the sequel

Anna xxx