Daughter's Little Secret - Part 2

Daughter's Little Secret - Part 2

By boytoy68 and billy69boy

I arrived the next day earlier than I had expected. Rather than knock on the door before the agreed upon time, I decided to unload my tools and material, and take everything around back to the basement entrance. I worked as quietly as possible. As I made successive trips, I thought I heard some sort of low moaning coming from one of the first floor rooms. I didn't pay it much mind, but each time I passed by that particular window, the sound seemed to get louder. I could hear some words mixed in, excited and rather urgent, coming from a female's voice.

As far as I knew, only Jodie was in the house. Both cars were gone from the driveway, so her parents had already left for work. I didn't want to pry, I thought to myself, as it was none of my business. I did find myself slowing down a little as I passed by her window, and I was rewarded with what sounded like obvious moans of pleasure that seemed to get louder by the minute…and then clear, pleading words:

"OOOOOH! YESSSSSS! OHMYGOD, YES!! Oh Jake that feels so good, keep going…keep doing that! OH, YES! YES! YES!! LICK MY HOT FUCKING PUSSY! OH FUCK YES! I'm going to CUM! OHMYGOD, right there! RIGHT THERE!! OH GOD I’m CUMMING! OH CHRIST, JAKE YOU ARE THE BEST! OH WOW! You are amazing!"

Her voice finally trailed off and softened to a whimper. My cock was so hard, thinking about that sexy young teenager getting fucked by her boyfriend like that: probably some punk k** who had no idea how lucky he was. I was jealous as hell and horny beyond belief, but I f***ed myself to concentrate, and I managed to continue unloading my truck until it was empty. I looked at my watch and it was a few minutes after 10:00 AM, so I approached the front door, picked up the newspaper off the porch, and rang the doorbell.

I heard the dog barking behind the door, and footsteps approaching. Jodie opened the door dressed in a slinky white robe, looking slightly disheveled, and trying in vain to straighten out her hair with her fingers. She accepted the newspaper from me, smiled at me coyly, blushing slightly:

"Good morning, er, Jodie," I said awkwardly, "I don't believe we've been formally introduced yet." I put my hand out, and she shook it weakly. "My name's Tim."

"Mom told me you would get here around this time," she replied, "Hold on, and I'll unlock the back door for you," she said rather cheerily, which was unusual for a teenager first thing in the morning. Having my own adolescent daughter at home, I had witnessed the typical teen greeting to the new day plenty of times, and it wasn't a pretty sight. But, I also noticed that Jodie had that "freshly fucked" look, and after hearing her verbalize her recent orgasm, I could understand the cause of her pleasantness.

"Thanks Jodie, I appreciate it", I responded, "all my stuff's out back, so I'll meet you around there." I watched her turn around and walk away, and I couldn't help but notice her sexy gait and her thin waist contrasting with her full hips and athletic legs. I lingered for a few seconds, despite the rude barking coming from the dog, who seemed to resent my ogling. Maybe he could read my mind, I thought, smiling to myself as I made my way around back.

Jodie stood leaning against the open door as I approached. Her arms were folded around her waist, causing her pert firm tits to be pushed up and out, revealing no bra underneath her robe. I could clearly see her nipples straining against the thin material. She looked me in the eyes and smiled shyly, and then she looked down. Thoughts of yesterday's escapades were fresh in my mind, and apparently in her mind too, but we said nothing.

"I'm going to put the coffee on, and then take a shower," she announced.

"Sounds great, Jodie, thanks," I said, as I brought a load of tools down the steps.

I watched her once again, as she sashayed away from me in such a way it was obvious she did it on purpose. She knew I was following her every move with lust in my eyes. When she started up the basement steps, she stopped halfway, and turned her attention back to me:

"Oh Tim, let me know when you get all your work stuff inside, so I can let Jake out in the back yard," she said coolly, and then she turned and went up to take her shower.

It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks as I lowered my tools to the floor. This little teen nymph was getting off with her dog’s tongue, not some well hung teenage boyfriend’s oral skills! My pants began to bulge with the thought that Jodie seemed quite the insatiable doll. My disappointment with Joyce not being around today had now become a distant second to the thought of having some fun with Jodie. After all, she did initiate the sexual misconduct by masturbating while watching her mother and me didn’t she?

I had to go straight to my work and try and put this behind me. This was some dangerous territory I was getting into. I removed the ceiling tile to expose the duct work. Reaching into my tool bag for the shears, I had a thought. It was one thing to have relations with her mother and although she was directly involved, I was caught up in the moment. I began to remove the section of duct so I could add a new supply register. Now I had the chance to think with a cooler head: a more reasonable head, instead of the one now throbbing in my jeans. With all my banging and cutting of the sheet metal, I must not have heard her soft footsteps come down the stairs to where I was working.

"Tim?” she said in a hushed tone. “I brought you some coffee, in case, uh, you were too busy to come and get it,” she explained.

She held a tray before her with a coffee mug and a few cookies on a plate. However, it was her cleavage showing through her partially opened robe just beyond the tray that held my attention. Jake’s barking brought me out of my trance and I smiled and took the tray from her and set it on the chair that was beside me.

“Thanks. I…uh…wanted to jump right in, make sure it’s done right for your mother,” I stated.

“Ohhh, I have no doubt you will do her right…..like…seriously!” she replied, letting out a small laugh.

Feeling almost embarrassed and at the same time challenged, I opened my mouth to almost scold her and remembered that the situation did not exactly call for that. The hem of her robe barely covered her intimate area and the light behind her gave her an angelic look, now standing there, arms folded over her chest, one foot facing outward and her knee slightly bent.

“About that...” I began, “maybe we should talk about it…” I exhorted through pursed lips in a fatherly tone.

Again, she let out a laugh as if to say she has heard it all before. Her eyes twinkled as they looked up at me and her blonde hair fell about her shoulders in a wavy and seductive fashion. I found myself once again standing in a basement, alone with a female, feeling weaker by the moment. I had to gain control of myself and the situation.

“Tim, I know what we did was not exactly, uuhh...how shall I say it...forthright…but no one was hurt, right? My mom was walking around on cloud nine when she came upstairs. I was able to go outside and come into the house like I just got home and she never knew. You made her so happy, Tim…and I was glad that she was happy. She has been so bitchy lately!” Again, she let out a laugh at her admission.

She was successful at getting me to let my guard down and I eased my stance and once again found myself admiring her teen body. Was she right in what she said? And why was she telling me all this instead of just letting it go? I knew I had to say something intelligent and as I opened my mouth to speak, she moved in closer to me.

“And I figured if you could make my mom happy like that….well….maybe you wouldn’t mind helping me out….would you?”

With that, her hands moved to the silky strap that barely held her robe closed and her flat abs and teen pussy came into view along with those globes of delight that had been holding my attention all morning. She reached up and held onto my triceps with a gentle touch and looked into my eyes.

Well, so much for coming up with something intelligent to say, I laughed to myself. The best I could possibly come up with, given the circumstances, was a low moan, and a weak "oh my!" This young girl meant business, and I doubted my will to resist. Her breasts were just breathtaking: not too big or too small, but proud and perky and firm. Her thin waist contrasted with her full hips, and nibbling her entire stomach seemed to be the most reasonable idea I ever had. I struggled to remain calm, and I resisted her advances with steely resolve.

"Jodie, you are beautiful, and so tempting," I began, as I gently pulled her hands away, "but…well…you're not that much older than my daughter, and…"

She just laughed in my face. "What is it, Tim, do you think your daughter is too young for sex? Or do you just have a case of wishful thinking?" she shot back, challenging me.

"Well yes, er I mean, No!" I stammered, not really knowing what I meant. "Of course she's too young to be thinking about sex yet!" I insisted.

"Well, you might be surprised," she answered, amused at my fatherly naiveté, even as she ran her hands softly up and down my arms. Her touch sent chills up my spine, which was apparently connected directly to my throbbing hard-on. Obviously, Jodie noticed too, and her hands dropped from my arms and down past my belt buckle, and rubbed against the bulge in my jeans. I could have exploded easily, if it wasn't for the thought of my own daughter doing the same thing with the landscaper or the pool guy at home.

Against all odds, I managed to peel her fingers off and direct her hands down to her sides. The look of disbelief on her face was priceless, but painful to witness. She actually snorted at me:

"Well, I guess I really shouldn't be getting involved with the only cock my mom has had since forever," she said sarcastically, "I shouldn't take you away from her like I did with daddy." She busied herself with retying the belt on her robe, turned and strode away from me in a huff.

"Whoa, Jodie, what was that you said?" I called after her.

"Never mind, I have to let Jake out now," she shot back over her shoulder as she headed up the basement stairs. I was stunned by her admission, and I'm sure her mother would be also if she ever found out. For a high school girl, this young lady sure has been around the block a time or two, I thought. I felt myself getting even more aroused, thinking about the possibilities, but I knew I had to will myself back to the job at hand. I had to have made some progress to show her mother when she came home. It turns out I was able to concentrate on my work, but I'd be lying if I said I had stopped thinking about Jodie.

An hour or so had passed before I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Jodie, still wearing her sexy thin robe, and carrying a tray of sandwiches and a pitcher of iced tea.

"Lunchtime!" She declared cheerfully, as if nothing had happened earlier. She set the tray down on the small bar and arranged two stools close together. She poured the tea and set out the sandwiches and napkins. I thought it would be unmannerly to ignore her hospitality, so I washed my hands and joined her. She ate silently, fucking me with her eyes all the while. I struggled to find something appropriate to talk about, but all I could manage was:

"So, how's school going?" which was about as lame as it gets. She frowned, as she took a long drink from her glass. She didn't even answer me, but I could see the mischievous twinkle in her eyes. As she popped the last of her sandwich into her mouth, I could tell she was giving me the once-over.

"You're in pretty good shape for…a man of your age," she countered. Damn, she got me again.

"Look, Jodie, I…"

"I was wondering if you'd like some dessert," she cut me off with a smirk on her face, as she slowly untied the sash holding her robe closed. I was frozen to my stool as I watched her little strip tease. She pulled the belt completely out of the loops in her robe, and handed it to me. I looked at her quizzically, cocking my head in confusion. She held her wrists out to me:

"Tie me up, like you did to my mom yesterday," she stated matter-of-factly. When I hesitated, she pleaded, "come on, I'm BORED!" Wow, where have I heard the "B" word before, I thought, as I felt my cock rise to the occasion. I decided to play along with her. It was probably the only way I was ever going to get any work done, I reasoned. I tied her wrists together tightly enough so that she couldn't escape her bonds. She giggled in anticipation, as we both stood up and I pulled her across the room to the infamous weight bench from the day before.

Without a word, I turned her around to face me, as I guided her legs back so they straddled the bench, and then I tied the belt high over her head. I stepped back, and I actually surprised myself by my restraint. She stood in front of me, legs spread, arms in the air, and helpless to do anything about it. I could have eaten her up right then and there, but I thought I would tease her a little, in an attempt to gain some upper hand in our little duel.

I took a couple steps towards her, and she was wiggling and grinning wide, wondering what might happen next. Slowly, I reached out and ran my fingers seductively through her beautiful long locks, pushing her hair back over her shoulders. I then ran my fingers down each side of her face and down her neck to the front of her robe. Her eyes grew ever wider with each advance. I took hold of her robe with each hand, and pushed it back over her shoulders, exposing those gorgeous young tits to the light. Oh, how I wanted to just squeeze them and suck them, and maybe slap them back and forth a little, but I didn't.

Instead, I walked around behind her and gathered up her robe and tucked it into the weight cables behind her back. I walked back around and faced her. Her smooth naked body was now vulnerable to any number of options. I could hardly take my eyes off her: from her perfect breasts to her thin waist, to her freshly shaved pussy and long legs, she was a total vision to behold. She even managed to smile shyly and blush as she felt my lustful eyes penetrate her to her very soul. It was really much more than I could handle, and so I did what I felt was all I could deal with at the moment: I turned around and walked away, and went back to work.

"Hey, TIM!" I heard her yell in my direction, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, ASS HOLE?? YOU COME BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!" she demanded, and I did just that: I wadded up the bandanna that I had in my pocket, and fed it into her protesting mouth. A strip of duct tape held it in place, and she could no longer speak, at least with her mouth: the fire in her eyes spoke volumes. I smiled my best smile at her, and then I returned to work.

Perhaps it was the guilt in me that gave me the strength to walk away and proceed with my work obligation. Or maybe it was just my fatherly intuition that kept me at bay from such a lovely and delightful prospect. But I knew, deep down, that it was neither of these emotions that delayed my intentions. It was pure a****l instinct that was welling up deep from within me. I felt the need to be in control: To reign with absolute power, to show strength, to be the one in command. It has been my way at my own home, in my business……and I was not about to allow some teenage pussy to tell me otherwise. No…..when I am good and ready, I will return and reap the rewards so duly owed to me.

About one and one half hours later, my project was nearing completion. Wiping the sweat from my brow, I noticed it was unusually quiet. I slowly walked to the other room where my muse patiently waited. She was kneeling on the bench with her head tilted downward, facing the floor, her eyes were closed. As I moved closer, I heard her heavily breathing through her nasal passage and she stirred and slowly moved to face me, her subdued eyes making contact with mine and then dropping down again. I reached up and slowly removed the duct tape and pulled the bandana from between her pouty lips. She whispered almost inaudibly.

“Hello, Tim…..I have been good while you were away and patiently waiting for your return. It is good to see you...Sir.”

Her voice was slightly hoarse and her mouth was dry. Even in this condition, she was radiant and oozed sexuality. She could not help herself and I thought to myself that this was probably the first time she was ever not in control of the situation or a boy’s attention.

It appeared as if the endurance training had its desired effect, but there were still a few more matters to confirm. I moved closer to the beautiful specimen and raised my hand to the side of her face. She flinched for a moment, as if expecting some retaliation for her previous behavior. But my intention was purely an effort to acknowledge and console this delicate creature and I slid the back of my hand against her soft and pale cheek. I knew she was in a weakened state and I reached for the water bottle from the tray she had carried to me earlier. As I lifted the water to her lips, she drank with such fervor and a rivulet ran down her chin and dripped down onto her pert supple breast. She sighed with great relief as I reached up and wiped the water from her chest. Leaving my hand on her right tit gave me an intense pleasure and I knew I was ready to take what was mine.

“I am ready for you”, she whispered, barely audible. “I want to make you feel good now.”

I gave that breast a gentle squeeze and felt her body shiver beneath my touch. I ran my hand down her side to her slim waistline and reached around and gave her ass a warm and inviting caress. I was taken in by the small amount of perspiration and teenage body lotion and my head swelled to match my bulging jeans. As if reading my mind, she suggested that I remove my jeans so I can be more comfortable. I stepped back, all the while keeping my eyes locked with hers. Again, I took in her beauty and noticed that her perfectly trimmed pubic area had a hint of glisten. This treatment was beginning to have an effect on her and I smiled with delight. She offered a slight grin and waited patiently for my next move.

As my pants fell to the floor and my now rigid member bobbed for her viewing pleasure, I could swear that I saw her lips part and her tongue graze her dry lips. I knew in an instant how we were going to start things off. I stepped up onto the bench while pushing her off so she would stand before me. Holding her wrists and taking some of the pressure off of the cables, I offered her instructions as well as my swollen cock.

“Take this into your mouth, my little whore” I sneered softly.

Without hesitation, she strained her head forward and worked the tip with as much saliva as she could muster and then in a very deliberate motion slid her hot mouth almost all the way down to the base of my shaft. 'Holy shit!' I thought to myself. She can really take a cock! All the while, her eyes looked up at me as if begging for my approval. My moan and sl**py-eyed look assured her that I accepted her work standards, which obviously gave her the green light to continue.

I found myself almost forgetting that this was a teen nymph I had at my disposal. I will not lie and tell you that I never fantasized about such an opportunity. But never in my life did I think that it would one day become reality. With one hand now on her soft curls, feeling the bobbing motion of her pretty little lips gliding up and down my shaft, I began to feel the excitement build and effervescence overwhelmed my senses as my knees almost buckled. Seeing what she could achieve being bound made me think of what she could do with full use of all her limbs and attractions.

I reached down and held the base of my cock, while she hungrily fed like a goat with a bottle full of milk. Slowly withdrawing, my penis popped from her mouth, saliva dripping onto the bench. Stepping down, I had her straddle the bench once again, facing away from me. The scent of her nectars rose to meet my nostrils with further intoxication, luring me further in. Moving to the side, I bent down and pulled my belt from my pants, then moved the pin to the lowest weight, allowing more play on the cable that held her arms high. I pushed her shoulders downward indicating her to bend over the bench and placed her bound wrists in the center of the bench. She complied with no resistance. Taking my belt, I constrained her to the bench, making sure I did not cause any abrasions.

Once again, moving behind her, I stroked my slippery manhood and caressed her soft bottom. Her legs were so taut, as they melded with one of the finest asses that I had ever seen. Her labia were now in full view, exposed for my wanton pleasure. I reached a hand between her legs and felt her quiver as I gently rubbed her pussy from hood to taint. He wetness abound, I began to slide my middle finger over her opening. With a soft insertion, I felt her body tense as she let out a groan. She needed release, but first I teased her clit slowly and deliberately, bringing her up to speed with my own excitement.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ, Tim!" she cried out in anguish, "I need your fucking cock in me NOW! Give it to me please! Don't make me wait any longer!" She wiggled her sexy teenage ass back and forth for emphasis, and I found myself grinning from ear to ear.

"Whoa, such an impatient little vixen you are!" I whispered in her ear, as I leaned over her body and took her firm budding breasts into my hands, squeezing and teasing them unhurriedly. She let out a lusty gasp and shot me a look full of daggers and venom, even as she sighed and began to settle down, resigned to her fate.

I moved my hands steadily down her sides, tracing the curves down her hips and over her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks, and causing her to moan. "Oh Tim…" her voice trailed off. I knelt down behind her, and massaged her tight round bottom, and leaned close to breathe in her sweet and musky teenage scent. My head spun, as I felt the bl**d flow increase throughout my body.

Finally, I couldn't take my own teasing any longer, and I spread her ass wide and began to lick my way around her pink rose bud. She let out a shriek so loud, I was afraid her dog Jake might barge in from outside and attack me. Her reaction seemed to be one of utter surprise, and I increased the intensity of my tongue work on her anus, as she lurched and bucked in delight, groaning shamelessly as my stiff tongue penetrated her forbidden passage.

"Oh my GOD, Tim! That's…WOW! No one has ever…Oh Christ, it feels so fucking good! Oh, you are a kinky one, aren't you?" she stammered away. I was delighted to surmise that she was feeling new sensations for the first time, and I was eager to help. I tongue-fucked her tight virgin hole with abandon, and she loved every deep stroke of my tongue. My cock was pulsating wildly by now, but I wasn't done using my tongue yet. I dropped down lower, and ran it up and down her vagina, lingering at her engorged clit, and biting it gently between my teeth.

"OH TIM! OH GOD HELP ME! I'M GOING TO CUM SO HARD!" she yelled out, as she thrashed around, struggling against the belt that held her in place. I licked and licked her sweet young cunt and ass hole with a fervor I hadn't felt in years, and I held onto her hips tightly while her body jerked uncontrollably as her first orgasm took over.

As she finally settled down, it was my turn: I stood up and aimed my flaming erection at her wet spastic pussy, and rubbed my shaft up and down, parting her labia wider and wider, as she groaned in approval.

"Oh, yes Tim fuck me now, please? Shove your fat cock deep into my hungry pussy, YES!" I didn't need to be told twice. I slid it smoothly into her quivering cunt, and slowly began to move in and out, much to Jodie's delight.

"Oh, yeah, that's it! Give it to me good! Fuck me hard, Tim!" she squealed. Encouraged, I increased the tempo and buried my cock deep into her love canal, my pelvis slapping against her natural cushion. I was at the brink of climax sooner than I wanted to be, so I pulled out, much to my little fuck toy's dismay.

"No Tim, don't stop now! Keep fucking me please!" she begged. Little did she know I had another surprise for her: I began rubbing my slippery dick between her ass cheeks, and she became strangely quiet, as if she was not quite sure what I was contemplating: but she was about to find out. I put the knob of my cock on her pink star, and pushed slightly. It went in fairly easily, considering she had never been penetrated anally until now. She remained silent, as if she was concentrating on this new sensation. I rocked back and forth gently at first, and my cock disappeared into her rectum inch by inch. Finally, she let a heavy sigh escape from deep in her lungs, which allowed her to speak once again.

"Oh, Tim, you're fucking my ass!" she declared, like I wasn't already aware of the obvious. I interpreted her statement to mean she wanted me to fuck her ass harder, so that's what I did. She responded by exhaling deeply each time I thrust my love spear deeper into her tight virgin ass hole.

"Damn, that feels so fucking good, Tim. I feel so…full!" she told me, making me pump her ass that much harder. I looked down at her sexy body, and reveled at the sight of my well-oiled piston churning rapidly as it pounded deep into her anus. I wanted the scene to last forever, but I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, and I had a new "taste" sensation for her to try:

"Jodie, I'm going to cum in your mouth," I announced, as I backed my cock out of her ass and moved swiftly around to the side of the weight bench, where she already had her head turned in my direction. I did not hesitate, as I gripped her head with both hands and proceeded to fuck her mouth furiously until my cock erupted in waves, filling her mouth full of my hot cum.

As I unloaded my pearly white love juice down her nubile throat, I reached a level of consciousness which sent a chill up my spine and all at once, I became light headed. I closed my eyes and threw my head back and found myself lost in the moment. My own heavy breathing blocked out all sound from that space and time, and I felt her mouth continue to pump me for every last drop. As her tongue continued to swirl around the head of my cock, I felt a strange sensation move upward from the bottom of my ass cheeks toward my sphincter. Suddenly, pressure on my starfish increased and I heard laughter erupt into my right ear.

“So, it looks like you are having some fun without me….huh, Tim?” Joyce said with a wry smile.

I spun my head around only to come face to face with Joyce standing before me, having crept up on us with the stealth of a Ninja. However, this was only a partial surprise, as I had often wondered about what other secrets Joyce had up her sleeve. Now the “cat was out of the bag” as they say as she stood before me. Having shed her “business attire”, Joyce stood with knee high black boots, a vinyl studded corset, sheer black panties and a studded dog collar. Her small pert breasts being supported by the corset looked delicious. But the thing that scared me most was what she had in her hand.

“Ohhh…you noticed, Tim….” she said, as my eyes became glued to her prize. “I thought I would join you… and have a little fun….you know….the three of us.” Her mouth opened and she released a hearty laugh.

I glanced down at Jodie only to see a scared look in her eyes, but she still appeared hungry for more. The 8” black beauty that Joyce now caressed was attached to a strap and looked just about right to fit her waist.

“I hope you got all your work done, Tim….” she hissed. “Otherwise…” she glanced over at Jodie “you will not be able to play with us.”

At that moment, a fierce growl came from the top of the stair case in the same location where I first spied Jodie the day before: Jake’s menacing teeth seemed to glow in the darkness.

“Easy boy….easy Jake…” Joyce firmly retorted. “Tim is ok. I think he will do exactly… what… we… say.”

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8 months ago
Tongue fuck her ass to ready her for the finale. I like it.
9 months ago
So hot when he eats her ass
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10 months ago
Fucking awesome! Now that is how a follow-up story should be told. Thank you so much for posting....
10 months ago
such a hot story had my cock rock hard bursting by the end would love to hear what joyce does to them both