Nighttime Surprise

This is a short story inspired by a photo from an XHAM friend...

It would have to be the one in the stripes with her nasty little tongue hanging out. I remember it like it was yesterday.....................................................
"Good Night, girls! I mean it this time."

They all giggle and snicker as I slowly close the door. They have been making noise and playing the radio too loud since i told them two times already that its late and I promised all their mothers they would go down at a decent hour. Who has soccer the next day, who has cheer leading or some f****y obligation. Plus i'm trying to watch TV downstairs and they were bouncing off the walls.

But i couldn't help noticing their bouncing nubile tits in their pajama t's and their swaying firm asses in the lounge pants they wear, complete with hearts or little lambs or hello kitty. I had to get back to watching t.v. before i get in trouble. but while downstairs i couldn't stop thinking about them up there, doing girl after about 30 minutes, i had to go and check.

I pushed the door open to see the light shining upon one of there faces from a cell phone. Without using names (Ill call her stripes) was texting on her phone while the others apparently fell asl**p. "Stripes!" i whispered in a hushed tone.

She didnt hear or see me look in as she was blinded by the luminescent glow from her cell. In a frantic motion she whipped the phone down under her blanket.

" Sowy mister **** ! all good..."

"You know better than that! who you texting at this hour?" i asked.

" My boyfriend.." she replied. "Boyfriend ? At your age ?" i said with some sarcasm, as I know that this is when it starts to get heavy.

After a second of us looking at each other i tell her to come out into the hall. I explain to her that I made a promise to her mother that they would all be sl**ping by now and that its easy enough that someone can find out or hear about what time she was still up on her phone. I told her that I was sure her mom inspects her phone from time to time and told her that what parents do to protect their c***dren.

" But i miss my bf and i just wanted to tell him g'night".

I told her I understand but she needed to be asl**p under my watch. She tells me how shes not sl**py and is having trouble falling asl**p. She cant explain why but she says shes very antsy feeling and somewhat elated. I frowned at this dilemma and told her to step into my room so we do not wake the others. She goes on to explain that when she talks to her boyfriend she feels this way. I now understood that this girl is feeling horny and cant explain it.

"That's why its not good to chat on the phone so late before bed, you are supposed to settle down instead of getting all....uhh...stimulated...." I look at her with a smile. She smiles and I notice her nipples are protruding through that thin t shirt she has on.

"well, how do i stop this feeling ?" she asks.

She is looking up at me with doe eyes and steps closer. I put my hand on her waist and tell her there is only one way. I pull her into me and kiss her soft cheek and to my surprise, she grabs me and then plants her lips on mine. We start to make out and our hands are all over each other. " She stops kissing me only to say that she knows I've been checking out her ass the entire night and I chuckle while kissing her soft sweet smelling neck and say

"of course...its so tight and firm looking" as I grab a handful.

"how would you like to see it up close?" she says with a wry smile.

I again grin like a fool and move her towards my bed. She crawls upon the bed and while looking back at me, pulls the waistband of her p.j. pants down to reveal the top of her buttocks. She is slowly moving them downward in a teasing motion like a well trained stripper.

I step closer and before she is able to have them below her cheeks, I reach up and pull them down to her knees, revealing what I had figured all along. A baby blue silky thong rested between those heavenly globes and i leaned in to take a whiff. She moans and places her head into the comforter as I placed a hand on each ass cheek and brought my face up close. A gentle kiss on her ass was making me swoon and before i knew it i was full blown out licking her ass and pulling aside the thong. My tongue found her ass crack as i neared her rose bud. With sharp attacks and squeals of delight from this teen, I continued the assault with my tongue.

Suddenly, i hear her moan in a soft guttural cry..."stick it in me...ohhh....please Mr. ***.....put it in me!"

I did not need much more than that and I reached in the nightstand next to my bed for the KY, whipped down my pants and lubed my now rigid member up. Placing the tip of my cock at her forbidden entrance, i slowly eased in feeling the pleasure of pressure that I have not experienced in years. Aside from some grunts and cries, she took it well, to the point i figured it was not her first rodeo. After a few strokes and he holding her hips tight, my rhythm was established and we were as one. Heavy breathing by both of us filled the room as I pounded this sweet ass into submission. Her continued moans had me close to the edge and i was not going to last. I felt the familiar rush of fluids getting set to be released from my balls and with a caress of her lower back I gave her a warning.

" I'm gonna fill your ass with my cum, sweet it comes..." i grunted and with a throbbing member still deep in her anal cavity, i set free my semen.

"Ahhhhhhh...ohhh shit!" i cried as I gave her several final pumps. As we slowed down the dance, I slumped next to her and held her tight.

"My God...what did we just do?" i asked. After a few minutes of silence and holding this little minx, she spoke.

"Mr. *** ! I would have thought you knew exactly what we did..." she said with a sarcastic tone
"...and I hope we can do it again...real soon!".

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9 months ago
9 months ago
Finest kind! :)
10 months ago
I don't know who your friend is, but he has issues.
Anyway, love the story! Thanks for posting.
10 months ago
I bet she'll sleep like a baby now...
10 months ago
Should have asked her to send you some hot pictures nice story thanks for posting it for us
11 months ago
Nothing like an anal quickie to help the poor girl finally get to sleep. Short and sweet, but it evokes a powerful image of the ultimate taboo.