Daughters Friendly Friend

I get home from my sons basketball practice to find them watching a movie, my daughter and her friend from middle school snuggled up. Now I know my daughter does not like to be touched and her friend just likes affection. Maybe it's because her only sibling is at college (b*****r) and her mom and dad are divorced. Shes cute but not my style, but i do like to watch with interest.

My son passes out on the small couch so I take a seat on the big one with the girls. Now that Im here, her friend, who Ive known since they met in second grade, reclines and place her feet on my leg. Her cute multi colored socks at the end of her jeans, I reach out and begin to massage them. "Does this bother you?" She smiles and I see that she likes this contact. " No not at all, I love when my mom does that." After another half hour passes, I notice that it is just her friend Emily and I as the only ones awake.

" I cant believe they are sl**ping already!" I say. " I know." she smiles. I tug at the toes of her socks and raise my eyebrows in a knowing fashion, indicating that I can take them off if she likes. She nods her approval and I slip them off one at a time. She wiggles her toes and crosses her legs at the ankles. I begin a more two handed vigorous rubbing of her soles and her slight moan indicates that she approves. "Much better with out the socks, right ?" I say. " yes, yes, it is..." she purrs.
"There is only one thing better than this way..." i reply and she looks at me with a question on her face. "Massage oil or baby oil...ever try that ?" She looks at me with those young puppy eyes and shakes her head no. " Wanna see how it feels?" I ask.
Once again, she nods a sl**py nod and I move her feet aside and almost jog to my master bathroom. I find some baby oil in the cabinet and as i make my way out of my bedroom I see her sitting up on the couch. I motion for her to come towards me and as she gets closer, i say " I think it will be better if you lie down here on the bed." She smiles and enters my room and I take a peak out to see everyone still asl**p.

My cock in now straining in my pants and I ask her to excuse myself a minute. I quickly change into some lightweight pajama shorts and a tee shirt and when I come out, her pants are rolled up to just below her knees. I sit on the bed as she sets herself up with a pillow behind her. With my one leg off the side of the bed and the other folded indian style, I lay down a towel and pull her right foot towards me. I squirt some oil into my hand and begin to rub her small dainty teen foot. After several minutes of rubbing, she begins to squirm and moan and she is laying there with a smile and her eyes half closed. Her left foot begins to rub the right and begs for my attention. I scoot closer to her and begin to perform my services to the left one. Her toes are only inches from my straining cock and as she moved her foot in a stretching motion, she grazed my balls. I look up at her and she smiled. I smile back and ask her if she is comfortable and she says yes, very.

She seemed to arch her back and slide downward toward me a bit and I felt her foot move closer to my lap. Again her foot brushed against my cock and I see her with another grin. I decided to be a little bit more risky and as I moved forward again, i made like I was adjusting the waistband of my shorts (sans underwear) and slipped the head of my cock out of the leg. She seemed to take note and almost immediately allowed her toe to twirl around my cock tip and use the oil on her feet to tease the underside of my shaft. After a minute of her doing this, I was staring at her face and she was staring at my cock head, we locked eyes. I stopped and she continued to grasp my tip with her toes.

I stood up and dropped my shorts and a shocked look came over her face when she saw my manhood spring out. I slowly sat back down on the bed, legs spread and held her foot again. This time i was so close the sole of her foot slid up my shaft. She began to now massage my cock with her feet and I held her calf. With some grinding of my hips and her slow and steady motion, she began to feet fuck me. Her face became flush and i could hear her heavy breathing combined with my own soft moans. My balls now coated in oil began to stiffen and that all to familiar sensation came over me. The surge of semen erupted from my cock and my cum shot into the air and splashed down upon her soft petite feet. She mixed my juices up and she continued playing with my pulsing member and cooed a soft sound. After a few moments I took the towel, cleaned off her feet and then my cock. She bounced off the bed and into my bathroom and before closing the door, fed me a devilish grin.
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6 months ago
mmm fuck yes love this. should have been rubbing those feet along time ago
1 year ago
Love how she is just testing the waters, so to speak, by brushing it gently with her feet during the massage
1 year ago
Very good. Very arousing!
1 year ago
hot details, I wonder what she did in the bathroom
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Wow! Very erotic, bravo!
1 year ago
more please
1 year ago
Short and sweet, and rather unusual. It begs for another part or two though. A nice read on its own though.
1 year ago

1 year ago
Very hot,,thanks
1 year ago
Continue it please!!!
1 year ago
very hot