Friends Daughter Helps Out

My wife had plans to go to see a concert at the beach with several of her friends. She had been excited about getting out and I told her to enjoy herself. So I had to make sure I got home from work Saturday in time to take care of my c***dren. When I did get home, I found my wife and her friends in “party mode” having a few cocktails in preparation for the evening and my k**s playing out front with a little friend of my 8 year old sons. Even though my daughter is 11, she liked playing with them as well. Trey was also one of the son’s of my wife’s friend. So shortly before the group left for the show, his Dad came by to claim him. Trey’s dad asked me what my plans were and I told him I was taking my k**s to dinner and then maybe Dave and Busters to play at the arcade. He asked if I minded if I joined them to go to at least dinner and while I was looking forward to spending some quality time with the k**s, I knew they would enjoy Trey’s company. He then told me that his daughter would be coming too, she was sitting in his car at the moment on her cell phone.
We were standing on my front porch when he shouted out “Cassidy!….. Do you want to go to dinner with us?”. The car door opened and out stepped a lovely pair of legs with flip flops on her feet. She closed the door while still looking down at her cell, apparently texting, and began walking up the driveway. Her light brown hair glinted in the sun, shoulder length, her dark rimmed rectangular glasses perched on her nose. I took immediate notice of her light blue nylon sport shorts and white tank top she was wearing. “Cass ?” Her father said again. She stopped, moved her fingers against the QWERTY keyboard on her phone for a few seconds and then glanced up, smiling. Her smile was so innocent and cute, she had full little cheeks and a twinkle in her green eyes. Her braces were evident but only added to her charm. “what did you say dad ?” she twirps. Derek, as if exasperated says “ I was saying…we are going to dinner, would you like to come?”. At her age, Cassidy was free to make her own decision, and after a second or two, she said sure.

I had my k**s go wash up and Derek took his k**s home to get ready and we agreed that I would pass by, honk the horn and they would follow us to the restaurant. Once we get there, we take our places. I sat next to Derek and his daughter sat on my other side, then the k**s around each other. I noticed that she had changed her tank to a t shirt and put on a black head band and her shorts became jean shorts. They still managed to show off her athletic legs and flat midsection on that 5’ 6” frame. I remember her birth like it was yesterday and we have been watching her grow up and found it funny that now I’m sitting next to her ogling her womanly body. Sports have been instrumental in shaping her firm legs and torso, after all, soccer and lacrosse are quite demanding. She always took a liking to my wife and I, calling us Uncle Tim and Aunt Stacy. We used to use her as a practice k** and babysat her, taking her all around as if she were our own before we had c***dren. She always reminded me of Amanda Bynes, the teen actress, with her pouty lips and high cheekbones and bright eyes.

Our waiter came and we placed our order and Derek was persuasive in having a few beers. The k**s appeared to be having fun and Derek and I mostly spoke of business and the economy and other adult type stuff. He also told me that he was going to a poker game tonite and we discussed his ability to often walk away neither a winner or a loser most of the time. I then figured I would offer to take his son with us to the arcade. He said that wasn’t necessary but I insisted as the k**s were having a good time together. How could I not take the little guy? He agreed and thanked me for offering and it dawned on me that Cassidy was now going to be home alone. Thinking she probably wouldn’t want to go, I told her father first that if Cassidy wanted to come, she was free to join us. He had no issue with it as long as she was into it. I turned to my left to ask Cass if she would like to come. Once I got her attention, she turned my way and said “sure, I guess.” I found a small sense of excitement go through my bones, although I wasn’t quite sure why. Soon, dinner was done and we finished off our last beer and we walked out to the cars. I bid Derek goodbye and let him know my k**s would be safe with me. He let me know that Cassidy was old enough to drop off with her b*****r even if his wife or he was not home yet. He also said he didn’t care how late they were out. The three k**s climbed into the backseat and Cassidy slid next to me in the passenger seat up front.
So off we went to Dave and Busters Arcade. I found myself glancing over Cassidy’s way, admiring her legs and peeking at the small buds that are her breasts. She was happy to chat (between texts) and we had friendly conversation about school, sports and friends. Her texting allowed me to steal looks unnoticed.

Once there, I bought each c***d a card with credit to play all sorts of games from race cars to shooting games and skee ball. They each wanted to run in different directions but Cassidy gave them each a warning to stick together and that made me well up with pride. I knew she was no longer the little girl I once knew. Then suddenly, I realized that wasn’t the only thing that was welling up. She was standing over one of the k**s watching them play a video game. She was slightly bent at the waist, her butt jutting back towards me, her one knee slightly bent and her one foot out of her flip flop, curling and leaning on her precious painted toes. Her rear end was tightly fitted into those shorts and any shorter would have allowed me to see cheek. The thigh muscles were firm and tight and for a moment I didn’t know who I was looking at. Her tee shirt had been tied and knotted in the back, hence why her bosom was pressed so firmly against the sheer pink material. She suddenly struck me as a hot little minx that I wanted to bed. I had to walk a few steps away to control my a****l like behavior and realized that I can not let these k**s out of my site in such a large and public place. Who knows what disgusting filth is out there…and before the thought left my head, I asked myself, “am I one of them?”. Nooo! I thought….i’m not here preying on the young and helpless like a pervert. I’m simply taking note of a beautiful young girl coming of age! I’m not doing anything wrong! But the guilt was still there. I contained myself and tried to enjoy walking around the arcade. At times, I let them go different directions as long as I was with one or two and Cassidy was with the remaining c***d or c***dren. Shouts of laughter and giggles rang out with excitement as the k**s raced each other or tried to beat the high score. I even participated in a few games, as I have always loved video games, growing up with space invaders and pac man and now Wii with the k**s.

I noticed that Cassidy was helping me taking care of the k**s and not using her own credit as much. I told her to have fun and that I have an eye on the k**s. She smiled and eventually played some games, like the jump rope game, where I spied her long limbs in flight, or the basketball game, her giggles at missing the basket were intoxicating and then…the race car game where she extended her hot stems, pressing on the gas pedal with heavenly feet so dainty. I would stand behind the game and watch her inner c***d fight with the young lady she became, her breast swaying with each pull of the wheel or joystick. Her laugh filling my ears as the other c***dren rooted her to the bonus round. I found myself congratulating her with a pat on her shoulder or a hug. Feeling her warmth was exhilarating as she hugged me back. One game was a virtual jet ski. The two boys were on the one ski and Cassidy and my daughter on the next. They were about to begin the race when my daughter jumped off the back of Cassidy’s saying she didn’t want to do it. I told her it was for two people but she really didn’t want to. Cassidy looks back and says “Uncle Tim! Come on! Hurry and get behind me!”. At first I was stunned, then I jumped on the back, put my feet on the pedals and grabbed her waist. We lurched forward as the light turned green and my crotch bumped into her ass, as it was already pushed back, as bike riders often are positioned. The jet ski bumped and vibrated just like the real thing, bouncing over virtual waves. My manhood wanting to know what was going on began to rise and awoke with the vibrating seat and the proximity of teen ass. Her head bobbed back and forth and the smell of her shampoo, hair product or whatever it was like sweet flowers. My chin was almost on her shoulder as I looked at the screen in front of us. I continued to hold her waist as we bolted thru the river obstacle course and I felt the tension in my shorts begin to increase. The constant motion continued my thrusts into her backside, sending jolts of excitement through me. I did my best to conceal my excitement that wanted to spread across my face. When the game was done, I released my hold and stepped off the ski with everyone shouting and laughing. I moved a few paces aside and adjusted myself and when I turned back, the k**s had ran to the next game about 8 feet away. Except for Cassidy. She was watching me in a curious fashion. I caught her eyes and smiled and said “uhhh, just fixing myself..” and she seemed to accept that and returned my smile and walked towards the k**s while straightening out her own tee that had crept up, exposing the waistband of her panties. “Fixing myself????” I thought….how stupid!

Soon, the money ran out and so did the fun. It was time to call it a night at the arcade. On our way home, the k**s begged for the radio, so I played their favorite station and we all sang the top pop songs as I gave a silly fist pump and dance routine from the driver’s seat, entertaining the k**s. Cassidy laughed and I put my hand on her bare leg and asked…”you like these songs?”, as if to get her attention. The smooth skin of her teen leg made me stand at attention and I began to feel like I was on a first date. She nodded and said “yeah, they are ok..but I like other stuff too..”. I nodded and told her she could change the station if she wanted but she said it was fine. We were not far from home when the k**s began the usual begging for the night not to end. My cell phone rang so I hushed them up, lowered the radio and answered. It was my wife, Stacy. They were on an intermission break and were having such a great time. I heard the other women hootin and hollerin in the background and told her to be careful. She laughed and said “Ohh stop! But I’m really calling to let you know we are going to go out afterwards and if its late, which it probably will be, we will crash at Sarah’s house nearby……do you mind ?” I usually would because I like having my wife home, but I knew she was having fun and I told her it was not a problem and to enjoy herself. After we hung up, I looked at the clock and saw it was only 9 p.m. I knew Derek wasn’t home and obviously either was their mother, so I told them they could come back to the house and watch a DVD or something like that and I would make some popcorn. Screams of joy erupted from the rear seat and I took that as a yes. But in the front seat sat quietly Cassidy texting away. “Cass?” I said in a hushed tone. “Yeah?” she said, looking up at me. “You know, I know you are 15, you don’t have to come back if you don’t want to, but I hate to see you home alone.” “No, its cool, ill come over….”. There was that smile again, only this time, it was not a little girl smile. It was a knowing smile, one that told me she knew she was in control of herself, knew she could do what she wanted. She could stay, she could go, she could have me crawl on my knees if she wanted me to. I snapped out of it and headed for home and ten minutes later we were in the house, the k**s picking out a movie. I made sure they were all settled in, put the movie into the player, got everyone a drink and little bowls of popcorn. Cassidy chose to sit on the love seat, her flip flops off and her feet up on the side arm. As good as she looked, I had to leave and I told them to enjoy the movie and that I would be upstairs. I had been promising my wife that I was going to install the closet organizer in the next few days, as she had her clothes all about the room and some still in the closet. So I made my way upstairs with a call out that if anyone needed me to call me.

Upstairs in my room, I could hear the low base sound from the movie playing below me in the den. It dawned on me how sexy Cassidy looked lounging on my two seated couch and I considered pulling out my penis and jerking off to that image still fresh in my mind. But then I thought better and I began the daunting task of removing the clothes that were left and measuring a few items to prepare them for installation. After a little while, I was considering whether or not I needed to put on another coat of paint before I put the first shelving unit in when I heard a light knock on the door. I figured someone wanted something else to drink or eat or there was a problem with the movie. I glanced at the clock as I walked out of my walk in closet and saw that just barely an hour had passed. I opened the door and to my surprise, it was Cassidy. “Hey!” I said, kind of startled to see her. I figured it would have been one of my k**s. “You ok ?” “Yeah, I’m cool……all the k**s fell asl**p and I was kinda getting bored watchin Lion King, for what, like, the 1000th time!” and she laughed. I laughed along with her and said that she should have said something, they could have picked another movie. She said they all finally agreed on something and she didn’t want to rock the boat and mess things up. She was happy to watch them enjoy it. I added that the night they had was a long one for them and they must have been very tired. She agreed and nodded, looking down and circling the shoe box with her finger that was on the dresser. I had walked back into my room while talking moving things around and she took a few steps in without me noticing. I asked her if she was ready to go home and she made a gesture by nodding her he left and right and saying, “its ok, I don’t mind hanging here, I don’t want to stop you from working….there is nothing to do at my house anyways.” My eyes wandered back to her protrusions while she stood there looking down, her legs crossed at the ankles, her hair falling over her face. “ I really don’t mind taking you and your b*****r home if you wanted”, I say, hoping like hell she would just stay there with me for my viewing pleasure, “or if you like…” oh my god, here it goes, “ you can call your dad and ask if you can stay over.” I swallowed hard, hopefully she didn’t notice, and thought what a silly thing to ask! Would Derek let his teen daughter stay overnight with a man alone ? Yes, he knew me, he trusted me, obviously. She looked up and seemed to think about it, looking up to the left with her lips twisted and pursed, appearing to be deep in thought. Then her girlish smile came back and she says “ Well, maybe….since Trey is sl**pin”. “ You don’t have to if you feel like going home, you think about it.” She nodded in agreement once again and an awkward pause came between us. So I figured I’d better say something. “ So…uhhh….you can, um, watch TV, go into my daughter’s room and hang, you can hang out here and chat with me while I work…..” and I gave a small chuckle. She kinda just stood there smiling and I didn’t know what to make of it. Then she began to ask me questions. “So what are you doing here, cleaning your closet ?” I explained to her about my project and she said “ohhhh, cause is see Aunt Stacy’s stuff all over…..” and she begins to thumb through some of my wife’s dresses that were laying on the bed.

“She has some nice stuff”, she blurts out “and it’s getting all wrinkled!” she says with a laugh. I had a made a makeshift hanging rack for clothes but had failed to put some of the items there in my haste, typical man. So I asked Cassidy, “Would you mind helping me out and hang that stuff on the bed over there?”, pointing to the clothes rack. She replied “sure” and began to gather a few items. I watched her fine sweet ass walk over to the rack while acting all busy and took note as she carefully placed the items once she gave them a once over. She stopped when she came to one particular item, a sundress that my wife hadn’t worn since we were engaged, no doubt sitting there waiting for her triumphant return to pre baby waist size. She held it up, looked at it from the back, then from the front and held it up to her body as if sizing it up. I held my breath and then spoke. “You can try that on if you like it!” As if startled, she jumped a little and looked up at me with a surprised look, apparently not aware that I was watching. “ohhh….noo…I can’t” with a little smile on her face and then she said to me “really?” with a twinkle in her eye. To which I replied, “Sure! What’s the big deal? Don’t all you women share clothes and try on each others stuff?”. What I was going for was giving her a sense of comfort and approval, hoping that by my comment, I just put her in a class of woman status, not just a little girl. She smiled at me and I pointed to my master bathroom. She bounced in there like a little school girl, wearing a giddy smile. The thought of her stripping down in my bathroom made a shiver run up my spine and I found I was losing concentration on what I was doing.

Only moments later I heard the sound of the bathroom door open and she stepped into the bedroom wearing the sundress and a cute as hell smile. The floral print had a cinched-waist and camisole straps with a ruffled neckline that allowed me to see the tops of her budding breasts. The hemline was several inches above her knees and while it appeared to be a little short on her, I wasn’t complaining. She was barefoot and stood only 5’ away holding the dress by its side, looking up at me and then down again to the dress. “ Beautiful!” I stammered as she held back a giggle and then began to walk in a 360 degree circle ever so slowly. Now I figured it was my turn to turn up the heat. “You know what? My wife wears shoes like this when she’s in that dress.” I bent down and tossed her a pair of my wife’s beige wedge shoes with an espadrille style and peep toe. I felt my cock starting to stir as she sat on the edge of my bed and bent down to pick them up and try them on. When she bent over, I stole a glance down the top of the sundress and noticed a creamy pair of breasts, a sight to behold! She slipped one dainty little foot and then the other into the shoes and began to tie the straps around her perfect ankles. He manicured toes did not suffer any from running in those cleats during her sporting activities. She stood up and walked across the room to get used to the shoes. Her calves looked amazing as she strutted to and fro for my enjoyment. She looked towards me for approval and I nodded and said “Wow! Look how tall you are!” and laughed nervously. She was now a few inches taller than me while I stood there in socks with a semi stiffy. She placed her hands on her hips and strutted back towards the bed, picked up a few more items and began to hang some more clothes. But this time she was almost taking inventory as to what she wanted to try on next, so I said to her to feel free to try on anything else she wanted. This was really blowing my mind and I began to get nervous, remembering the k**s down stairs, so I told her I was going to go down and make sure the k**s were ok. I almost tripped over myself as I ran down the stairs, finding myself anxious to come back up and be with that sexy 15 year old minx. She must have been completely unaware of what she was doing to me.

I turned off the television and DVD player and lowered the lighting. I covered the little ones with blankets and headed back up stairs. When I got up there, I did not see Cassidy anywhere and I noticed the bathroom door was closed. I figured the show was over and I should get back to work. About ten minutes had passed and she was still in there and I heard some bustling about. There was a few clicking sounds on the tile floor and that’s when the door opened wide. She stood there in a black dress, appearing as a silhouette with the bathroom light behind her. She stepped over the threshold and into the room where I saw the halter top with deep v-neckline, small waist and tight skirt falling just above her knees with a slit down the side allowing for much thigh view when she walked. On her feet were 6” come fuck me heels that made her legs sculpted and begging to be touched. Her calves were purely lickable and I wanted to get down on my knees right then. She wasn’t wearing any bra since the sundress and I had the desire to test her firmness against my body but refrained from trying to get closer to her. “Wow, you clean up nice!” trying to say as little as possible, not wanting to be construed as a perv. “Now you need somewhere to go since you are all dressed up!”. She laughed and walked around a bit. I looked at the clock and knew that somehow I was pushing my luck. Shit like this doesn’t happen to me every day and I’m waiting to see how I’m going to pay the price. “You know, there are some pajamas over there of Aunt Stacy’s if you want to try it on if you plan on staying or you can call your dad and he can pick you up on his way home, since the k**s are sl**ping” I said to her. “Its fine, I texted him before when you went downstairs and asked him if I could stay since Trey was already sl**ping with the k**s, he was cool with it.” My heart skipped a beat and I told her that she can use my daughter’s bed and we can leave them in the den on the couch.

She nodded and began to look through my wife’s clothes again. I once again made myself busy and started in on the closet. About 5 minutes later, she went into the bathroom again and I heard the door close. I went to my daughter’s room and took all the stuffed a****ls and toys off the bed and the clothes off the floor and prepared it for her to sl**p in. I began to get these strange feelings and asked myself question after question.

Tim’s Inner Mind:
I wonder why she picked those clothes to wear? Was she aware how sexy she looked in them ? Was it obvious to her how aroused I was ? Did I stare at her too much ? She was pretty easy going about staying over…..surprising for a teen who generally wants to hang with her friends or be home among their own stuff….hmmmm.. Ohhh, could it be she really has the hots for me ? Maybe she wants me to do something? Make a move on her? Tim, stop, you are being ridiculous! She’s just having fun trying on clothes, doing something different and you are making it more than it is cause you’re a big pervert! She friggin’ 15 and your friend’s daughter! That’s all you need, her telling her parents what a pervert you are and having the neighborhood label you are a p*******e! Just relax, let the girl go to bed, spank one out and go to sl**p yourself !

Cassidy’s Inner Mind:
Wow! These clothes make me look hot! I didn’t expect Aunt Stacy to have this stuff ! This is fun! And why do I feel all tingly inside. Especially when Uncle Tim was looking at me when I tried on these clothes. I hope I didn’t cross the line by putting on his wife’s clothes. But it felt so good. I don’t think Uncle Tim knows I think he is cute. But he is way old….and married…ha ha…but I like the way he treats me, not like a k**. Well, anways….it’s good to be outta the house, I kinda feel, ummm, like a wife! Yeah…hehe…I mean I helped take care of the k**s…sat in the front seat…he talked to me like an adult….. These shoes are hot ! I gotta get a pair ! And I love that sundress, I can wear it to school in the spring. But I have to lose the grandma panties, gonna get some thongs like my friend Clarissa…haha..! Should I wear this outfit or this one ? hmmmm…ohh yeah, gotta get to the Mall soon…shopping with da girls! I need friggin money….need more babysittin gigs. Maybe Uncle Jim and Aunt Stacy will need me soon. Well… I kinda like babysittin WITH Unlce Jim…hehe….ohhh man…I wanna touch myself, I’m feeling horny….is it these clothes ? So silky… how this feels! (Looks in the mirror) Holy Shit, he is gonna flip if he sees me in this ? Maybe I can jill off when I’m in bed…and think about…..

I hear the bathroom door open and I figure Cassidy is done in there, I should wash up and brush my teeth and just call it a night. I walk towards my room and I see the door open to the bathroom and no Cassidy. I see movement to the left out of the corner of my eye and when I turn my head, I see it is Cass bending over by the pile of shoes near the clothes rack. She stands up and turns around to face me and becomes startled and lets out a gasp, puts her hand up to cover her mouth and freezes. In her hand, are a pair of sexy white pumps. But that is only half of the story. I almost fall to the floor when I see her in a black night dress, see through top, tied at the cleavage with a pink bow and frilly neck line piped in pink, the center is fly away like a curtain on opening night performance, exposing her flat and trim stomach and thong bottoms. At her bare feet was a silky blue nightshirt and a oversized tee. And to top it off, her hair was up and in some sort of clip, giving me a view of her warm shoulders and neck. I was stunned and silent, seeing everything that I was only imagining. She began to speak. “ Ohh…uhh..i was just coming to get….i mean…I was changing into something to sl**p in…but I still wanted to try on this I saw….and…I…umm, the shoes, they weren’t right, but I came out to get the t-shirt and then…”. She was so nervous and flustered I couldn’t help myself but smile and say “shhhhh…shhhhh, its ok…its ok….” in a soft hushed tone, trying to calm her down. “take a deep breath……..there….that’s it……ok ?” She took a breath and then nodded ok and stood there in a panic, her eyes beginning to well up. So many thoughts, I wanted to console her, grab at her, but I figured I would stay consistently calm as I had throughout the night, remain adult and see what she was up to. “ So you were saying, you wanted to find shoes that matched what you are wearing ?” She bowed her head, looking down at the pumps in her hand and nodded yes. I told her that the white were ok, but she should try the pink one behind her or the black ones. She just stared at me and I said “Go ahead. Pick up either pair. Sit down on the chair.” I was now getting hard and I figured if she was bold enough to try and run out here in that outfit to grab a pair of shoes and run back into the bathroom, I would show her what the consequences would be. I walked over to her and got down on one knee, took the shoe from her and held it out for her to slip into. She looked at me with a nervous face, still unsure as to what I was doing. She slid her pretty toes into the waiting pump and I held the heel for her to push down into it. Then I took the second shoe and held it up, indicating it was time for the next. She lifted up her right leg now and allowed me to see the triangle of silky cloth that was her thong, or should I say, my wife’s thong. As she placed her foot into the shoe, I held out my hand for her hand and stood up and pulled her to her feet, off the chair. She was a few inches taller then me since I had no shoes on. I stepped back and smiled and said, “how do they look? Go ahead, you can walk, there is a mirror over there.”

She walked toward the full length mirror and I stood, mesmerized, watching this young thing of 15 become a woman in my bedroom, something I never thought I would witness. After a few minutes of her obviously nervous face admiring herself in the mirror, I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her hips. “You look absolutely…. stunning….” I said, and stared at her watery eyes, her body slightly shaking. She offered a small hesitant smile and I ran my right hand down her thigh. We stared at each other for a few moments and her body seemed to loosen somewhat in my hands, so with great trepidation, I planted a soft kiss on her neck just above her right shoulder blade and looked back into the mirror. Her eyes closed and she bowed her head forward, inviting me to repeat my display of affection. I kissed her again in the same manner and then continued with soft kisses onto her shoulder and arm as I made my way in front of her. She tossed her head back slowly, eyes still closed as I kissed the nape of her neck, wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me. I smelled her teenage body lotion rising up from her bosom with a sweet and innocent aroma, mixed with the sweat from a nervous young girl. I lowered my assault to the tops of her creamy breasts, my hands now on her back up towards her shoulder straps. With steady and slow movements, I removed each strap, allowing the top to fall down half way, exposing just below her pert titties. I looked up at her and she looked down at me and I began to trail my tongue between those tits and circled under each soft pillow, ending at the nipples, so pink and firm. The daintiness of her breasts were enchanting as my hands wandered down to her ass. With one in each hand and my mouth full of teenage skin, I caressed the bottom that I’ve only spied in shorts and jeans. I encircled her buttocks with my fingers and felt the thong panty riding up her delicate crack and grew impatient to have my way with her in every possible way imaginable. I moved down almost to a squatting position and kissed her belly while groping the rear of her thighs and down to the calves I’ve been craving to touch since I saw her this afternoon. I planted a few kisses on the silky patch of material between her legs and I felt her jump a bit, her legs starting to get weak. I slowly slide back up and get face to face, her pouty lips level with mine, he green eyes now full of sl**py lust and we once again stare at each other. I smile to assure her I am enjoying myself and she lets a little smirk appear on her face, feeling ridden with confusion and young lady lust. I move in and kiss her, nibbling her bottom lip and then she pushes her mouth towards me, kissing me passionately and then parting to allow our tongues to intermingle. I notice right away her aggressive style and sense that most of what she has done with young boys to date was kiss, so I have her in her comfort zone.

After a few glorious moments of deep kissing, I motion to her by pushing her backwards, unsteady on her heels. She looks down and back and see’s that I am moving her towards the clear spot on the bed and she falls down in a semi sitting position with a bounce and a giggle. I stare at her and admire her beauty and decide that she knows the direction we are headed and can stop me at any time. I unbutton my shorts and drop them to the floor, I pull off my t-shirt and stand before her in my boxer briefs. She appears unsure, so I put out my hand and she places hers in mind. I bend down and kiss it and smile, as if I am greeting royalty and then straighten up. I place her hand on my waist and then outline my hardness with my hand showing her the result of her actions. She looks at me and I nod my approval and she moves her hand over my cock so engorged beneath my briefs. My penis is now straining to be released and she lowers the waist band to reveal my older man cock. With the briefs to my knees, she strokes my shaft softly and she is looking at it like she has never held a penis before, but I have a feeling she may have. She looks up at me again and then moves in to take a taste. A quick lick and a kiss and again she looks at me, as if I’m going to say “no no no! that’s all wrong!” when I couldn’t care less what she did! With visual approval, she dove in and began sucking on my cock head, only taking about 3 inches of my manhood into her mouth, continuing to jerk it as she did so. Her warm little mouth felt like a velvet glove and her tongue appeared skilled beyond her years. I placed a hand on her head to make sure this wasn’t a dream and I felt her soft brown hair between my fingers. She was rapt in her concentration, almost getting methodical, but alas, a young hot mouth will not hear any complaining. She began to take me deeper into her mouth, become more adept with each rise and fall. After a few moments of this extreme pleasure, I wanted to show her she was more than just a sex doll.

I motioned for her to stop and it was so cute to see her looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. I chuckled and pushed her gently back onto the bed. I untied her top and allowed her g****fruit sized breasts to stand like young ones do and pulled her thong off, down passed her knees and off her body. Giving a little push to her legs to spread them apart, this girl did not know what she was in for. Her brown wisps of hair around her pussy was damp and showed me the way to her waiting honey pot. I first rubbed her clit and got a tremble from this little girl. She yipped first then moaned and then settled down to enjoy. It was wet to the touch so there was no mystery on how things were going. I leaned in to taste this succulent and tender flesh, flicking gently with soft touches from my tongue. Her ass began to writhe about on my bedspread and I placed my hands under her legs for support, as they were dangling off the bed. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and stayed on my knees while continuing to lap up her pussy juice, her scent clean and fresh. I darted into her waiting hole tongue fucking her till she lifted her ass off the bed. I reached up and massaged her tits while giving her all that I could. He body began to shiver and little moans were coming from her, her belly taught with anticipation. I felt her vaginal muscles convulse on my tongue and knew it would not be long before she came. She gripped the sheets and moaned louder and I wished I had closed the door to the room. But I was not going to stop just yet. I circled her clit in counter clockwise rotation several times before mixing it up with full onslaught of lapping. “ Ohh god..ohh god…oohhhooooooooooo!” she moaned as I inserted a finger, reaching for that mystery spot. My continuous slurping and licking was intoxicating and it seemed I could not get enough, but that was not for me to decide. “Yeahhh…yeah……yeah…uhhhuh…oooohh yes..yes..yes…yessssss!” followed by a series of whines and heavy breathing and a deep shudder told me that my time was up. She grabbed my head and pushed it into her love as she came hard. Finally releasing me, I moved up to her belly and kissed all the way to her neck. “ I hope you didn’t wake your b*****r, he might want to go home!” She made this puppy dog face that made me chuckle and I got up and closed the door as I left her panting from our exercise.

I came back and laid next to her, running my fingers through her hair, just looking at her innocent beauty. My cock stirring and resting on her leg, I tried hard not to ruin it by using words. But before I knew it, my mouth was open. “ I have always felt close to you, always desired you. You are a special young lady to me.” She was beaming and smiling and told me how much she always liked it when I was around but never knew or thought of me in this way. She went on to say that tonight, something special awoke in her, feelings she didn’t know until our time spent alone together. I leaned in and kissed her hard and barely could breathe from the excitement welling inside me. I asked her if she felt we should stop and she shook her head no. I didn’t know how to ask if she has been deflowered yet and as if she sensed my hesitation, she went on to explain, “Uncle Tim ? I know what you are thinking and it is ok.” Her eyes were full of passion and welcomed my advances and I found myself getting ready to mount her. I used my knee to part her legs and let my probe find her moist and hot nest. Slowly, I pushed it near the entrance and teased with only a short insertion, giving only small amounts of my cock to her. I just held it there while she breathed heavy, not wanting to impart any pain. I slowly eased into her, taking inch by inch, enjoying the process. She felt some pressure but no pain and eventually I had most of my cock in her love mound and felt it clasp onto me. I held her there and kissed her with such vigor, I thought I might cum right then. I lifted myself up with my arms off her body and began the missionary love making, thrusting slowly back and forth.

Her eyes closed and she sighed and lifted her legs to allow me to push deeper into her. Nibbling on her nipples and licking her breast, I continued my pumping and her body began the dance with mine, keeping time and rocking with my motion. This smell of sex was new to me, unlike when I am with my wife and it drove me to higher heights and made me a bit light headed. “Ohh…Ohh…Ohhh…ohh..”, I would hear as I plunged deeper into her sexual soul. Up on my knees now, I pushed and she raised he hips to meet me and I felt the natural urge to procreate well up inside me and she sensed it as well. Our rhythm was moving like a freight train and I did not want this journey to end. But our destination was near and I knew what the right thing to do was, so I pulled out of the love tunnel and the eruption of my seed flew up to her chin and lips and the remainder pooled on her flat abs as I jerked my cock violently. A few grunts and noises emitted from me as well and that gave Cassidy a little chuckle and I began to laugh too. “You see what you do to me?” and I fell down next to her, her hand wiping my cum from her face. “next time, you wear your glasses!” I said and laughed at my own joke. She looked at me with a puzzled grin and said “You say that like there will be a next time!” and I grew sad for a brief second and she began to laugh herself. “If you want…” I say as I caressed her face “ you can stay in here tonight”. I handed her a towel from the other side of the bed. She sits up and says “You think that’s a good idea?” “Well, I will set the alarm to wake us up early before the k**s wake and then you can go into my daughter’s room like nothing happened.” And then, like only a 15 year old would say, “Who said we were going to go to sl**p ?” and with a grin, she hops on top of me and kisses me so I hard, I nearly fell off the bed.

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11 days ago
Oh yeah! Really great story, and I mean, a proper read. Nice build up with this hottie, and then a fucking hot climax!
11 months ago
Very hot story.
1 year ago
Very nice man, it was a pretty good read.
1 year ago
Great stuff. Very well written HHOT.
1 year ago
Love the story - very descriptive and natural of a special moment for them both. Is there a sequel planned?
1 year ago
awesome & yes more
1 year ago
This turns me on so much more than movies
1 year ago
I love this wish I could do this but with my dad
1 year ago
Very good and deserves some further chapters.
1 year ago
Damn,that was HOT! Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
I love this story. So believable in a fantasy sort of way. Who wouldn't love to spend some time with sweet young Cassidy?
1 year ago
Very well written