Vaction with In Laws

It has been a long time since the four of us were on a vacation with none of our c***dren. Probably before we were all married. We have always enjoyed spending time with my b*****r and s****r in law and had a lot of fun doing so. But now in our older years, it has been less partying and more “f****y events”. Don’t get me wrong, we do have an occasional late night with a few drinks and such. However, this time we were thousands of miles away on a beautiful tropical island with no cares or responsibilities.

Noreen, my wife’s s****r, was already accepting the frozen drinks at the airport that the travel agent had arranged from our transportation to the resort. Mike and I grabbed one of the local beers provided and we all toasted, along with my wife, to a relaxing and fun filled week. We claimed our luggage and the porters placed them under the bus and we proceeded to get on board. I was right behind Noreen as she stepped up onto the bus stair and received a wonderful view to a mighty fine rear end. She ascended the stairs with ease, her long, firm legs stepping up as if she was on a stair climber. Exercise and Noreen are no strangers and she has the body to show for it. Now this is not the first time I have spied her wonderful hind quarters. I have taken many opportunities to gaze at her toned form, from her sculpted rear and calves, to her flattened tummy, pert breast and supple lips. Perhaps I should take the time to describe her a little bit. I often equate her body style with that of a professional volley ball player, not so curvy, but definitely in shape and attractive. She stands about 5’9”, blonde hair, twinkling brown eyes, pouty lips and small breasts. Her ass forms a bit of a bubble which sits atop of her long limbs, strong from hours of treadmill, down to her firm calves and pretty feet. She not only looks good in her athletic gear, like she had on now, but quite beholden in a tight skirt and blouse with heels.

We move towards the back of the bus and the coach lurches forward, gears grinding, as we head out from the airport towards the resort. There is talk of how great the reputation of the resort is for privacy and top shelf treatment of the guests and who plans on doing what. My wife, Stacy, and her s****r laugh as they explain their plan on doing nothing much at all except for sitting on the beach, book in one hand, drink in the other. I smile at the thought of seeing the two of them so relaxed with no agenda… k**s to cart to activities, no house chores, no job…nothing but sun and fun. I also am imagining my girls in their bikinis sitting seductively on a lounge chair, perhaps requiring me to put on some sun tan lotion for them…I begin to dive too deep into this fantasy when the bus makes a turn into the opulent palm tree lined driveway towards the main lobby. We depart from the bus and are guided into the hotel to check in, all the while, there is a buzz of excitement and anticipation of what is to come.

After the excitement of showing each other our neighboring rooms and wonderful ocean views from the balcony, the discussion turns to getting something to eat and a few cocktails. We head down to the poolside lounge in our “resort attire” of shorts and shirts, sandals and sunglasses, looking like the typical tourists. But I could not help noticing how great the girls looked. My wife was sporting a soft d****y aqua blue tank with white Capri pants and white sexy sandals and Noreen, whom I call Nor, had on a sexy V neck colorful halter floral printed dress that showed off her legs and feet on which she wore beige peep toe espadrilles with a sexy strap around the ankles. I could not take my eyes off of them, predominantly Nor, as her ass swayed from side to side as she strutted between the tropical plants and man made waterfalls down the path towards the bar area.

We sat down at a small table and our waiter, Herb, introduced us with his wide island smile to the drink specials and catch of the day. I took note that he was also fond of our attractive counterparts and the ladies enjoyed the attention. Once our tropical drinks were at hand, we began the onslaught of the afternoon. We stayed well into the dusk hours laughing and talking, listening to the island music and enjoying the company of other travelers having fun. The air was humid but comfortable and turning cooler as the sun began its descent into the beautiful blue waters. The setting sun shown on Nor and put her in such a light, a warm glow, that between the alcohol flowing through my system and her exquisite beauty, a fire was now burning down below that I haven’t felt in years. I have always found her attractive and enjoyed being in her presence, but something stirred in me that had me giddy with trepidation. Butterflies were in my stomach as she laughed and leaned over in her chair, touching my arm during the group conversation. I thought to myself, “ I need to have her…somehow…someway.” Mike and Stacy had decided it might be time to go up to the room and get ready for dinner. I reluctantly agreed with my new found lust present, but being the gentleman I am, I composed myself and we headed for the elevator. This time Mike was in the lead with Stacy in tow, Nor behind her and I took up the rear, literally. She walked with grace and poise with an occasional sway, as she consumed quite a bit of booze herself. We agreed to meet in about an hour as we slipped into our rooms to get ready.

The shower and process of getting ready, along with waiting for the wife to primp and prep was sobering, although we did not lose our buzz. The phone rang and I answered. Over the sound of my wife’s blow dryer, I hear Nor ask “You guys ready or what ?” and a little laugh. I smiled to myself and said that her s****r needs another ten minutes or so but I was ready. She told me that she was ready as well and Mike was slipping in a quick nap. I suggested that we both step out of the room because I couldn’t hear her well and she agreed. I told my wife that “they” were ready and that I was going to step outside the room to wait for her. She nodded and kept making herself look pretty. Before I left, I grabbed the hotel card key, some money and that’s when I spied the mini bar. I glanced back at the bathroom door half ajar and then leaned down and grabbed the small bottle of Bacardi and a can of coke and 4 plastic cups. With some spring in my step, I opened the room door and there in front of me was an angel in white.

Nor looked absolutely breathtaking in her white sleeveless tie front pleated dress with strappy white sandals. I must have been staring with my mouth open because she exclaimed “ What??? Whats wrong?” With a slight stutter, I said “Absolutely…nothing!” and smiled coyly. I looked down the hall and then motioned with my head to follow me. We walked down the hall away from the elevators, toward the beach where there was an open balcony overlooking the pool/beach area. Resort employees were shuffling to and from changing the surroundings from a daytime beach play area to an elegant “dining on the sand” where small tables were set up with formal settings, white table cloths and candles. Tiki torches lit the area with a beautifully dark horizon dotted with a few ship lights in the background. I offered her a cup and she smiled at my resourcefulness and said “good thinking!” I poured the Bacardi followed by coke and we clanked our plastic cups. “We will be eating down there on the beach, Stacy made us a reservation.” “Ohhhh how romantic!” she exclaimed. For a moment, we stared at each other without saying a word, smiling as if it were our first date. “You look great Nor….well, you always do..” I say. She bows her head in thanks and reaches out and runs her hand from about my shoulder down to my elbow and says, “ aww thanks Tim! You are so sweet.” We look out at the ocean and sigh together and then we both laugh.

About 15 minutes later, Stacy and Mike find us out at the end of the hallway. I explained that I had brought a drink out for all of us but they took too long and showed them the evidence. We all laughed, except for my wife, whom appeared not to appreciate my having fun with out her. We made our way down the stairs since they were close by and were quickly seated upon our arrival. The moon shown down on our table, soft music of a trio was playing near by and the warm wind blew through the ladies hair, making them constantly push aside their locks. We had sat opposite our partners and I had Mike to my right and Nor to my left. A nice bottle of wine arrived and soon afterwards, the appetizers, followed by another bottle of red. By the time dinner came we once again were on our way to that happy place. We had taken our sandals/shoes off at the patio before we stepped onto the beach. The cool sand felt pleasant and my wife looked radiant in her low cut top and skirt, showing quite a bit of cleavage. I do believe I saw Mike’s eyes wandering a few times during their conversation. I knew my wife was feeling good when she began to play footsie with me. It was more of placing her foot on top of mine in a nonchalant sort of way and sometimes softly moving her foot back and forth. At one point I thought to myself “wow, she has longer legs than I thought” and then after thinking about it further, I looked to my left and saw something in Nor’s eyes that corresponded with the way my wife was moving her foot. Then when Mike appeared deep in a conversation with Stacy, I realized that this was Noreen’s foot caressing mine! My cock stirred at this thought and I now understood why Noreen was not getting the reaction she wanted. So I pulled my foot from the sand and began to return the serve. She still looked at Mike pleasingly, then was confused looking and then as I slid my foot up her calf, she looked my way and with surprise, put her hand to her mouth and began to giggle, realizing her error. I smiled and then laughed as she pulled away and she began to laugh as well. Our partners stopped and looked at us and I just shook my head as if it were nothing. After a bit, I would nudge Noreen with my foot as a little joke, which made her smile and nudge me back. Soon that was forgotten and we agreed to carry it on to the tiki bar where there seemed to be some activity.

After many drinks later, the girls tried to convince us to go up and get changed into our bathing suits so we can all go in the outdoor Jacuzzi. Mike and I convinced them to go up first while we finished our drink and then we would go up and come down and meet them. After that drink and then one more, we went up and changed, finding the girls gone. So we made haste as much as we could as we were feeling no pain. Once back downstairs, Mike and I began to laugh as we had no idea where the Jacuzzis were and one of the staff walking by was happy to assist. He pointed down the path a ways that had a lush tropical garden with a sign that said Jaccuzzi (PRIVATE : FOR GUESTS ONLY). We shrugged our shoulders and walked into what appeared to be a maze of trees and bushes as high as 6 foot with small openings here and there. Some had laughter and voices coming from them and a peek in and around a bush we saw other peoples belongings, so we moved on. We couldn’t stop laughing, feeling like peeping toms and at about the 5th one, we found the girls sitting in the bubbles with the dim patio lights around the private bushes. We all had a good laugh describing our plight and they were wondering as well how we were going to find them.

As we sat amongst the frothy super heated water, I realized something. “Where are my manners!” I exclaim with a chuckle. “I think the ladies need a drink!” They nodded in agreement, even Mike, and I excuse myself and proceed to the Tiki bar. Upon my return, I brought a very congenial barkeep, who insisted on giving me a hand since I brought back two drinks for each of us. After tipping the fine young lad, I slipped back into my spot opposite the ladies. We drank and talked and laughed for a while and I was honestly getting a little d***k. Mike offered to go get the next round and barely made it out of the whirlpool without falling on his face. The three of us giggled at his lack of coordination as we watched him turn the corner, practically falling into the bushes. So I brought up the conversation again that we were just having about hedonist resorts and going nude and stuff. My wife and I have always been quite conservative but the alcohol was making for some interesting conversation. I then began encouraging the girls to at least take off their tops. After numerous screeches and yelps, I told them it would give Mike a great surprise to come back and find them topless and that it would be good for a laugh. Besides, the lighting here was quite low as well as casting shadows in all the right places. Finally they decided to give it a try and I was so beside myself and giddy with arousal, that the moment was almost surreal. They both counted to three and whipped their tops off. Noreen was in a powder blue bikini and my wife a one piece, but she had pulled it down to expose her size D breasts. Nor’s small but pert mounds were floating quite near the top of the water as she is a bit taller than my wife. But both were still hard to see. I could not wait to see the look on Mike’s face when he got a load of what we had here. In fact, I noticed that Mike had been taking a while and I became concerned, so I told the women to stay just the way they were and that I would go check on Mike. I no sooner got out of the maze of Jacuzzi and brush that I spied him on a lounge chair half way to the bar. He must have gotten tired and passed out before he made it for our drinks. I couldn’t say I blamed him because I felt as if I were not far behind. The thought of those two pairs of tits kept me pressing forward so after I checked on him to make sure he was ok, I got us each another round and made my way back. I told the girls what I had saw and a look of concern came over Noreen’s face. I assured her that he was fine and Stacy said she would go check on him in a bit. Nor seemed more relaxed as we sipped our new beverages.

After a while, Stacy seeing that I was close to passing out, volunteered to get another round. She pulled up her top, of course, and went in search of alcohol. She came back moments later saying that it was 2 a.m and the bar had closed! I made a suggestion of going back to the room to raid the mini bar and while Noreen was into it, my wife was nervous given my present state. She warned me to be careful as I wobbled off to the room. Now officially piss d***k, I started fantasizing about coming back to find that both my wife and Mike was passed out so I could be alone with Nor and get a chance to “get a little closer”. I made it to the room and found a baggie and some plastic cups to take back down. This was the last thing I recalled. When I felt the water splash on my face, I came to and heard someone shout “Holy Shit ! Are you ok ?”. I was laying in the hot tub and staring up at a pair of breasts and managed to say, “ I am now!” I reached up and pulled Nor close to me and placed my mouth around those nipples before me. She moaned with delight and said “what If she comes back?”. I replied “its ok, ill take care of her too” and with a giggle and shake I was off to the races. I pulled myself up and reached around to grab a handful of ass, so firm and pleasing to touch. My hands traveled around front and my fingers found a neatly trimmed pussy clinging to a wet nylon bathing suit, just begging to be touched. I slid one finger in and more moaning was heard. I stood up and moved both of us towards the edge of the water and lifted her to seat on the warm stone copping. She leaned back with her legs dangling in the water and I immediately started kissing her thighs and with one hand pulled back her bottoms to expose what I have been caressing. My tongue darted directly to her lips and lapped in an up and down motion, stopping to tease her clit. I felt her legs tremble and her hand pushed the back of my head deeper into her chlorine and musk scent. My hands now held her waist as I continued my assault on her delicious love. Her hips bucked as I felt my cock raging to be inside her. I began to regain some clarity but things are still happening so fast and I can not believe my good fortune. After several minutes of eating her sweetness, I climb up and out of the water, pulled down my swim trunks and fumble for my hardened cock. With all my d***ken concentration, I guide my manhood to her wetness and slid in with one quick thrust. She threw her head back and while leaning on her elbows, I fall to the nape of her neck and began pumping away. Our moans became intertwined with the sound of the tropical birds in the early morning dance. In only a few moments after did I feel the pressure of my juices begin to reach the boiling point. I was burying myself deep within her, feeling every inch of her vaginal walls pulsing and clamping down on me. Just then I felt some small amount of release and I pulled out just in time to blow a massive load all over her belly and tits as a shiver ran down my spine and I became giddy with laughter from my conquest. I slumped down next to her, felt the warm sensation of the patio brick on my backside and passed out.

I awake to see my wife laying next to me in our hotel room and instantly a pang of guilt rushes through me, wondering if she knows what happened last night. The curtains are drawn but I see the early morning light beginning to peek through. Very confused and now anxious, I sit up and rub my eyes, feeling a slight head pound. Stacy sensing me awake rolls over and surprisingly has a smile on her face. “Good morning my love.” She says sl**pily. “Are you feeling better?” I reply “Uhhh I guesss….” And now I am waiting for the hammer to hit me. “You don’t remember last night do you?” and now she is looking a little upset. Not wanting to tell her the memories that were flooding back to me at that very moment, I feign complete forgetfulness. “No….No, not really….i think I went to get drinks while you and Nor were in the hot tub….” “That part is right…” she says. So I continue cautiously. “Ummm…then I got to the hot tub and…uhhh, the rest is fuzzy…” I lied. How could I tell her what I remembered ?. “Well let me fill you in.”. She goes on to tell me that when I went up to the room Noreen went to check on Mike and decided to bring him up to the room as he was shivering. She said she might come back if he appeared ok. So Stacy, my wife, decided to wait until I got back, figuring that we can have some alone time and enjoy one more drink before we went up. I came stumbling back to the hot tub with a blank look on my face and tripped and fell into the hot tub. She was so scared and when I came up, I began to suck on her tits. The rest I recalled but I did not tell her that the whole time I thought I was fucking around with Noreen. Stacy leaned over and pulled me close and said “You fucked me so hard last night”, and giggles, “ I like d***k sex….mmmm”. She leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips. More giggles. She goes on to explain that at first she was concerned but once I came to, I was so “entranced” and on a mission, she couldn’t and didn’t want to stop. She did admit that she was nervous that Noreen might be coming back but got so caught up in the passion that she threw caution to the wind.

After about 15 minutes of cuddling, Stacy began to fall asl**p again and my mind was racing. I was almost sure that I was with Noreen! I whispered to my wife that I was going for a walk to clear my mind and I would reserve some lounge chairs for the beach. She groaned and I got dressed and slinked out the door quietly. I found myself walking down past the pool, and after a few minutes found a chair at the edge of the patio, close to the beach wall. I was sitting there in my haze when a form appeared in the not so far distance coming down the beach. As the person got closer, I saw it was Noreen out for a jog. She smiled as she noticed me sitting there and slowed down to a walk. Her hands on her hips, wearing blue running shorts and matching athletic support bra, her firm belly exposed and her hair pulled back in a blonde pony tail, she stands before me, panting slightly. “Mornin!” she exclaims. “ahhh, feels good to get a run in, clears away the buzz from the night before!”. I smile and offer her a seat next to me. She sits and we stare out at the ocean for a few minutes, not saying much. I break the silence with “Have fun last night ?”, with a hint of jealously in my voice, like I was mad she wasn’t there upon my return. She nods and says yes, and then pauses and says “but not as much as you and Stacy!”. I stare at her in bewilderment and she burst out laughing. “ I’m so sorry…please..i wasn’t even going to mention it….” She calms down and takes a more serious tone “ I shouldn’t have said anything….” she smiles coyly. “ Its just that I came back down for a last drink after I put Mike to bed and when I turned the corner into our little cove, I saw you too…uhh….going at it…” she chuckles softly. I smiled to let her know it was ok, even though I was slightly embarrassed, but aroused at the same time. “Listen, don’t tell my s****r I saw you guys, I shouldn’t have even told you, but I didn’t want to make it a big deal, …I didn’t think you would be embarrassed but now that I’m thinking about it Stacy might be, so please don’t tell her I told you. “No problem, it will be our secret” and I reach over and pat her sweaty warm thigh, “and no, I’m not embarrassed.” She stands up and says “Good, it’s between us then….I’m going to go get ready for breakfast. You and Stacy want to join us?” she asks. I said sure, ill go up and see if she is ready. She smiles and agrees and turns to walk away. “Ohhh…and Tim…you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about…..nothing!” and laughs as she walks away. I smiled heartily and stared at her tight friggin ass as she walks towards her room. My god….I have to have her before I leave this island!

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1 year ago
Fucking hot fantasy...... what our drunkin imaginations can do to us.....
1 year ago
mmmmmm, hot story hun.
1 year ago
tell us more
1 year ago
Hell yeah, get to the good part!
1 year ago
let me know if I should continue this vacation