Three Hours

I watch you all evening. The bar is familiar, the crowd is not. You look incredible; we've been fucking since early afternoon and it's evident, at least to me. Your skin is flushed, almost glowing. Your eyes, glittering, linger on me whenever we glance at each other; I know this afternoon is still in your mind as it is in mine. The scent of you remains on my fingers and I inhale deeply, often, whilst watching you chatter and flirt with various eager strangers, their eyes following as you move away, high on life, on sex. The joint between your fingers may have something to do with it, too.

You're never more beautiful than when satisfied, when you've cum hard, repeatedly. You exude contentment, your usual edgy energy buried beneath obvious fulfillment. Never more confident either, drawing a sense of power from my desperation for you, from the ease with which you make me beg and moan for you. I'm a silent observer tonight, content to watch until you move further away, circling around one admirer in particular. I recognise those moves, as I should; the line of your throat as you laugh wholeheartedly, the flash of your eyes as you watch your prey. The fingers, still bearing my scent, which curve into the small of her back. You seduce her as you once seduced me, with only the barest glance in my direction to indicate that you're still aware of my presence.

Another drink. I turn back to the bar, mood darkening as I down it rapidly, the mirrored backdrop enabling me to watch you despite my reluctance to do so. As you lean into her, lips against her throat, I empty my glass and head for the door.

Couples everywhere. I stand at the exit for a moment, heart racing as the cool air hits my skin. Bored with my recurring role as spectator I head for the alley, to a favoured spot deep in the shadows. I stand for a while, propped against the wall, until the click of a lighter alerts me to your presence. I don't bother to open my eyes.

"She has great tits, doesn't she? Kisses like a champ, too." You offer this opinion between hits, as if recommending a new wine. "It's not just me she's interested in, either."

I spring forward, a hand around your throat. "When I need a fuck I'll go out and find one for myself." Face to face with you, your pulse beating under my fingertips, I feel my heart begin to pound once again. Apparently unperturbed you raise the joint to your lips once more but as you take a drag I feel you tremble. My fingertips move across your skin, my thumb tracing the line of your jaw before tilting your head back, my face nuzzling against your throat.

"You stink of her." I swallow, lip curling in disdain. "You know I hate that."

"So do something about it."

Always the fucking smart remark. Your eyes meet mine in a silent challenge and we glare at each other for a long moment, pressed against each other in the cold air. Your breasts push against mine, nipples hard and, I suspect, tight with arousal. Your leg pushes between mine and I feel my cunt moisten suddenly at the heat against my thigh. You smirk a little, confident once more in your experience of my body, fully aware of the effect you're having on me. It's too much and my temper snaps, my teeth sinking into the flesh of your throat as I growl in frustration against your skin. As I slide my hand round into your hair to yank your head back further, my other hand fumbles with your trousers, all but ripping them open in my impatience. I slip a hand inside to find you bare-assed, my fingers sliding straight into your cunt, two fingers against your clit. Your gasp is loud in the silence and I cover your mouth with mine, tongue sliding against yours. It's a hard kiss, teeth against lips, hungry and impassioned. My leg between yours, my body pushing you to the wall are the only things keeping you upright as you writhe against me, moaning desperately into my mouth as I pinch your clit before pushing three fingers roughly inside you.

"Did she make you feel like this, huh? Did she?" You're unable to answer, gasping for breath as I fuck you. I rip open your top, my fingers finding your nipple and twisting a little harder than necessary, making you cry out with something more akin to pain than pleasure. I pull my fingers out of you and back up to your clit, rubbing across it and back into you repeatedly as I play with your nipple, your tits impossibly, beautifully hard for me.

"Is she waiting in there now, waiting for you to come back and fuck her? Wanting your mouth on her cunt, your fingers in her ass?" You're close, your cunt squeezing my fingers, your cries muffled against my shoulder. "Does she want to do this to you, put her fingers in your twat like this? She doesn't have any idea how hard I can make you cum, how fucking wild you get for me." My fingers are relentless against your clit and I can feel you trembling against me as your hips start to buck, your cunt unbelievably wet. I shove my fingers back inside you, your hole swallowing them up to the knuckles as my thumb circles your clit. As you cum I feel you bite hard on my shoulder, your teeth painfully sharp through my shirt and I respond in kind, sucking hungrily at your throat. Your groans are stifled against me but I can hear the desperate relief, even so.

I can feel you shaking as I bring wet fingers to my mouth, greedily lapping at your juices as I hold you up. You watch me, a smug smile forming on your lips, your eyes heavily-lidded. At length you straighten up a little, grinning at me as you examine your tattered top, my fingers fastening your pants as I kiss the bitemark on your neck.

"You took your time. I was freezing my arse off out here, waiting." I can feel myself pout.

"You're always better when you're truly pissed off."

Sometimes, jealousy is good.
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4 years ago
phoar..... that got me so wet!!!!
4 years ago
Well, that does it for me !!!!! he he he
4 years ago
very sexy.
4 years ago
good story relly liked it would like to read more.
4 years ago
Excellent, well told story! Probably the very best lesbian story I have read, ever! Riveting, surprising, and superbly well written!
4 years ago
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