the foot girl

i went to have my feet and legs looked at at the cheropadist!i was told to wear some shorts so they could see my legs, the girl looking after me had to lean to the side of me to get something to put on my legs! as she did i took the chance to rub my leg against her, she said nothing but glanced at me then at the door wear my wife was waiting for me.i started to push my luck and we were rubbing our legs against each other all the time i was there.I was told i needed to go back the next week so i duly turned up but this time i had the shortest pear of shorts i had on and no underwear on!i was called in and as i sat in front of here i made my shorts ride up as fare as i could,she stared to work on my legs and i new if she was to look up she would see my cock up my shorts! I looked her in the eye so as not to miss any reaction from her, as she worked up my legs she looked up and her eyes went to my cock witch by this time was getting hard, she made a gasp and looked at me and at he door wear my wife was waiting and back to me! this was my chance, i run my hand down to my cock and pulled it out from my shorts,i worked up and down its length slowly pulling my forskin back for her to see my bulb at the end. her eyes never left my cock! i was sat in front off this girl wanking my cock for her and she was enjoying every moment of it, i pu t my foot up her smock and i could feal how warm her legs were and i found her pussy with my big toe,that was it i could not hold on any longer, i shot my spunk all over for her, she loved every moment of it and she needs to see me next week for more treatment, im going on my by myself for that one! keep you all posted!!!
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3 years ago
just having a go asshole!
3 years ago
ANYONE notice that the dimwits who can't spell also can't write?