the cleanor

as part of my job at work i had to stay back for our cleaner to do her job.Barbera was a sixty five year old who came and cleaned one's a week for time when she was doing her work she walked in on me getting changed to come home after she had finished her work! i said i was sory but she said it as ok and just caried on with what she was doing.after that i made it in my way to let her find me in some sort of unddres every week!I made shoor that each time she cam in i had less on than the last time she found me.i asked her if she minded me getting changed in front of her? she said that she did not mind at all!so one week i made shoor i just had my underpants on when she cam in,we started to talk about nothing of importance when i asked her if she liked what she saw?she said that she liked to see me with nearly nothing on in the changing room,that was my chance! i slowly pulled the front of my pants down so she could see my semi hard cock,I could see she was looking down at my manhood and that just made it rock hard in no time,i started to work my cock with my hand slowly pulling my forskin back to show the end of my cock to her.she came forward and took my cock in her hand and had a good feel at it and wwent down and gave my balls a good feel too, in no time i had her on the floor and was sliding my cock all the way in to her tite fanny,every time after that when she came to clean we had sex in every position we could, she loved to suck my cock for me but we allways fucked untill i shot my spunk deep int her. i wont to thank her for some of the best sex i ever had and as i was at work iwas getting payd to do it!thanks barb.
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