chatting on cam

fatcock2010: did u like the pic i sent this morning
MsShyanal: i did, did you get my reply?
fatcock2010: ya
fatcock2010: im wearing those rings again
MsShyanal: you're naughty:P
MsShyanal: brb
fatcock2010: k
MsShyanal: back
fatcock2010: hi
MsShyanal: hi
MsShyanal: how is that fat cock feeling?
fatcock2010: oh shya
fatcock2010: its all slippery with lube
MsShyanal: oh hot
MsShyanal: sounding like sloppy wet pussy?
fatcock2010: ya
MsShyanal: very hot
fatcock2010: want to see
MsShyanal: yes
MsShyanal: you liking those cockrings?
fatcock2010: ya feels good
MsShyanal: looks real really good
MsShyanal: mmm hot
MsShyanal: your fat cock is awesome
fatcock2010: thnx babe
MsShyanal: thanks for turning your cam on ;)
MsShyanal: looks awesome all hard and shiny!
fatcock2010: u make it harder
MsShyanal: good ;)
fatcock2010: mmm
MsShyanal: stroke that fat cock
MsShyanal: hot!
MsShyanal: i like your fat cock hard and swollen
MsShyanal: slap that fat cock
MsShyanal: hows was that cock slapping?
fatcock2010: feels good
fatcock2010: watch this i was slapping this way earlier
MsShyanal: ok slap it
MsShyanal: hehe naughty
MsShyanal: stroke that slippery fat cock
MsShyanal: you ever grab your cock from behind and stroke it that way?
fatcock2010: ya
MsShyanal: i want to see
fatcock2010: like this
MsShyanal: yes
fatcock2010: thats hard to do
fatcock2010: ha
MsShyanal: yeah it doesnt look simple lol
fatcock2010: i just drpped a bunch of precum when i turned around
MsShyanal: hot!
MsShyanal: i like to lick up precum
MsShyanal: your cock is looking real good what are you jerking off to fatcock?
fatcock2010: mmmm thnx
fatcock2010: watching porn
fatcock2010: and ur comments
MsShyanal: im liking watching you
MsShyanal: makes my pussy wet
fatcock2010: i like tojerk off for u
MsShyanal: mmm
MsShyanal: stroke that fat cock
MsShyanal: look at the naughty cock
MsShyanal: what are we going to do with that fat cock?
fatcock2010: oh fuck shya
fatcock2010: what would u do
MsShyanal: sit on it and ride it
MsShyanal: feeling that hard fat cock sliding in and out of that shaved wet tight pussy
fatcock2010: mmmm
MsShyanal: then sit on your face and have you lick my pussy and ass
MsShyanal: would suck your cock and balls and finger your ass
MsShyanal: maybe buzz your asshole and balls with my vibe
fatcock2010: omg shya sounds so good
MsShyanal: stroke your cock while buzzing your balls and asshole
MsShyanal: stroke it fat cock!
MsShyanal: mm yeah you naughty boy stroke that hard slippery fat cock
MsShyanal: mmmm slap it
MsShyanal: sexy
MsShyanal: hows that hard fat cock?
fatcock2010: feels very swollen now
MsShyanal: is that feeling real good?
fatcock2010: really fat
MsShyanal: i bet that real fat cock would stuff my tight pussy
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4 years ago
nice and naughty