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So the woman and I put up an ad on Craiglist for a BBC. Within 8 hours we had 110 replies! I got more pics of black dicks on my PC than you can shake a stick at. Now to start the thinning out process and make some contacts.
Posted by boxtop57 1 year ago

[Story] Good Little Cuckold Story

It was a wet rainy overcast day. I hate those days. It's cold and damp. I felt like I needed something to bring back the life in this boring dark day. I get home before my husband, Brad. I found out in addition to my being home alone, Brad was not going to be home until 8:00 this evening. I pondered my options. There was always food for a sensual experience. I wanted something more but decided to settle for a hot pizza. I needed something that was dripping hot melted cheese , a lot of extra cheese that filled my mouth so full that I would explode with delight.

L. G. Kocks pizza I decid... Continue»
Posted by boxtop57 2 years ago