Waiting by the tree

One day instead of taking the bus home from my community college I decided to walk home. I wanted the fresh air and between school and my apartment is a really nice neighborhood so I thought I'd take my time and enjoy the scenery. About 30 minutes into my hour walk back I was starting to regret my decision. It was sunset and starting to get dark. I decided to rest my ass just for a minute and then start back home again before it got too late. There was a nice big mansion on the corner that had a large oak tree out front. I thought I could sneak around the back of the tree and rest without anyone seeing me. I found a nice patch of grass and leaned back to relax. As I looked up I noticed a young man in the second story window. He had long black hair, he was wearing no shirt and had some kind of white necklace around his neck, like one of those shell necklaces you get in Hawaii. At first I thought maybe I should take off before he busts me but I didn't think he could see me. I noticed he was reaching up to his ceiling for some reason and as he did he exposed his pretty little arm pit patches. There wasn't much hair there but it what was there was black and sweet. I guess I got caught up in my head thinking about putting my face next to his milky white skin because I didn't even notice that he was calling after me. I snapped out of my daze when he yelled "hey k**!" I actually recognized the voice. When I looked closer I realized it was this dude from my community college. We both took a weight lifting class together. I never talked to him in class but we had made eye contact several times. He yelled down "what are you doing here?" and all I could think to do was shrug. He looked around as if to make sure it was safe and waved me toward the front door. I walked up to this massive house with a big bronze knocker on the front door and waited until he opened it. The giant black door slowly swung open and revealed this glistening young man of about 21 years old. His hair was in fact deep, dark black but he had the most amazing dark blue eyes. He didn't say anything at first, just flashed this million dollar smile. I remember thinking this k** must have had some sweet-ass braces because his teeth are perfect. I said "You live here?" as if there could be any other answer he said "yeah. come in." I walked in and I must've looked pretty nervous because he found it necessary to tell me everything was okay and he was home alone. "This is my old man's place." he said pointing to the backyard pool. "I stay here on weekends." Sweet I said. "So what are you doing here?" he asked. I explained the whole walking home thing and he got it. I started to look around and take in all the amazing furniture and art on the walls. The place was massive and modern and kind of intimidating but also had this brilliant smell of amber and stone. As I turned around he was half way up the stairs. "Come on up" he said. I gladly followed him. He bounced up the stairs like a gymnast running to mount a pummel horse. His bubble-butt bouncing right along with him. He had gotten bigger since the first day of school I remember thinking, his legs were much more defined than mine. Still, I'm proud of my body, I'd worked just as hard as he did in class. As we got to the top of the stairs we followed the music down the hall to his room. The place was a pretty sweet little pad. It was decked out in all kinds of DJ gear and skateboarding posters. It was a lot cleaner than my little room at home. As I came inside he closed the door behind me and turned around. We stood there face to face and he said "I noticed you looking at me in class a lot." I do that I said, I look at everybody. As we stood less than an inch apart our two bodies seemed perfectly in contrast to each other. At least to me they did. My olive Latino skin almost made his pale white tone even whiter. His face was flawless, there didn't seem to be a blemish or much facial hair for that matter. We stood there just breathing. I was too scared to touch him but I was dying to grab his face and kiss his pouty lower lip that stuck out a quarter inch more than his upper lip did. His lip was begging for it. His hair was messy and a bit in his face and I reached up and pushed it aside. That's all it took for this little lion to go nuts. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in as he literally shoved his tongue down my throat. I wanted to tell him to slow down but I was afraid I would scare him off. We started to back up toward his bed but as we laid down we missed it by a foot or so and landed on the floor on top of his dirty laundry. We didn't miss a beat though. He took my shirt off so fast it actually ripped a bit in the back. He took his pants off first then went to town on mine. He shoved his face under my low-hangers and took a big wiff. "God that smells so good" he said. He licked my balls and shaft and then finally went down on me. I thought I might shoot in a second but tried really hard to hold it back. I picked him up by his beautiful arms and starting licking down his neck until I got to his big beautiful red nipples. They were bigger than quarters and perky as fuck. I made my way down his smooth stomach and onto his pink and uncut dick. Mine is bigger and also uncut but his is plenty thick. He was a moaner and kept getting louder. I fucking loved it. We finally made it up to the bed and started kissing again. He was licking my ear and then whispered softly, "do you know how to fuck" Honestly ... do I know how to fuck. He spit on his hand and lubed up. I picked him up and moved him to the center of the bed. I raised his legs and stared at his beautiful pink hole. He had black pubes too but there weren't many of them. "I want you in me." he moaned and I didn't waste anytime. I spit my own lube in my hand and rubbed my cock wet. I pressed up against his tight little boy pussy and waited for just the right moment and then shoved it in. He screamed so loud I thought maybe someone was going to call the cops. We got into a nice motion and fucked softly for a while. But his fucking gorgeous eyes and sweet ass smile was driving me so crazy I couldn't hold back. I started pounding him hard, just a bit at first and then finally I pounded like a fucking a****l. He was moaning so hard I could feel his chest vibrating against mine. My balls slapping against his ass I kept ramming it in and out over and over. "Fuck my ass latin boy!" I was thinking I was his first latin boy and I loved it. I grabbed his throat and held his bobbing head still and soaked his face with my spit as I tongued his sweet mouth with mine. He continued to moan as we were lips to lips and tongue to tongue...his pouty little lip was so soft against my my face I just wanted to bite it... we kept at it until finally we both shot at the exact same time. He was screaming inside my mouth and I was screaming inside his. I shot inside him and he grabbed my chest as his orgasm kept going and held on like I was a bucking bronco. He squirt so hard it hit the wall behind him and sprayed all over his face. I licked up the sweet milky sauce from his cheek and shoved some back in his mouth. We slowly calmed down and just laid there kissing each other for like 10 minutes. He told me he wanted me from the first day he saw me and confirmed that I was in fact his first latin boy. He asked me if I wanted a swim but I told him I had to go and to please ask me again sometime. He said okay, "how about next Friday." I told him I was in and promised to be by the tree. He laughed and said I could just ring the bell but I said waiting by the tree would be more fun. I finally got home and laid in bed and jacked off twice thinking about his milky white bubble-butt, sweet tasting cum and deep blue eyes. I hope to see him again next week. I have some ideas on how to really make him scream.
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White bois love them dasrk thanks
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mmm hot. what next mmmm
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