Othello takes Michelle for the Night

You invited me over for dinner and drinks with you and your wife. I still had fond memories of the last time we spent together, and I was looking forward to another nice time. This time, you had a particular scene in mind. You wanted to direct the activity between us. I thought that was a hot idea... we would follow your lead and do the things that you wanted to see.

After dinner, we got comfortable and sat down. You whispered something in her ear and then she moved close to me and began to touch and kiss me.

As she began to kiss me on my chest I knew that I wanted to be served in only the way that she know how. Michelle knew what I liked and was willing to please me in any way I choose. "Are you mine for tonight?" I whispered in her ear. I could tell that's what she was waiting for me to say. She give me a gentle squeeze and tell me yes. "Good. Then let's get started". I told her to get on her knees and look up at me. I wanted to see her face - her eyes as she looked up to me waiting for her next instruction.

I feel my dick straining for relief against my black briefs. I'm becoming more and more turned on by thought of what the evening has in store. "Take them off - slowly" you tell her. I feel her hands caress my ass an then come around the front to let her hands touch the hard bulge in my briefs. She reaches for the band of the briefs but you stop her from pulling them down. I pushed my hardness against her face. She takes in my scent and begins to kiss the black briefs and the bulge underneath. Soon I'll fill her mouth with what's inside - but for the moment, I just want to feel her kiss and touch through the fabric. "Now" you say and she pulls my briefs down and over my erection. My dick springs free and stands at attention. I step out of my briefs and tell her to look at me again. "Open your mouth" you say. As her lips part, I can already imagine her putting her lips around my shaft. I slowly place the head of my dick on her lips. I let the head touch her wet mouth and I began to shudder. She felt SO good. I pull out and rub my dick head across her lips. She begins to softly moan and I use my hands to guide my dick inside her mouth again.

She's on her knees and takes her hands and stroke my penis while she let her mouth glide over the head and shaft. As her mouth pulls away from the head, I feel her hand stroking me. The combination of her wet mouth and hand jacking my dick brings me close to the edge. She looks up at me while sucking my dick and she can see the pleasure on my face. I start to pump her face ever so slightly. Matching my rhythm to her stroking and sucking.

You pull her away so that we can move to a new position. I sit on the sofa and you place her between my legs. She starts giving me head again, licking the shaft and also letting her tongue glide across my balls. I begin to gyrate a bit and she continues with even more passionate sucking and licking. Soon I feel her tongue moving to the underside of my sac, to that space between my ass and balls. She let her lips slide against the hard part of my penis that is still inside me. I love how she's making me feel and I don't want her to stop.

I pull her up to me and tell her to kiss me. She pushes her tongue inside my mouth and I take it, trading my own tongue with hers. I use both hands to grab her behind her head and pull her tongue deeper into me.

You reach down and feel her wet panties. They are soaked with her wetness. You let a finger slide underneath and it glides along her pussy lips. You show me your pussy soaked fingers and I can't wait to taste her juices and let my tongue push inside her.

I pull her up off of the carpet and tell her to get on the sofa with me. She straddles me and massaged her wet panties across my hard dick. I can feel the juices from her sweet place all over me. "Take them off" you say. As she stands up to do so, you turn her around so that she's facing away from me. As she slides her panties down, she bends over and I can see her wet juicy pussy glistening. I pull her ass closer to me and bury my tongue inside her pussy. She is still bending over and she reaches out to brace herself on the coffee table. You use your hands to pull her ass cheeks apart so that I can have full access to her. You push her into me so that I can plunge my tongue inside her and then pull her away a bit so that my tongue comes out. Her juices tastes like nectar and i can't get enough of her.

You turn her around and undo her bra, exposing her breasts to me. You take her full breasts in your hands and feed them to me. I take each one in my mouth slowly caressing each nipple with my mouth and tongue. I let my tongue glide over the nipple feeling it stiffen as my lips touch each one. I bring my hands up and softly touch her . I am so turned on my our naked bodies coming together like this... she is sandwiched between us. I can fell her touching me, and her pussy grinding against the shaft of my dick as she straddles her legs over mine.

I move up from from her breasts to her mouth again. You know how much I love seeing us kiss. I'm ready to be inside her now. I want to feel my dick deep inside her wet pussy. As I move to position her on the sofa, you move to sit in a chair in the corner. From the bulge we can see in your pants, it's clear you're ready to see me take her.

I ask you what you want to see next...??

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