My first porno cinema experience

I was a very horny teenager, and had started masturbating at a very early age. By the time I was 14, I was masturbating several times a day, and loved my porno mags...pre-internet days were exciting! One afternoon, I took myself into the westend of London, back when porno cinemas were all over the place. I was curious, so, getting up my nerve, I approached the ticket office to one in piccadilly circus, expecting to be turned away as I was so young. To my amazement and delight, the guy took my money without question, and in I went. It was a larger cinema, like a normal one of the day, but slightly darker, red carpeted, and slightly dingy....there was one of the old swedish porn movies showing, so I found myself a seat in a darker section, and sat near the wall, to enjoy the big busted girls on screen. The groans and sex noises along with seeing the sexy girls and guys on a large screen very soon had my teenage cock bursting at my zip, so I slid lower in my seat, and unzipped myself, allowing my raging erection to spring up-the release was heavenly! I knew there were other men in the cinema, most sitting spread out and alone, and judging by the creaks and hand movements, it was obvious most were also masturbating, so I took this as a sign that it was accepted to wank off! I was in porn heaven as I watched a big breasted blonde sucking on a huge erect cock on screen, my own penis throbbing and harder than it had ever been in my bedroom! The idea of having it out in public like this was so exhilerating! I was so engrossed in watching the movie and feeling myself, i did not notice someone slowly moving down the aisle, and only realised as I heard the seat close to mine creak...i looked over, and saw an older guy, holding his jacket across his lap and looking down at my teenage erection! I was a a little shocked, and was unsure of what to do, so I hid my erection as much as i could, but he kept glancing over, all the while his hand was under his jacket, moving....I glanced over too, and then he smiled, slowly moving his jacket to expose his erect penis, his hand slowly moving up and down as he looked at mine. I felt a jolt of excitment, and began to show mine fully, and found myself slowly wanking myself in front of him. He smiled, and slid across until he was sat beside my, looking at my strong, young erection. I was not sure of the practice, but he soon took the initiative, as he slid his right hand across, and boldly took my raging shaft in his hand...i gasped as i had never been touched by anyone before, and he too gasped, as i imagine i felt like steel in his hand! He was gazing at me as he began to firmly but gently stroke me, making me moan softly, and my erection swelled even firmer, my circumcised head throbbing and so sensitive. I thought it was polite to return the favour, so i took a hold of him in my left felt so strange touching another cock, his was thicker than mine, and not as long, but it felt nice and rigid, and i could feel it swell and throb as my hand slid along it. he must have been so happy to have such a young boys cock in his hand, as he was gasping and letting out little moans as my hand slipped faster up and down his much older cock (he looked around 45ish).
Here i was in my first ever experience, with an older young boy lover and i was enjoying myself! The groaning sounds from the movie and his expert stroking on my aching cock were making me thrust my hips in time, and he sensed i was close....he quickly leaned over, and to my shock, he took me into his hot mouth, masturbating me rapidly as he sucked wetly on me...I saw stars in my head, and i couldnt help gasping aloud as I exploded a jet of immature semen into this old pervs mouth, before spurting another 5 jets, the last two all over the seat in front as he sat back swallowing my first jets. I jerked his shaft quickly, and he grunted, gasping also, and i watched him spurting a huge jet of white sperm, followed by three more sticky, white jets all over the seat and my hand. He smiled again, and without a word, put himself away and slid quietly away, as I sat enjoying the feeling of relief, and watching the movie again, my young cock still hard as i looked around the cinema....

18% (3/14)
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5 days ago
im so hot now
2 years ago
Excellent story!
2 years ago
Great story, I love the porn cinemas as well
3 years ago
Good story !!
3 years ago
You may have really enjoyed this but the older guy was in heaven and probably jacked off for weeks, thinking about sucking off a young guy like you.
3 years ago
MMMMMMMM Love the glory holes and adult theathers
3 years ago
nice tale. similar exerperience to ones i had when younger and as the old guy in the scenerio