Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 03

Sometime you have all the occasions to have the best sex, some other time you are stressed and horny and your mind try to cope with the situation with some bizarre fantasy.
Sometime you can't help but make them into reality.
At that time I was fixated in masturbating in a train compartment with people around while going at my workplace.
Well, i'm not bold enough to do it just in front of people but the fact that someone could get me in the act was driving me nuts with excitement.
I tried many times to do it and planned all with great care but I was really picky with the scenario of my fantasy. As a foot fetishist I would have loved to enjoy my fantasy while looking at a barefoot beauty, he feet resting on the train seat. It took a lot of time to find the right scenario but a day, very early in the morning, I succeded for the first time.
It was late spring and the early morning wasn't cold anymore. Lots of people were napping in their seats, s**ttered far from each other to enjoy some moments of sl**p.
My eyes frantically searched for the objective of my fantasy: I was already very horny, having masturbated till the verge of cumming at home, edging several times.
There were some nice ladies but only after some time I found the perfect spot to enact my fantasy.
There were only five persons in the compartment, all in different seat rows.
I choose to sit in the opposite seat row of a gorgeous brunette: her head leaning on the side of the headrest, her hair gleaming in the light of the rising sun coming from the window near her. Her arms where crossed on her chest, propping up her breasts, her curves and bra peekeing by the opening of her casual white shirt.
I had just a glimpse of her feet but instead of contemplating such beauties I started to get ready: I positioned myself in the opposite seat row, near the opposite window. I was able to get a newspaper from the station, of of those big free one,confident that the many pages and the thick, recycled paper was able to contains my shots, otherwise I would have resorted in cum in my boxers (shamefully I already had another pair in my bag).
I find the right position to have myself hidden from the other seats and to have the best view of the beauty napping some seats from me the, after positioning the newspaper in a way to hide my act and make it looked like I was reading it, I unbuttoned some buttons of my jeans, my boxers already a bit lowered under my pants, sometthing done on the train wc immediately after boarding it.
My bag was on my left side as a fuher shield to cover for a sudden appearence, my legs overlapped.
I became massagin it with my right hand, the left one holding the newspaper, my eyes finally going on her legs, wrapped in rolled jeans with some rips and then reaching to her feet. They weren't resting on the seat in front of her but just on her light pink ballet pumps. I could amdire such lovely long feet, the toes spread on the ballet pumps, the toenails painted in shiny black, some slighlty evident veins adorining such beauties.
I started torturing my cockhead, some drop of precum already coming out.
She moved slighlty while napping, her toes wriggling and scrunching, then flashing her soles for a moment. A vision that made me so hard, I started jerking slowly.
The she opened her eyes slightly.
I stopped, frozen in the moment, taking off my eyes off her and looking at the newspaper, then spying her movement from behind the newspaper.
She let out a big yawn stretching herself with some cute moans, her feet partly in the shoes.
She looked around her, my eyes went isntantly on the newspaper.
My penis was still erect, trembling with excitement and fear.
It seemed that was time to stop my little plan and resuming the usual trip but thankfully the lady resumed her nap. She took out her feet from the shoes, scruching those beautiful long tose on them, adjustin her position on the seat. I carefully resumed my masturbation, my eyes jumping from her feet to her face constantly.
Her soles were more in sight now: so wel sculpted, full of wrinkles due to the position she had.
Then she let out a nervous moan and propped her feet on the seat, sinking more in her seat.
It was like pgiving the start to a 100m dash. My eyes feasted on such soft looking gorgeous soles, some specles of dirt on them, the long toes, wiggling lightly. Such lovely big toes, a big longer than the other toes, an oval shape that seemed made to be sucked.
Then I felt the sperm rising, and while resisting for a bit, I pointed my scorching hot penis in the middle of the raised newspaper, trying to cover it as much as possible, feeling a big orgasm coming. And it was.
Thicks white ropes came out in a rush of pleasure, my eyes almost closing, my muscles tense to not let out a moan of pleasure. The insiede of the newspaper was a mess, I cirved it a bit with one nad to not let the sperm dribble on my clothes than proceeded with letting the last drops on the paper and taking a kleenex to clean my penis. I took more than I expected and my eyes become to frantically go around me to assure than no one was coming or the lady was awakening or standing up.
After cleaning up myself I carefully folded the newspaper with all its content. Than,a fter a while I reached my station and, when no one was looking, left the newspaper on a near beanch, hoping that someone would find it before all the sperm would dry, getting a new jolt of excitement at the thought of such an occurrence.

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