Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 02

Our time at the summer house was always pretty fun and full of ecting moments: lots of people came visitng us, lots of occasions to admire dangerous curves and tanned bodies, sometime even an occasion get more physical.
A freend of my father came to stay with us for two weeks, bringing with him his wife, his son and his daughter. We knew each other since c***dhood and I always had a soft spot for Laura, the daughter.
She was a bit on the chubby side but that made her curves just more explosive: her breasts were really gorgeous, her shirt seemed to burst open at any moment filled with such wonders. Her curvaceus body was made even more sexy by a well sculpted ass which I had to be careful to not be caught looking lustfully at hit. Her feet were quite small but she took good care of them making them stand out with bright colored nailpolish.
Her white bikini really had trouble at contain her curves and when I first had a glimpse of her big dark nipples slipping out of the swimsuit my heart jumped at unison with my penis. We flirted a bit while tanning and I took the opportunity to apply some tammimg lotion to her back. she jokingly remarked to not enjoy it too much while untying her bikini top while lying on her big breasts.
Such silky skin, such soft body. I applied the lotion to her legs also, she giggled at slight touch of her ass which i didn't dared to fully touc, remarking to not exaggerate while still giggling.
I continued with her lovely legs with a slow massage, finishing with her pretty feet, tickling her a bit, making her giggle a bit more. I would have loved to suck such lovely toes, ejoyed those pretty soles.
She then took over and started with my back: her soft touch was so exciting, her skin pressed on mine while she changed position to apply the lotion better. She sat o the back on my legs, slowly massaging my back: I could feel her ass on my legs, her moist swimsuit rubbing on them. My erection was killing me.
When she finished whe layed togheter with her backs tanning at the sun, amably chatting. Then I slowly reached for her, caressing her cute face, approaching her body.
She seemed a little surprised at first but didn't push me away when I gently caressed her back while proceeding to kiss her.
Such plump, delicious lips, the taste of her mint flavored popcycle still there. I hugged her more, pressing her body on mine, her bikini top slipping outwith her full breasts pressed on my body. I felt her aware of her naked breasts but I continued to enjoy her lips, feeling her big nipples hardening. Her hands caressed my hair and my back then she suddenly squeezed one of my buttcheeks, giggling incontrollably. I giggled too, making the same with her, enjoying that lovely ass.
She could feel my hard penis thorugh her swimsuit, her eyes looking down at it while feeling it for the first time.
The amount of people was becoming reater and greater on the beach and we renounced to go more intimate, sadly we weren't enough bold at that age.
We resumed to return home without, gathering out things and walking with hands around each other hips. I was so excited I could make love to her on the side of the street but enjoyed th walk with her, savoring her curves with my hand.
At home we proceeded to wash the seawater and salt of with the outside shower. They were very rudimental, a meal skeleton with a cover of canes that stood togheter due to nylon thread. I could see her body through the gaps between the canes: she was still wearing her bikini but the sight of her body sprinkled with that cold water really made me madly excited.
Her father was extremely protective of her and I had to be very careful around him but at that time he was occupied preparing lunch with my parents and his wife.
So I slipped in her shower, swiftly opening and closing the cane cover that acted as a door. She almost shrieked for the surprise, covering her mouth to not produce any sound that could have attracted someone.
She remakred that her father could have seen us and that things could have got really ugly. The tought passed in my mind very fast but I tried to reassure her with caresses and gentle kisses.
She didn't resisted much but we both found ourselves looking around or listening for someon that was coming.
We haadn't much time anyway and, while deeply kissing her I uncovered her big breasts, finally touching them fully with my hand, feeling her hard nipples. She responded with a deep kiss, her body pressing more on my. Mi left hand went on her ass, squeezing herbuttcheeks tan proceeding to untie the knot at the site of her bikini bottom.
She quitely protested that it could take a lot of time to tie it again and that it would be troublesome to do it while acting fast if someone approached.
So I proceeded to the front, my hand trembling with excitement: a soft, thick bush and then tender lips, hot even if glemaing with such cold water.
It was my first ime touching them, and I was extra careful, slowly doing it while looking at her red face. She just slighty repositioned my fingers and then started to fully enjoy it.
I moved slighlty to her back, having a better position to masturbate her, one ahd still squeezign her breast, still kissing her. Some of her wet bus got exposed, abit of her beatiful lips.
My hard penis was exploding in my swimsuit, I pressed it on her tigh.
She jumped a bit at such pression, looking at me and smiling with such a lovely espression on her bright red face. She asked me to continue with her the she would have took care of me, still smiling, still so sexy.
I continued to masturbate her, I just wanted her to enjoy it even if I really wanted to made love with her there, something I asked to her whispering in her ear.
Her breath was heavy while denying it but also so sweet. I could see the dsire in her eyes and then she added that it could be troublesome to do it standing up. And maybe it will hurt more, she added sweetly, it will be my first.
She blushed more while saying those things,almost regretting that the excitement got the best of her making her admit so bluntly she wanted to make love badly.
Tonight, she said, when all are asl**p. We just have to be careful.
I resumed masturbating her, kissing her deeply, amssagin and kissing her big breasts. she positioned better my finger again, this time a bit deeper in them, asking me to not be rough, to not go deep, to just use my phalanx to tease her tight hole and her hot clitoris.
She started to press more on my body, my penis on the verge of exploding while still in my swimsuit. The rhytm the rose again and I fel her muslce tensing and her legs clasping my hand, an incredibly erotic sound coming from her mouth still kissing my own.
Little spasm went through her body, her eyes opening with such an erotic look in them.
The orgasm subsided, I had to regretfully make my raging penis a bit away of her buttcheeks, the slight touch would have me cum and I was already on the verge of it just looking at her. I could feel the sperm just reaching the tip of my penis.
She calmed a bit more and I continued to kiss her, overjoyed to see her in such a moment.
She gave me a big smile, kissing me again, the looked down, gently pulling down my swimsuit. I helped her, trying to make the less of contact with the fabric of the swimsuit, pulling out my penis with care, fearing to splatter my sperm on her at every moment.
She looked at it, fully red and trembling with excitement, a palyful smile on her face, her cheeks even redder.
She took it in her hand, her grasp so soft and tender, than started jacking it slowly. It almost instantly got me over the edge, my first handjob.
We were out of time so I didn't asked for more, I just savered more her body, exploring it with my hands, a taste of her big nipples, than again a kiss and the orgasm.
It was like a jolt of electricity, big shots came out and splattered on her legs and tummy.
Her kiss was even more sweet, some cum still dripping from the cockhead between her fingers.
We washed tenderly, using a lot of shower gel then departed trying to not act suspicious, using the company of my cousins as a decoy.
The night was even more awkward, even more exciting.
It was my first itme, I will never forget it.

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