Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 01: T

While I have lots of fantasies I'm not able to put them well in words so I decide to narrate some of my experiences in terms of mastubartion. None of the stories is incredible or super exciting, I just wanted some "slice of life" mixed with the mastubation aspect. Let me know if you liked the idea and feel free to post your own experiences. Here's the first one!

I always had I big crush on one of my aunt and I can say I still have it. She hadn't the prettiest face (still she had some sexy features in my opinion) but she had such a great body. Curvy yet toned, some of the most perfect breats I ever seen even now she isn't the youngest. But at the time of the story she was in her early thirties and I was a horny fifteen years old. tha afternoon I wasn't able to take my eyes off o fher bikini clad body, her curves gleaming with a thin film of sweat, while she was napping on a beach chair under the porch of our sumemr house. Her body drove me crazy but that was the period that allowed me to discover my foot fetish and she was probably one of the main causes. Her long, slender feet were resting on a small plastic char, the long toes had some fiery red painted toenails that made my heart race. I tried to nonchalantly change my positing from were i was sitting at the nearby table, trying to not make my action and lust not noticeable. Such smooth pale soles inc ontrast with the bronze, gleaming skin.
I suddendly had the urge to smeel such beauties, to taste such perfect toes, an urge that made my penis so hard I was sure I could came just rubbing it light from the outside of my shorts. It was umbereable and, fearing the fact of being noticed due to my rising lust, I decided to relieve myself with a quick masturbation in the bathroom.
While I was jacking off with my eyes closed, imaginging a hot sex session with my aunt I hear some voices nearby.
My aunt asked my mother to use her room to take a nap because the beach chair was hurting her back. After some chatting I hear my mother moving back to the porch and the light sound of the door closing but not locking. I don't know how much time passed but my urge was more than umbearable: I had to take a peek.
Slowly I went to the room's dorr were my aunt was sl**ping and I took a timid peek through the opened portion: my aunt was asl**p lying on the fresh bed covers turning her back to me, her beautiful body caressed by the fresh breeze coming from a windows slightly open, her bikini top removed. I got so hard that my penis started to hurt but I took an incredibly long time to enter. I never pondered to not enter at all, I was just so excited and afraid to be caught that I waited for the best moment. The room is away from the porch and it's impossible to see someone enter from there, I had just to be cocnentrated on hearing footsteps coming fromt he outside and well, trying to find if my aunt was really asl**p. I stood near the door for I don't know how much time listening at her breathing, it seemed so erotic in that moment.
The I decided she was soundly asl**p and carefully entered the room opening the door slowly, trying to not produce any sound, approaching the sl**ping beauty.
She was sl**ping roughly in the middle of the big bed, her right arm resting on the curve oh her hips, her legs a bit more on the right side of the bed, away from me and in a position that, to fulfill my urge, would have f***ed me to move from her back and facing her. She really was soundly asl**p but the excitement and fear was so high that I took a lot to just approach her.
Wile carefully and silently walking I reached for my penis in my shorts: I didn't took it off, just started massaging with it still in my underpants. Her bikini bottom was a bit down, enough to see more of the line of her ass. My eyes followed the curves of her bronze legs till the gratly sculpted feet then returned to her body, looking to some movemernts, to a signal of her awaking. Nothing, luckily.
Then my eyes gazed upon her naked breasts, one pressed on her left arm that was near her body: such lovely, soft curves, those dark big areoals. I could already feel my sperm boiling, the precum liquid wetting my fingers.
My eyes went again on the lines of her body, on her crotch, searching for the soft bump of her bush.
Slowly I lowered myself to her feet, her face in the background of my vision, her breast ritmically moving with her breathing.
Gently I reached for her feet, her soles were so near I could go crazy. then I inhaled and it was amazing: a mixture of sweat and sea air, the semll of sand and salty water. It almost sent me to the edge instantly. I mastubated with quick little strokes, tormenting my cockhead, inhaling carefully not amking my hot breath collide with her soles. I doesn't took much for me to realize I wanted to smell her pussy. I reacted almost instantly, slowly stretching me out to reach her back but stopping halfway, suddenly scared not froma movement of my sl**ping aunt but from my own fear. The I resumed my movement, carefully sustaining myself with both hands on the lower headboard.
Such paradisiac fragrance, a jolt of pleasure in my hard cock pulsating in my wet underpants.
I then painfully returned back, not wanting to push my luck more, still looking at her for some sign of awakenign, just wanted to release and enjoy the orgasm.
So, I restarted masturbating, her feet inches from my nose, my nostrils trying to catch her smell without waking her up.
I pondered the idea of tasting such beautiful soles and toes but the orgasm came like a big wave: muultiple shots filled my underpants, my muscles were tense in not leaning on the bed and not letting out noises.
It was unbeliavably good.
I left the room much quicker than when I was entered, one hand still buried in my creamed underpants. I entered my room and locked the door, slowly trying to breath normally and trying to change and clean myself.
Such an incredible orgasm, it left me with a punding heart.

So That's it. Let me know what do you think! ;)
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