Waking up to a pussy & ass breakfast

This very morning i wake up and when i try to turn over i find that i can't....i struggle and struggle and slowly wake up. i honestly figured it was my partner had tied me up as she has before but i knew it wasn't her day off....so i said, still half asl**p, honey you can't tie me up and go to wor....then i open my eyes to see a lovely round ass in my face...i hear my parter moaning and then suck on my toes as she presses back; i LOVE the smell of her pussy....it's such an intoxicating smell....anyways i smile and just before i start to have a little breakfast i look up to see my neighbor squatting over my face....while at the same time my partner is kneeling and bending over. i have 2 COUNT THEM 2 lovely pussies and asses right in my face. Here's the problem, they BOTH get up, tie me up, and use my face to grind and masterbate and kiss on my face. Suffice it to say i got off and we need either new sheets or T*de needs to live up to its name and boasts :D....
THEN and here's the problem, when i am 'recovering' and panting and expecting to be licked clean i look up to see my partner and the neighbor sucking the neighbor's husband's cock. My face must've shown my shock and my heart was racing, my partner has said she's bi, but honestly she's never shown signs of it...we have talked extensively about it and she's asked if i would care if she hooked up with a guy sometime and i said yeah it would bother me but at the same time i'd get over it....i hate to say it this way but it shortens a lot of explanation...men are playthings to her....she doesn't get emotionally attached she just likes to fuck them, according to her, so when i try and sit up...forgetting my wrists are tied, i look up to see my partner sitting on his cock and looking at me....THE WHOLE TIME she's sitting there looking at me saying, i love this cock, i think i may have to fuck it on regular basis, i just might have to have you lick the cum out of my pussy....She knows i only like black men with BBC but i'll do things JUST to please her and well i had two women grinding on my face and body so THIS i could give her....She wasn't serious however and she ended up swallowing it...
Once done the both got up and sat on the couch...LITERALLY dismissing him and he didn't seem to mind that at all...and off to his own apartment he went without a word....they both look at me and i smile and say....how long have you all been there? Well, my partner replied, she came over early while i was sipping my coffee and we talked about everything from relationships to Bondage, while you slept in, this whole thing was her idea and i said yes....So speechless i look at the neighbor who just says...Seize the day right and simply smiles.
After things cool down a bit the partner and i talk and i basically tell her...really??? and she laughed and said well now i know you can handle me fucking men...to which i simply say you come home to me you're mine that's why the moment i don't feel that, trust me i'll let you know...She just smiles and kisses me passionately...i'm still tied up at this point by the way....and enjoyed every moment
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2 years ago
Great story been there and have done that and more thanks
2 years ago
NO2:- Nice story, our owner loves elevensies drives us crazy and worn out with lust.
3 years ago
No offense intended > None taken.
3 years ago
Nice blog post, thanks.

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3 years ago
Thank You, the main advice i have when you start eating ass, is cleanliness, my partner and i go through a pretty thorough cleaning back there pretty regularly. So that way eating her ass is fun and safe :D not to mention well if you want to eat pussy sweetie go for it....you only have one life and in the short time you've got it you may as well enjoy it :) if it turns out you don't like it well at least you gave it a shot ;)
3 years ago
i have never eaten pussy or ass! but i so wish i could im so curious on that mmm great story made me wet all over