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Ok i just finished writing a story and if you haven't read it, it's called the state of my union, please read or at least get the gist of it :D i know it rambles a bit and i know that i's a bit long but still THIS one will make more sense :D

Ok, it had been a little time since that dinner and talk with him and things were pretty quick to calm down. It wasn't easy seeing Her in the same way i typically would because of how i saw Her treated by him however i have since seen Her speak to him in the way She normally has spoken to male lovers and that was reassuring. However one morning She had that day off but had stepped out, i get a text saying he'll be by and to just let him in, because all She did was go to the store a couple miles away. As if on cue from reading it i hear a knock and let him in, i'm nude as i usually am, and for some reason i don't get dressed when comes in...i mean he's seen Her it's not like it's a huge deal. So i get him some coffee and i was in the middle of making pancakes and i asked if he wanted some, and he said yes, and i make some for each of us. Mistress comes in and to be honest he's never been there for Her breakfast, my girlfriend's husband comes in most every morning to cum in her coffee, and sometimes if he can't get it going i let him play with my breasts, he's a breast guy, and that does the trick.....She likes cum in Her coffee. So he comes in, She kisses him, he strokes it till he cums in her coffee, he didn't need me this time....and my girl friend comes and goes like she lives in both apartments :D but she didn't come by till after he was gone.
By the time She sat down She was noticing that he was staring at me....i was off to myself putting the syrup up my ass...Mistress likes for me to squat over the pancakes and squeeze the syrup's watered down and no it's not easy...and yes i'm there for a bit...but Mistress doesn't care She says She likes to watch my asshole flex & pucker LOL :D and on Her days off i tend to do the things She normally has no time to enjoy but he had never seen it..."What's she doing," he asks as she reclines and reads Her paper....what? oh she's getting my syrup ready. He was blown away and asked a million questions. Does everything have a sexual tinge to it, was one question he asked, and She smiled and said "She's my bitch, You have NO IDEA how huge her drive is, little things like this get her off a little and takes the edge off, and besides that I LOVE IT." And back to the paper She went....
Funny thing is he got to think and started to ask, would You, but even before he could finish She didn't even look up from the paper..NOPE. Now to clarify, She is still treated the same way as what i saw but couldn't handle, but the agreement is so long as i don't see it or any evidence of it it's fine, slip up once and it's done, and they both that is how we got to this point.
She hands him a different syrup bottle as i squat over Her's....there's always little talk between us i think it was getting to him not to mention my boobs were in his face as i was leaning over...can you see my asshole lean over more....ok...ok how about there??? spread you cheeks...ok...hold on i don't want to fall...ok how about that...PERFECT....and i would start to if you've read my previous stories you know how out of this world clean i keep my ass....i go through a process to do this and this is NOT an everyday thing i know when her days off are and i get ready for them ahead of time.....anyways,once i was done i got down on the floor and ate my meal and once we were done...without even questioning i kneel at Her side and i look up at Her and She said i would...That is what i stood up and she slowly licked the rest of the syrup out of ass coating my asshole....but then She grips my hair and turns me towards him after She gets up saying...want some? he's not an ass eater so he said which i was a tad insulted...but then She slapped my ass..suit yourself more for me....and She licked my ass and played with me till i got off....when i came he asked for some juice...meaning mine...She said no...No syrup No juice....and i laughed a little and he stood up....i looked back and he was giving Her a look...but instead of folding She gave one right back....She simply said..SIT....and he did. it was quiet for a bit before i pulled her aside...
Honey is he going to make you 'pay' for all this...i mean you're pretty Domme towards him and i know how You feel....She smiled and said want some cock? and i said sure...i guess i could use some dick....and W/we went out there and She simply sat down to me kneeling beneath the table and undoing everything..he has a lovely's nice and thich just how i like them but not too too much it had to be something like 7 inches....anyways i start sucking on it and the firmer he got the happier he got....he didn't question...he didn't move...he simply enjoyed every movement of my tongue easing along and under the head as i open my throat and let it slide down....i was enjoying it because i hadn't had dick in a little bit so with this i'd be good for awhile...thing is when he came....he grabbed my hair and i slapped his hands away but i kept sucking...he grabbed the table and moaned....i kept tongue kept going...i kept going....omg i was enjoying myself and i let myself get lost in it....he was shaking and trembling making the table do the same....but as he thrust into my mouth and i milked the last of it from his dick it was like all the wind was taken out of him....he literally slumped into the chair...i took his cum and kissed most of it into Mistress's mouth as she took him to the couch and he just sat there...She turned on some sports thing...and he didn't move for awhile....
Mistress just laughed afterwards and looked at me...see how easy subby credit works to pay off things you'd pay for....i smiled and let this one go....i enjoyed myself and i wasn't going to pretend i didn't...and that's when i said i'm happy with my girlfriend i don't need dick but i'd like to have it now and then...and She said simply...I'd love that W/we'll talk about it.
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Wow . Just wow
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i like cum kisses :)