As with many couples my wife and I have secrets. Secrets amassed over the
years that we just don't share with each other, but we know they are there
waiting to be told. After going to a counselor we agreed to share those
secrets when we felt like doing so and signed an agreement not to get
angry, have a "safe word" or to just act on any positive feelings about
whatever we have shared.

We both have been very "open" sexually over the years and talked about many
things to try and some of those things we did; however some things didn't
get shared if the other didn't seem interested. One Friday night recently
we were outside on the porch and we admiring our neighbors new dog.
Afterward some drinks, showers and time, Krista asked if I remembered
talking with her years ago about "fooling around" with the neighbors' dog
in Texas. I had to think a bit and true the question took me back. But I
did finally remember the discussion. She then asked if I was in the mood
to listen to one of her secrets. I told her I was willing to listen; she
laughed and said I might want to take off my jeans; that I may need the
room. I was pretty sure where this was going but I wanted to hear the
whole story.

She started off slow; it was a weekend when I had gone to a training class.
She said she had been working in the house had eaten and then had a few
glasses of wine to relax. Plus, she was getting horny and was fantasizing
about masturbating or doing something exciting. She put on a sundress and
went outside on the back porch to look at the stars. I listened without
interrupted as she seemed to have a little trouble trying to tell me the
story. She continued on and said after a couple of hours she noticed our
neighbors Lab had gotten out again and came over to say hello. She petted
and rubbed on him and looked over at his owner's house and noticed all the
lights were out and then remembered they had gone off for the weekend.

Krista got up and reached for his collar to take him to his yard and found
out he wasn't wearing his collar. So she checked his gate, left it
slightly open and went back to the porch. Dutch followed her back to the
porch and waited outside while she got some more wine. By that time she
just brought the bottle with her.

I noticed as she was telling me this she was rubbing her fingers up and
down her leg, I could tell this was turning her on. I was already hard and
had to move my cock so it had more space to stretch out. Krista finally
cut to the chase on her story. She said when she noticed no one was home
around us, it was around one or two in the morning and very dark she
decided to see if Dutch would let her play with his cock while she
masturbated. She ran her hand to his sheath and Krista said he was very
interested so she pulled up her dress around her waist and slipped off her
panties. She put down the wine and stroked his with one hand while playing
with her pussy with her other. She said it didn't take long for him to get
completely hard and after a few tries on his part she opened her legs and
let him lick her pussy. By this time I was playing with my cock and showed
her how much I was turned on.

She said that made her feel better about her secret and went on. She said
she would play with his cock until her started to hump then slow down and
let him lick her some more. Krista said she then had what she thought was
a good idea. She was going to lie back on the lounge chair, let Dutch
mount from the top so he could hump against her clit. She wrapped her
dress around her waist and helped Dutch get into the right position and
played with him until he stared to hump her hand then pressed his cock
against her clit and held it down while he stroked against her. She said
all was going great, his precum was wetting her dress but at that moment
she didn't really care. She was almost ready to climax and arched her butt
a little too low and Dutch slipped right inside her pussy and began to fuck
her as fast he could. Krista said she was trying not to freak out but it
started to feel so good she opened her legs wider, held on to his butt and
let him keep fucking her. Since she was tipsy she let him just have his
way and hoped he would tie with her. To finish it up, he didn't tie with
her, but she climaxed twice during his fast fucking and then just lay back
and let his cum drain out of her. I was hard as a rock by then and she
started to go down on me I asked if she had done it after that. She just
said "uh huh" covered my cock with her mouth and sucked me until I came.
The rest of the night was very hot and there were more secrets told as time
went on.
89% (67/8)
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2 months ago
OMG,DAMN BABY,AWESOME SEXY,love to lick all three clean sweetie
2 months ago
A great story,,,good fun too,,,brings back memories.
1 year ago
i would have to eat her out after heheheheehe yummmmy
1 year ago
I love the story! I had a girl who loved my dogs......
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
mmm, wish i had a m/f dog have sex w/ !
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
very hot!
3 years ago
Cool story
3 years ago
mmm yummy i love playing with my dog
3 years ago
Loved it.
4 years ago
very hot made me cum
4 years ago
Very hot story
4 years ago
i think i would do it
4 years ago
That was both a beautiful and incredibly hot story...thanks.
4 years ago
i was asked to do this and said will be YES next time
loved it
4 years ago
4 years ago
Hot very hot!

I have been licked off by a dog b4 and there is nothing quite like it!!
4 years ago
wish I could of watch it
4 years ago
4 years ago if it had been the dog's owner.........would have been hot!
4 years ago