Fun at Work (part 8)

Weekend. Lunch with Shereen (my close friend from work) and her BF Tom. And Tom's friend from out of town, Jason. Tom's apartment. By the pool. He and Shereen prepared this awesome pasta and wine, and decided to have lunch by the pool. I was in my denim shorts and spaghetti-strapped top. Flip-flops. Relaxed and casual.

It felt awkward at first because it was obviously a fixed date so I tried my best to make it more like a non-date. We talked about places we've been to, countries we would like to visit in 2012, the best restaurants in town, work, funny things at work, men I dated, women he dated, movies and lots more. We were laughing at Tom's jokes and, by the time Shereen served tiramisu, Jason and I were hitting it off.

Me: Damn. The wine is slowly turning me into a mutant again. (I always say that because drinking alcohol warms me up immediately. And by "warming up" I meant my skin feels (feverishly) warm and I turn red. Sometimes I'm too red, sometimes I'm not. That time, it was just the right "redness" to colour my skin. Boy was I glad!)

Jason: (Laughs) So is there any potion that I can concoct to turn you back into non-mutant?

Shereen was quick to answer: "She needs to cool down!" And by "cooling down" she meant the pool.

Me: Oh no.

Jason: Oh yes.

Shereen: Go, Jess! It's a dare.

Me: (A bit tipsy, stood up, pulled down my shorts and removed my top, so that I was in my panties and bra, jumped into the pool.) Come and join me, Jason!

Shereen dared him to join me. At first, he was hesitant. But then he gave in. He stripped off his clothes and joined me in the pool. We were having such a great time.

And yes, he's hot. And single.


While I was in the pool with Jason, Shereen and Tom were whispering sweet-nothings to each other. What a lovely couple.

My phone was ringing non-stop. It was on silent mode. There were unread messages from Peter, my... hmm... I don't even know what to call him. In bed, I call him "Baby". Okay, so he's my colleague-turned-fuck-buddy. There, I said it. We spend intimate hours together in mind-blowing sex and try not to discuss labels, his f****y and his wife. It's been going on for months now.

I just recently learnt that his wife was pregnant so obviously, what Peter wasn't getting from home, he was getting from me. Casually, he told me one day that the wife doesn't want to have sex, she's simply not in the mood. Well, it could be hormones. Or lack of. Or whatever it is, I just don't care.

Of course I only knew about the calls and texts on my way home late that afternoon. Peter wanted to know where I was. He was longing for me. But then I resisted myself from replying or calling him back. It's weekend, he could be out with his wife so a call from a female colleague on a non-working day just wouldn't seem right.

During the weekend when we don't see each other, I miss him.


Shereen and Tom didn't join us in the pool. They went back to Tom's unit and told us that, after our swim, we should go up, shower and change.

Jason: So... You're no longer a mutant. (He noticed that "my redness" has disappeared.)

Me: Yeah, I know. I can feel that I'm back to being a weak human.

He walked toward me and leaned closer.

Jason: A sexy human. (I felt myself blush. But I brushed it off because I suddenly thought of Peter. I shouldn't be flirting with Jason.)

I inched away from him. But he was walking toward me again. He was staring at the wet lace of my black bra. Closer. I stopped. He leaned forward to kiss me.

We kissed passionately. I like this guy. He slid his hand down my ass and gave it a squeeze. I bit his lower lip. Then, he slid his hand in my panties and started caressing my clit.

Me: Man! You don't waste time, do you? (He just smiled at me and continued to kiss me. He inserted two fingers in me that I nearly yelped in pleasure. As I was enjoying the sensation, his left hand started to squeeze my right breast, played with my nipple underneath the lace. I suddenly remembered Peter and pulled away.)


That night, Peter showed up at my apartment.

P: Why weren't you picking up?

J: I was busy.

P: You didn't even bother replying to my messages. I was worried!

J: Why? I was just out with Shereen and her friends.

P: Then why didn't you even bother replying?

I was silent. Looked away and said nothing. I couldn't tell him that we're not even a couple so why the heck should I bother telling him where I was going or who I was with? Part of me wanted to tell him that. It's simply not right. Peter's committed. He's married.

P: Were you out with a guy?

J: Yes.

P: Oh. I wasn't expecting that. (He let himself in and looked at me in disbelief. He was jealous.)

J: Come on. You shouldn't be here. It's weekend.

P: Sh*t. I'm jealous. (He pulled me to him and kissed me. Passionately. Hard. He was so hungry that he alternated between kissing my lips and my neck. I could feel his tight grip on my hips.)

J: Why? We're not even...

Before I could finish, he kissed me in the mouth and didn't give me a chance to speak. He pinned me against the wall and started placing his hand in my panties. He f***efully spread my legs so he could touch my clit. He was circling my finger over it and said, "This is mine. You're mine."

He then inserted a finger in me. "Oh!" I cried in pain. He bent down and pulled down my shorts and panties. He placed my leg on his shoulder and started to flick his tongue on my clit.

Gosh. Peter's intense when he's jealous, I thought. He used both hands to spread my labia and licked every fold of my pussy.

"This is mine, Jess!" He continued licking my pussy again. I didn't say a word.

Then he stood up and faced me to the wall. He penetrated me from behind and spanked my ass.

"Oh!" I yelped in pain. Deep thrusts sent a clear signal in my head that Peter was really jealous. Now, it's like he's marking his territory: me.

"You're mine, Jess." He squeezed my breasts from behind and pinched my nipples. He was angry. And I like it. I moaned loudly with thrusts that were getting deeper and deeper.

"I'm coming. You're mine, Jess." Peter said as he spanked my ass one last time. I heard him moan and pulled my hair toward him. He whispered, "I want to be the only man that does this to you." His hands traced the curves of my body. It tickled.

"Yes, baby." I told him. With that, he released me.

I was still half-naked when my phone rang. I reached for the phone that was just on the coffee table and saw Jason's name flashing. Uh-oh.

I didn't pick up. I switched my phone to silent even before Peter could ask me who it was. It rang again. He was walking toward me, trying to get a glimpse of the name that was flashing on the phone. I took of my shirt off. I was completely naked now.

"Care for another round?" I asked Peter. I touched my nipples and gave my tits a squeeze. He liked what he saw. The next second, we were on the sofa, me on the sofa, riding Peter, grinding. This time, it was my turn to fuck him.


Monday at work. Shereen asked me about Jason just as Peter was walking toward me, carrying a notepad.

P: So who's this Jason guy? (Peter asked innocently. You know, like a friend, a buddy, an interested colleague, without sounding jealous or assuming.)

S: Oh, it's Tom's friend and Jessica's future boyfriend. They totally hit it off over the weekend. Pasta, wine, pool. And I don't what happened next. (Shereen winked at me and walked away.)

Peter and I smiled uncomfortably. I felt like my heart had just jumped out of my chest. He didn't say a word about it and just asked me about work stuff then walked back to his workstation. He was hurt.

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2 years ago
sounds like serious trouble
3 years ago
Trouble in paradise this series is fantastic